Thursday, January 15, 2015

Seven Day and Six Worst-Case Scenarios Review Tour

Mix dry wit with a juicy corpse and let it simmer over a red hot romance to serve up a wicked comedy.

Curious, quirky, crisis consultant Victoria Douglas needs a vacation, and to learn to keep her sassy mouth shut. Instead, she’s gunning a stolen SUV up a mountain with beer cans and bug spray as her only weapons in a fight for survival. She and her investigative reporter friend, Julie Tran, have landed in a Caribbean vacation crap-sandwich bursting with murder, narcotics, and one gorgeous piece of man-flesh.

College flame, Alex Marshall, professed his love and disappeared without a trace. Twelve years later he materializes at Victoria’s resort on St. Kitts and he’s got more charm and sex appeal than ever. Tingling lady bits and long-buried feelings aside, Victoria discovers she and Julie are at the center of a criminal conspiracy that stretches across two continents. They’ve got one chance to prove their innocence before competing nefarious factions feed them to the fish…or worse. Victoria has to decide just how far she is willing to go to save her life and mend her heart.

If I hadn’t been fighting for my life with beer cans, bug spray, and pent-up aggression as my only weapons, you probably wouldn't want to read about me. After all, a thirty-something woman with two cats and a boss who can’t keep his hands off his crotch is rarely worth noticing. But, this woman was gunning a stolen SUV up a mountain goat path with a monkey in the back seat screeching “Kek-kek-kek.” His owner was screaming something about his own head colliding with the roof. My friend Julie was in the passenger’s seat ordering me to slow down. Good thing I was accustomed to people complaining about my driving because we had much larger issues than my dislike for the brake pedal.

The order for this Caribbean vacation crap-sandwich was placed when a travel magazine addressed to me, Miss Victoria Douglas, landed on my desk during a particularly bad day. I looked at the cover and called the only person I knew I could count on. Julie Tran had been a loyal friend since middle school. One feature story about St. Kitts, a short conversation with Julie, and a few Internet clicks had me vomiting in the toilet at work. I’d just spent my mortgage payment on a plane ticket.

My Review:
4 stars

What a fun, zany read this was. I couldn’t stop laughing while reading (which definitely got me some odd looks), and I was continuously looking forward to what was coming next. The book was well-written (especially for a first-time author), the characters lovable and engaging, and the plot interesting and humorous.

The only downside for me was the romance. While there was chemistry between Victoria and Alex, I felt that the relationship between Victoria and her best friend was the best relationship in the entire book. Their witty banner and shenanigans took front stage for me, and the romance had a hard time competing, which would be fine except for the fact that this is supposed to be a romance novel.

Other than that, I loved this book and highly recommend it. It’s a great read, and if you’re looking for your upcoming next summer read, I recommend giving this a try.

Author Bio and Links:
Leslie enjoys a dry wit and a juicy crime and she excels at misadventure. While she has never been a murder suspect, many of the events in her books have actually happened to her. She has two jobs. The first is wearing pantyhose every day while toiling for a global corporation. The second is catering to the whims of her feline companions. She lives to travel all over the globe. Leslie visits the Caribbean every winter for a sun holiday, but has yet to encounter a dashing CIA agent. One must live in hope. Leslie wants to hear from you! Let her know what corner of the world Victoria should terrorize next.

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