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A Stolen Season Book Blast

Time-traveling archaeologist Sarah Baxter just left a piece of 21st-century equipment in 19th century Regency England. Unfortunately, when she goes back to retrieve it, she makes an even bigger mess of things—resulting in the death of an English earl. Now his brother is not only out for revenge, but he also has Sarah's device. Now Sarah must find a way to steal back her device, hide the truth about the earl's brother and—most importantly—to not fall in love...

How did you tell a man of this era you would sleep with him, but marriage was certainly not a possibility? She was being cruel, leading him on. Who was she kidding? She felt the connection between them, too. It was like riding an out-of-control freight train that would eventually crash. And Eric would hate her if he ever found out why she was really here and what she’d done. She cleared her throat, unable to form the lie.

“Allow me to try and win your hand?” Eric asked, his eyes full of hope.

Sarah swallowed the lump in her throat. “You may try, Eric.” But you will fail.

Author Bio and Links:
Tamara is an Australian author who grew up in an old mining town in country South Australia, where her love of history was founded. So much so, she made her darling husband travel to the UK for their honeymoon, where she dragged him from one historical monument and castle to another.

A mother of three, her two little gentleman's in the making, a future Lady (she hopes) and a part-time job keep her busy in the real world, but whenever she gets a moment's peace she loves to write romance novels in an array of genres, including regency, medieval and paranormal.

Tamara loves hearing from readers and writers alike. You can contact her through her website, and sign up to follow her blog or newsletter.

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Right Here Waiting VBT

In 1942, Ben Williams had it all – a fulfilling job, adoring friends and the love of his life, Pete Montgomery.

But World War II looms over them. When Pete follows his conscience and joins the Army Air Force as a bomber pilot, Ben must find the strength to stay behind without the love of his life, the dedication to stay true and the courage he never knew he'd need to discover his own place in the war effort. Good friends help keep him afloat, until a chance meeting on the home front brings him an unexpected ally—one who will accompany him from the stages of New York City to the hell of the European warfront in search of his love.

Written in the style of a 1940s film, Right Here Waiting pays homage to classic wartime romances from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Pete realized he’d be completely and perfectly happy if this were the only thing he could hear for the rest of his life—just Ben’s heart, strong and vital; if the only things he could feel for the rest of his life were Ben’s chest rising and falling steadily beneath his cheek and Ben’s breath gently rustling the curls on his forehead.

His patriotic zeal had dimmed a bit since coming over here; there was so much pointless death and destruction on every side. And while he was determined that right and good will eventually prevail, really all he was fighting for was the right to go back home, to this man—to Ben, his Ben—and live the rest of their lives together in peace and harmony. He clutched his fingers in Ben’s shirt, daring anyone to take him away.

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Author Bio and Links:
K. E. Belledonne is a writer, editor and translator based in the French Alps. A native New-Englander, Kat spends her spare time listening to Glenn Miller records, reading history books and cheering on her beloved Red Sox.

Ms. Belledonne describes her story as “like an old friend—the book you curl up with when you’re not feeling well. You know how it goes. You know how it will end, but it just makes you feel better reading it.”

Right Here Waiting is her first novel.

Connect with the author on her website, on Facebook, on Goodreads, and on Twitter.

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Polar Day VBT

The midnight sun bakes Fairbanks, Alaska as residents gather for the annual summer solstice baseball game. Amidst the revelry and raucous shouts of “Play ball,” a spark alights and a jogger bursts into flames. Detective Danny Fitzpatrick, still reeling from his near death at the hands of vampire Aleksei Nechayev, watches in horror as the man burns alive.

Someone is burning Fairbanks and its residents and leaving nothing but smoldering embers behind. As the city sweats under a record-breaking heatwave and unexplained fires claim more victims, Danny and his colleagues struggle to find an arsonist who can conjure fire out of thin air.

To Danny’s horror, the only one who may be able to help him stop the arsonist is his nemesis Nechayev. Will the vampire help in the hunt for a witch?

The inquisitive Fairbanks detective Danny Fitzpatrick had ruined the peaceful home Aleksei had maintained in the Arctic town of Coldfoot for decades. He enjoyed checking in on the detective and, while he couldn’t help but feel a strange fondness for the man he had chosen to let live, he always hoped to find him struggling with some new problem. He was tickled to see that this time he got his wish.

Aleksei grinned from ear to ear as he read about the mysterious fires that were plaguing Fairbanks while the city suffered through its worst heat wave in history. How fascinating! And by all accounts, the police, including the dear detective, had no idea who was starting the fires or even how they were doing it.

Fire was one of the few things Aleksei feared and hated as much as humans did. He still remembered the time he had been nearly burned to death by a male witch not long after he’d arrived in Alaska. He couldn’t help but wonder if a supernatural force was responsible for these fires as well. Was there a witch on the loose in Fairbanks?

Since he was safe and sound on the other side of the world, Aleksei desperately hoped so. How would his favorite detective deal with a situation like that? And what of the fire starter? What was his, or her, motivation? What was the game?

His lousy winter here in Australia had suddenly taken a surprisingly lovely turn. Clearly, the summer in Fairbanks was turning out to be more horrific than anyone there could have imagined. He couldn’t wait to see how it all unfolded. It was going to be such fun.

Julie, thanks so much for stopping by. So, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?
Thank you for having me! I’m so glad to be here. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my dog and my cat and I work as a librarian to pay my bills while I indulge my passion for writing. I love animals and have written some articles and features about animal rescue. One of my current goals is to do more of that. I’m a tv addict and a sports fan but I also love walking my dog and exploring parks and trails so I’m not a total couch potato. I graduated from Ohio State University and I am a Buckeye fanatic.

How did you get started writing?
I got a very late start! I’d always enjoyed writing anything and everything – letters, emails, school papers, etc. – but I never thought that I could be creative or write fiction. I’ve been making up stories in my head for as long as I can remember but I never wrote them down. Back in 2010 I started volunteering as a writer for Best Friends Animal Society and the experience changed my life. I loved writing articles for their website and crafting the features to make them engaging and uplifting. I started a blog not long after and now I can’t stop writing.

What was the inspiration for your book?
This book is a sequel to my first novel Polar Night, so I was inspired by that. Polar Night is set during the dead of winter when parts of Alaska experience nearly 24 hour darkness, so I wanted to explore the opposite phenomenon in this book. Polar Day takes place in the summer when there is near 24 hour daylight. The thought of constant sun and heat inspired me make the story about fire.

What’s the one genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to?
I would love to write a children’s book. I loved to read as a kid and I think it would be fun to try my hand at creating something kids would enjoy.

Are there any genres you won’t read or write in? Why?
There’s nothing that I won’t read but I don’t think I could ever write a romance. I am terrible at writing love scenes! I also tend to be drawn towards dark stories that don’t necessarily have happy endings, so I don’t think that genre is for me.

So, what are you working on right now? Have any other releases planned, or still writing?
I’m still writing and don’t know when my next release may be. I am working on a ghost story that takes place in Cincinnati during World War I but I still have a long way to go on it. I’m also working on a short story for an anthology that my writing group Untethered Realms is putting together. We plan to release that in the fall.

Alright, now for some totally random, fun questions. Favorite color?

Favorite movie?
The Shawshank Redemption

Alright, you have one superpower. What is it?

You can have dinner with any 3 people, dead, alive, fictitious, etc. Who are they?
My maternal grandfather and both of my grandmothers. My grandfather died long before I was born so I never got to meet him and my grandmothers both died when I was 9/10 years old so I feel like I didn’t know them well either. 

Last question: Which of your characters are you most like and how/why?
I am most like Danny because I am more than a little cynical and also a bit of a loner. I’m not as jaded as Danny is but I can definitely relate to him. I’m also not a murderer so fortunately I’m not at all like Jamie or Aleksei. :D

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Author Bio and Links:
Julie Flanders is a librarian by day and a writer all the rest of the time. She is also a television show addict with a particular fondness for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and a slightly obsessive sports fan who cheers for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Reds. Julie is an animal lover and animal rescue advocate who shares her home with her rescued dog and cat. She has written about the joys of pets for outlets such as Cat Fancy, Thrive in Life, and Best Friends Animal Society. Visit Julie at julieflanders.net.

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A Note From Me, and Happy Mardi Gras!

I just wanted to let y’all know, later this morning, I will be undergoing surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. Because of this, I probably won’t be online much (if at all) in the next few days, as I will be recovering. So, if you have emailed me or if you are going to email or FB message me, just remember that it may take me a few days to respond. Thanks y’all and have a great Fat Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras)!

P.S. Check out this site to learn some interesting facts about Mardi Gras

Triple Strength Omega-3 Review

- The Gold Standard natural fish oil concentrate
- Made with IFOS 5-Star Certified fish oil
- Each 1,200 mg fish oil softgel contains 1,060 mg of Omega-3s (750 EPA, 250 DHA, 60 other EFAs)
- Exceptional purity - No foul breath, fishy aftertaste or burps
- Sourced from Alaskan deep ocean waters (NOT from farm-raised fish)
- Pharmaceutical-grade - Tested and certified by 3rd party labs to ensure purity and potency
- Guaranteed free of harmful Mercury, Dioxins, PCBs, and toxins
- Exceeds GOED, CRN Voluntary Monograph, and International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS)
- MSC certified "Sustainable" fish oil source
- 100% sourced, purified, and manufactured in USA

My Review:
4.5 stars

So for the next step on my health New Year’s Resolution: start taking supplements. And one of those supplements was Omega-3s. Not only did my doctor recommend them, but Omega-3s are all around good for your health, and I had been on them before.

Now, I’ve only been taking these for about a month, so I can’t say anything yet about the long-term effect of taking these, but what I can say is that this is one of the best fish-oil supplements I’ve tried. I wasn’t left with a bad aftertaste or bad breath, and I looked into some of the specs and was impressed. The other thing I liked was that you only needed to take one a day (though you could take more if you wanted). And you can take it before any meal, so it’s easy enough to remember to take it. Plus, you get a 180 day supply (6 months) in each bottle. That’s about 20 cents a day, another plus in my book.

The only downside to these pills were that they were slightly hard to swallow, especially when I was in a hurry. All in all though, these were great Omega-3s, and I would use this brand again.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*

Monday, February 16, 2015

Outing the Quarterback - Reviewed by Trix

By: Tara Lain
Long Pass Chronicles #1
Published by: Dreamspinner Press

Will Ashford lives in two closets. He meets his wealthy father’s goals as both the quarterback for the famous SCU football team and a business major, but secretly he attends art school and longs to live as a painter. And he's gay. But if he can win the coveted Milton Scholarship for art, he’ll be able to break from his father at the end of his senior year.

In a painting master class, Will meets his divergent opposite, Noah Zajack. A scarred orphan who’s slept on park benches and eaten from trash cans, Noah carefully plans his life and multiple jobs so he has money and time to go to art school. Will's problems seem like nothing compared to Noah's. Noah wants the scholarship too and may have a way to get it since the teacher of his class has designs on him, a plan Will isn't happy about.

When a gossipmonger with a popular YouTube channel finds evidence that Will is gay, the quarterback’s closet doors begin to crumble. Hounded by the press and harassed by other players, Will has to choose. Stay in the closet and keep his family’s wealth, or let the doors fall off and walk out with nothing. Nothing but Noah.

Trix’s Review:
3.75 stars

I'm a big fan of Tara Lain and sports-themed m/m, so I was eager to read this one. OUTING THE QUARTERBACK marks several departures for Lain, some of which I enjoyed more than others. Several of her other books are set in the art world, but this is her first to deal with sports. While she is clearly most comfortable with the art class sequences, the football vignettes are believable, and I enjoyed the contrast between the two environments. Her two leads are definitely different from the instantly lovable guys who tend to populate her stories. Will's compulsion to stay closeted leads him to a spiraling series of lies, as well as the tendency to commit iffy behavior and then cover it up with money. While Noah is more sympathetic thanks to his honesty and his tormented past, his annoyance at Will's behavior causes him to act prickly and cold towards him, occasionally lashing out. As the characters warmed to each other, I eventually warmed to them, but it did take time.

One change saddened me, however. One of my favorite things about Lain's books is her penchant for creating multifaceted female characters, from SPELL CAT's Lavender to DECEPTIVE ATTRACTION's Angel to Mary Beth from HEARTS AND FLOUR. Anyone who reads m/m regularly will know that this is a rare and welcome thing in the genre. So, I was heartbroken to see that Will's girlfriend, Tiffany, is a one-dimensional, exceptionally bitchy gold-digger with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. While her annoying presence heightens the urgency of Will's situation, I can't help but wonder what the book would have been like if Tiffany had resembled one of Lain's more admirable women. Luckily, there is a wonderful female character in Evangeline, sister of Will's teammate and best friend Jamal, who agrees to be Will's "beard" for some very specific reasons of her own. In fact,Jamal's whole family was a highlight of the story for me, which makes me very excited about the Jamal-centric sequel, CANNING THE CENTER.

While the final third of the book suffers from some iffy copy-editing, the diverging plot lines come together in a satisfying way. I was glad to read OUTING THE QUARTERBACK, though there are several other books I'd recommend first to a Tara Lain newbie. I am curious to see how the series will progress, and I applaud Lain for stepping out of her comfort zone.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vanabode - Travel and Live Forever on $20 a Day Review

Revolutionary new travel book shows everyone regardless of current financial condition how to camp, travel and live forever anywhere in the United States on $20 a day. Author Jason Odom and his wife Kelly have traveled over 700,000 miles in 15 years enjoying the sumptuous beauty of pristine national parks and the exciting nightlife of big cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Vanabode shows you how to earn a living working in some of the most exciting places in the United States like national parks and state recreational areas, how to sleep safely and comfortably in your own bed every night; how to eat better than you ever have, how to cook for free without electricity, fire or fuel; how to get rid of all our current debt and regain your freedom; and most importantly - how you can do it forever if you want. Do you want to travel for 3 months? How about 3 years? Vanabode shows you how down to the tiniest detail and you do NOT need to make any expensive purchases to make it happen.

The Vanabode sales page states "I will show you how to safely travel ANYWHERE in the United States, sleep in your own luxurious clean bed every night, have a hot bath every day, eat fresh delicious meals, and experience incredible adventures for $20 a day. You will never feel neglected, bored or uncomfortable. I promise to show you how to sleep better than you ever have, how to get the time you want and need to relax or pursue your favorite hobby, how to eat healthier, and how to travel to new exciting destinations of your choosing forever.

For those that don't have any savings or retirement income I include a list of more than 30 legitimate easy ways to earn money while traveling all over the country. You need this book if any of the following apply to you: if you are so bored with your lifestyle that you don't feel like you're living at all, if you have household expenses so great that you never get ahead or get to do anything fun, if you would like to happily camp, travel or live anywhere on $20 a day, if you are retired and want to keep a house but still travel cheaply, if you would like to downsize from a large RV to save money and time while adding destinations, if you have children you would like to travel and camp easily and cheaply with, if you would like to take time off work to write a book, recover from a tragedy, or change your life, if you are a foreign tourist coming to the U.S. for a long holiday, if are you a survivalist who wants to live off the grid, if you want to disappear and leave your past behind, becoming invisible escaping creditors or stalkers, if you are heading for divorce, blaming your marriage instead of your life, for the boredom killing you, if you want to run your own mobile business?

NEW THIRD EDITION! Contains 60% more pictures and 22% more content.

My Review:
4 stars

This was both an unusual and fun book to read. I was drawn in by the title, and so I was eager to see what the book was about and how helpful it would actually be. Just because someone writes a “guide” or “how-to” book, doesn’t mean it’s actually helpful or well-written. This book was not your typical “how-to” though. While it did have a lot of practical advice and know-how, it was a mind-opening type of book. Even if you couldn’t (or didn’t want) to do any of the suggestions in the book, you would still get something out of it. It definitely got me thinking outside of the box on possibilities I hadn’t thought of. My roommate and I both want to travel during the summer, but we don’t have a lot of money to spend, so we thought we wouldn’t be able to. Reading this book has expanded my thinking, and has reignited our plans to travel and explore this summer.

I know that some people won’t like this book, considering it too “hippie sounding” or unrealistic. But honestly, I actually enjoyed the writing style. The author is very laid back and enthusiastic, and it shows in his writing, which I enjoyed. While there are some grammatical errors and repetition in the book, it was still a fun read. All in all, while I may or may not use all the ideas in this book, I have started rethinking my assumption that vacations and travel are a luxury and expensive. You can have a great time at a great price, and this book definitely shows that. I would definitely recommend reading it, it’s worth the price.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you and your loved ones have a great day today, full of love and happiness :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Be Mine: Ten Erotic Romances for Valentine's Day Tour

Be-Mine-99-Cent-Ad Amazon     |     Amazon  UK     |     Amazon CA
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BE MINE: Ten Erotic Romances for Valentine's Day features contemporary romance, paranormal romance, military romance, and BDSM romance from today's New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. This boxed set is ONLY available for a LIMITED TIME so get your copy before it's gone.

So...won't you Be Mine?
Be-Mine-3D-Mock-Up-Small-For-Personal-Websites~Ten Complete Stories, Professionally Formatted, Limited Release~ 

Snowed in With the Tycoon by Shoshanna Evers When they get snowed in together on the same piece of land they're each fighting for, unexpected desire sparks.

Wrong Bride by Geri Foster Short, sexy, fun...

Crashing Down by Cathryn Fox Will the fire they created turn to ash when truths come spilling out? 

Eternal Ever After by A.C. James BDSM and HOT alpha Vampires... Oh, my! 

The Erotic Dark (A BDSM Erotica Novel) by Nina Lane A downright dirty book! 

Stay the Night: A Navy Seal Erotic Romance by Caridad Pineiro He was the kind of man that every woman would want . . . 

Marley's Ménage by Jan Springer Single, soon-to-be mom, Marley Madison's latest cravings are downright...naughty. She wants a menage, and she needs it bad. 

Heat Wave by Denise A. Agnew He's one hot man she can't resist 

Romance Quickies (Encounter 2) by Monique DuBois Brooke is determined to have a one-night stand, but will the sexy stranger let her ride him on the subway? 

Morgan's Match by Krystal Shannan The biggest catch to being a matchmaker...you can't work a spell on yourself.

Win a $100 and More!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Infinite Joy Weight Loss Tea Review

  •  HELPS IMPROVE BASAL METABOLIC RATE: Gingerols present in ginger help to boost the metabolic rate. It increases the action of digestive enzymes, which in turn helps to burn more calories.

  • TEA FOR APPETITE SUPPRESSION: Contains stinging nettle which stimulates the production of compounds acetylcholine and serotonin. Both these compounds calm your nerves, relieve from stress and help to curb food cravings making it an ideal weight loss tea.

  • PROMOTES NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS: The combination of 21 herbal ingredients helps in losing weight naturally. Presence of polyphenols and enzyme inhibitors from herbs like hibiscus, detoxifying properties from the herb rosa canina help in promoting weight loss.

  • PERFECT EVERYDAY DIET TEA: The tea is a good source of vitamins B1, B2, C, E, niacin and K. It also provides minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus. It is also known to eliminate bloating, and can be used as a diet tea and detox agent.

Available at Amazon

My Review:
3 stars

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*

This tea was okay for me. I noticed that it did help decrease my appetite, especially if I drank it while eating. It came in an easily closeable bag, and in individual tea bags, which made it easy to prepare and store. However, I wasn’t a big fan of the taste. It wasn’t horrible, but it also wasn’t delicious. It would not be my first choice of tea, but I was still able to drink it. Also, while I noticed I lost some weight, I’m on an exercise program right now and I’ve been eating healthier, so I can’t really attribute my weight loss to just this tea. While it may have played a role in my weight loss, it wasn’t very obvious. So overall, the tea was okay for me, but I probably won’t buy it again in the future, as the price and results aren’t worth it for me. However, I am going to use up the rest of the tea bags I have, and if the results change, I will edit this review.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Got Hit By A Virus Today

So, my computer stopped working this morning. Apparently, I caught a new virus that’s going around that prevents your desktop from properly loading. My computer’s currently with the Geek Squad, waiting to be fixed.

So what is this new virus? Well, this is what happened to me, and according to tech support, I’m not the only person this has happened to. Apparently, you can catch it anywhere (according to tech support, someone caught it through the AVG anti-virus program, another through Google), and it works fast once you pick it up. For me, my computer was working fine the night before, but the next morning, I booted it up, made it to the password screen, and was then met by a blue screen (though not the blue screen of death). My cursor still worked and showed, and task manager still popped up when I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL, but my desktop wouldn’t load.

So, if this happens to you, odds are you caught this new virus going around. It sucks, but according to the Geek Squad, it is fixable through either a factory reset or taking it in and having the pros look at it (in case you don’t want to lose all your data and programs). So now you know a bit more about it, and while it’s not the blue screen of death, it’s still a blue screen of doom (or at the very least, of worry). It might take a lot of work to fix it, but it is fixable, so don’t freak out.

Anyways, I just wanted to warn y’all about this new virus, and to take a minute to remind y’all to always back up your computers, because you never know when something like this will hit.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm Off to Coastal Magic!

Well, after a very stressful week, I’m finally off to my first book convention of the year, Coastal Magic! It's my second time going, and I can't wait! I’ll be gone until the 8th, and I’ll do a recap (and maybe even a giveaway) when I get back. So if you don’t hear from me, it’s probably because I’m off having a great time (or I’m up so freaking late and have so much going on that I have absolutely no time to go on my computer). Anyways, y’all have a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Take Me Book Blast

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Surrender to desire with 12 books by the hottest names in dark romance, including bestselling authors Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, and Lynda Chance.

CD Reiss - Spin
Jenika Snow – A Beautiful Prison
Pepper Winters – Destroyed
Skye Warren – Trust in Me
Kendall Ryan – Unravel Me
Anna Zaires & Dima Zales – Twist Me
Shay Savage – Otherwise Alone & Otherwise Occupied
Amber Lin & Shari Slade – Three Nights with a Rock Star
Pam Godwin – Deliver
Lynda Chance – Marco’s Redemption
Gemma James – Torrent

Take Me is on sale right now for $.99. These e-books would cost over $40 if purchased separately. This set will only be available for a limited time.

Excerpt from Twist Me by Anna Zaires:
It’s evening now. With every minute that passes, I’m starting to get more and more anxious at the thought of seeing my captor again.

The novel that I’ve been reading can no longer hold my interest. I put it down and walk in circles around the room.

I am dressed in the clothes Beth had given me earlier. It’s not what I would’ve chosen to wear, but it’s better than a bathrobe. A sexy pair of white lacy panties and a matching bra for underwear. A pretty blue sundress that buttons in the front. Everything fits me suspiciously well. Has he been stalking me for a while? Learning everything about me, including my clothing size?

The thought makes me sick.

I am trying not to think about what’s to come, but it’s impossible. I don’t know why I’m so sure he’ll come to me tonight. It’s possible he has an entire harem of women stashed away on this island, and he visits each one only once a week, like sultans used to do.

Yet somehow I know he’ll be here soon. Last night had simply whetted his appetite. I know he’s not done with me, not by a long shot.

Finally, the door opens.

He walks in like he owns the place. Which, of course, he does.

I am again struck by his masculine beauty. He could’ve been a model or a movie star, with a face like his. If there was any fairness in the world, he would’ve been short or had some other imperfection to offset that face.

But he doesn’t. His body is tall and muscular, perfectly proportioned. I remember what it feels like to have him inside me, and I feel an unwelcome jolt of arousal.

He’s again wearing jeans and a T-shirt. A grey one this time. He seems to favor simple clothing, and he’s smart to do so. His looks don’t need any enhancement.

He smiles at me. It’s his fallen angel smile—dark and seductive at the same time. “Hello, Nora.”

I don’t know what to say to him, so I blurt out the first thing that pops into my head. “How long are you going to keep me here?”

He cocks his head slightly to the side. “Here in the room? Or on the island?”


“Beth will show you around tomorrow, take you swimming, if you’d like,” he says, approaching me. “You won’t be locked in, unless you do something foolish.”

“Such as?” I ask, my heart pounding in my chest as he stops next to me and lifts his hand to stroke my hair.

“Trying to harm Beth or yourself.” His voice is soft, his gaze hypnotic as he looks down on me. The way he’s touching my hair is oddly relaxing.

I blink, trying to break his spell. “And what about on the island? How long will you keep me here?”

His hand caresses my face now, curves around my cheek. I catch myself leaning into his touch, like a cat getting petted, and I immediately stiffen. His lips curve into a knowing smile. The bastard knows the effect he has on me. “A long time, I hope,” he says.

For some reason, I’m not surprised. He wouldn’t have bothered bringing me all the way here if he just wanted to fuck me a few times. I’m terrified, but I’m not surprised.

I gather my courage and ask the next logical question. “Why did you kidnap me?”

The smile leaves his face. He doesn’t answer, just looks at me with an inscrutable blue gaze.

I begin to shake. “Are you going to kill me?”

“No, Nora, I won’t kill you.”

His denial reassures me, although he could obviously be lying. “Are you going to sell me?” I can barely get the words out. “Like to be a prostitute or something?”

“No,” he says softly. “Never. You’re mine and mine alone.”

I feel a tiny bit calmer, but there is one more thing I have to know. “Are you going to hurt me?”

For a moment, he doesn’t answer again. Something dark briefly flashes in his eyes. “Probably,” he says quietly.

And then he leans down and kisses me, his warm lips soft and gentle on mine.

For a second, I stand there frozen, unresponsive. I believe him. I know he’s telling the truth when he says he’ll hurt me. There’s something in him that scares me—that has scared me from the very beginning.

He’s nothing like the boys I’ve gone on dates with. He’s capable of anything.

And I’m completely at his mercy.

I think about trying to fight him again. That would be the normal thing to do in my situation. The brave thing to do.
And yet I don’t do it.

I can feel the darkness inside him. There’s something wrong with him. His outer beauty hides something monstrous underneath.

I don’t want to unleash that darkness. I don’t know what will happen if I do.

So I stand still in his embrace and let him kiss me. And when he picks me up again and takes me to bed, I don’t try to resist in any way.

Instead, I close my eyes and give in to the sensations.

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