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Out of Hiding VBT

Charles Dampor was supposed to be a blessing, but instead turned out to be a curse. A family torn by deception and greed now saw Emily for what she was, and a co-worker with a vicious past of his own now has his own personal vendetta against her. If Emily doesn't open her eyes and see the doors she's unlocked, she'll find herself at the bottom of Lake Bermin...with Charles's ex-wife.

Maybe it was the push-up bra she’d worn in combination with her ultra-deep v-neck shirt. Or maybe it was her constant smile and flirtatious laugh. Maybe she’d batted her eyelashes just the right amount. Whatever it was, it worked. Because Charles invited her to have dinner with him. Not a weeknight date. Not an afternoon date or a group dinner or coffee. A Saturday night date.

“And what brought you to us?” Charles asks.

Us. He isn’t an arrogant man. He isn’t egocentric. He’d created his own empire, yes, but he doesn’t think he’s better than everyone else. Us, he said. Not me or my company. It’s hard to find people like this these days. A business owner out to dinner with a factory worker? Very atypical.

“I saw an ad online,” she responds.

“Oh,” Charles says with a smirk.

“Why?” Emily asks.

“I feel old,” he says. “I always placed my ads for employment in the newspaper. That was back before I had Mary.”

“I wouldn’t have found it if it was in the paper,” Emily jokes. “Good thing for Mary.”

“Good thing for Mary,” he laughs.

The laugh from the comment carries them into talk about work, about people at work. Charles tells her about some of the people who work upstairs, the management team. He tells her more about Mary, and about what Mary had to say about Emily when discussing their job opening with Charles after her round of interviews had commenced.

“All good things,” he jokes. “No worries.”

“I’d assume so,” she replies. “I got the job.”

They share a smile and after a brief pause, he says, “I’m glad.”

The drinks continue to come and conversation carries on. The topic of work remains, but only briefly. Emily points out the pissed-off old guy who works in Station A and Charles laughs.

“That’s just Herb,” he says. “He’s been here for a while. He’s a good worker.”

I’m Still a Kid at Heart

I remember being a kid and hearing my mom talk about turning thirty and how she was old. And then she turned forty and wanted to die. She would tell me stories of when she was a kid, and how the thought of turning forty meant Take me out back and shoot me in the head because I don’t want to be that old and decrepit.

Graphic, I know. Sorry. I guess I could have piped that down a bit.

But now here I sit, a thirty-three-year-old man with a wife and two kids and a house and still not a damn clue how I’m going to survive each week. I do what I have to do to pay the bills, but I tell myself each and every day that one day I’ll be a full-time writer. One day I’ll be able to settle down and not have to run around like a wild animal to make money. I’ll be a writer. Simple. Honest. And the only thing I ever really wanted to do.

For the average person, someone like me can be compared to that struggling actor who moved out to Hollywood and has been waiting tables for fifteen years just waiting for their big break. And I think I’ll get it.

Every day, I write. Every day, I read. Every day, I sit and think about what I can do to make myself a better writer. I read newsletters and blogs and books on writing. I work hard at my craft.

Have you ever spoken to someone who absolutely loves what they do for a living? What’s the one thing they all have in common? They say that work doesn’t even feel like work to them. They feel blessed to have the chance to do what they love. And you know what? That’s how I feel about writing. Even if I don’t make much money off of it. And even if the hours spent away from writing are some of the most stressful. I know I’m chasing a passion.

I feel like everyone should have something they love—some passion—and they should chase that passion. Even if they chase it so long that they’re pushing that decrepit age of forty.

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Author Bio and Links:
John Feldman was born and raised in southern New Jersey, but has since moved to Florida at the request (demand) of his beautiful wife. He has written several short stories and novels, including his newest release, OUT OF HIDING. He writes a lot, thinks a lot more, and is currently wondering why he’s writing this in the third person.

For more information, visit, or email him.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lost on the Road to Love Review Tour

On the road for eight months as part of the crew for a travel show, Chelsea Morrison expects to work hard, endure long nights, and enjoy some wicked adventures. But she doesn’t expect to fall head over heels for the show’s star.

Henry Rush, son of a legendary rock star, is leery of women. He learned early they only want him for the fame that rightly belongs to his father. But when an intense friendship with Chelsea leads to so much more, he has to confront the one thing he’s avoided all his life.

Can these two friends navigate their way to a happy ending?

He walked into the room. The scene unfolded in slow motion. He moved
fluidly. Long legs clad in worn jeans carried him through the doorway. His T-shirt, which sported a faded band logo for the rock group Chrome, molded itself to a muscular chest and sculpted biceps. His strong chin was covered in a dark five o’clock shadow that matched the eyebrows above his chocolate brown eyes. His face was framed by long, perfectly straight, glossy black hair that tucked behind his ears and hung down below his wide shoulders.

My mouth went dry, my eyes involuntarily widened, and my body became completely still. He was even better looking in person than I’d imagined.

“Henry, good to see you,” my boss, whom I referred to as Snarky Steve, said in a surprisingly generous tone. He even rose from his seat to shake the man’s hand. “Please have a seat.”

Henry Rushton folded all six foot four inches of his lean, muscular build into the chair next to Steve, which put him directly across from me. I tensed as his eyes swept the room and landed briefly on me before continuing to my right. I watched closely as he took in his new companions, his face perfectly smooth, never betraying a single emotion.

My Review:
3 stars

This was a cute story. The characters were fun and the story was good, though my favorite part is the dramatic opening. However, while I liked Chelsea and Henry, I had trouble seeing their chemistry beyond being good friends. I feel like there was a potential there that got rushed near the end, and should have gone on longer. Ultimately though, this was a fun, short read that would make a good summer beach read.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
Kay Harris has had a diverse career with jobs ranging from college professor to park ranger. Now she adds author to her repertoire. Kay writes romance novels that contain a little bit of sweet, a dash of sexy, a touch of heartbreak, and a whole lot of fun!

Kay grew up in the Midwest and has since lived all over the western United States including Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. She loves to hike, is obsessed with museums, and enjoys taking her extremely tall and very handsome husband on adventures.


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Entrance Blurb Blitz

Clarissa Moone is a young, classy, impoverished art history graduate. Her life transforms when she lands a job working for the enigmatic billionaire, Aidan Thornhill. As the contract stipulates that she reside at his lavish Malibu estate, Clarissa suddenly finds herself surrounded by jaw-dropping art and opulence. A significant step up from the run-down apartment she shares with her best friend.

Aidan Thornhill is a self-made billionaire whose earlier start in life was riddled with poverty and a dysfunctional upbringing. Running away from scandal, he joins the army and works his way up to the Special Forces. Accompanied by haunting memories, Thornhill re-enters civilian life with a million dollars gifted to him by a dying buddy. He travels to Europe where he develops a passion for art. And after many astute investments, he becomes one of LA’s wealthiest bachelors.   

Voluptuous, intelligent and sensitive, Clarissa Moone's beauty makes Aidan gasp for air. But with a reputation that is as much invented as true, he has to convince Clarissa that he is not a heart-breaker. Aidan Thornhill’s movie-star looks, love of art and passionate support for the downtrodden, soon wins Clarissa’s heart, soul, and innocence.
After living a life devoted to intellectual pursuits and art, being new to love, she succumbs to her smoldering hot boss, who stops at nothing to pleasure her, sending Clarissa off into toe-curling ecstasy.

Behind the scenes, however, the claws are out. Determined to stir trouble, three characters, one of whom, a spoilt heiress, do everything to reap revenge.

With mutual burning passion impossible to extinguish, the couple's chemistry is so potent that their souls implode when Thornhill’s mysterious past threatens to drive a wedge between them. The former soldier goes into battle determined to have Clarissa even if it means losing everything.

Her stretched gaze nearly ate me alive. “Shit, Clary, he’s only the sexiest and most eligible billionaire in LA.” Without a moment to lose, she sprang up and tapped away on her laptop. “Come and have a look. Shit, he’s hot.”

Aidan Thornhill was indeed very good-looking. “He appears glum in every shot,” I said.

Tabitha leaned on her elbows and peered into the screen. “Hmm…the broody type. That makes him even sexier. Wow, imagine if you get the job.”

“I haven’t got it yet, Tabs,” I said.

“But you might. That’s the exciting bit.”

I sighed. “Let’s not jinx it. It’s better that way.”

“Don’t be so negative, Clary. Remember that seminar we attended. If one projects positive thoughts, life will deliver.”

“That’s new-age claptrap and a recipe for disappointment. At least this way, I’ll be ecstatic if I get it.” Standing over Tabi’s shoulder, I checked the images of my potential boss. In each photo, he appeared with different women, never the same one twice. “He’s got a thing for blondes.”

“But wait till he sees you in a bikini.” Tabitha’s voice had gone up a decibel.

“Now you’re being crazy. I’ll be working as a PA, not a model. I don’t even own a bikini. And if I did, I wouldn’t be wearing it to work.” I tilted my head. Tabitha’s mouth curled into a wide, contagious grin. Imagining me at a computer in a bikini made us giggle.

The sound of “La Marseillaise” blaring startled both of us. I must change that ringtone.

While I searched for my phone in my handbag, Tabitha was close at my heels like an eager puppy dog. Taking a deep breath, I pressed the button. “Hello.”

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Author Bio and Links:
50 Shades of Grey, was the first contemporary romance book I’d ever read. Up to that point, I’d spent my entire reading life buried in literature.

But then, one day, I picked up 50 Shades of Grey and couldn’t put it down. Impressed by their heart-felt, down to earth portrayal of love and sex, I quickly developed a voracious appetite for contemporary romance books. I was so inspired by the genre that I decided to explore that world as a writer.

After completing a certificate in Writing Romance with the Australian College of Journalism I embarked on writing three books. All of which are still sitting on my computer.
Then Aidan Thornhill entered my imagination and came alive on paper. From that moment, like all emotional love stories, nothing else mattered. I fell in love. And was compelled to write, almost in a frenzy, every day without fail.  I am presently working on my latest novel – The Importance of Being Wild.

Website    |    Facebook    |    Twitter    |    Goodreads

The book is on sale for only $0.99.

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Daemon Reckoning Blurb Blitz

Hidden in the shadows of our world, supernatural creatures wage war for the fate of humanity.

Euadaemons protect the innocent, Kakodaemons desire absolute power. Both have altered Krista Culver’s life. After spending the past ten years as a Drone for evil, she’s finally awake and doesn't want to waste another moment. No one will stand in the way of her kicking Kako butt. Not her sister, not her father, not even her incredibly tempting boss.

Racine is about to go mad trying to find his evil twin brother responsible for the Kako uprising, but Rysis is in the wind. Adding to his problems, Krista returned from Enforcer training. Gone is the sweet girl. In her place is a fierce woman who stirs something deep inside. Something he thought long dead and buried.

As their desires grow so does the danger surrounding them. The Kako threat is mounting and the time for a reckoning has come.

“Dammit, Krista, do as I say.”

“Shut up and help me kill this thing,” she replied.

He cursed, saying something about stubborn women. She smiled, knowing she had won this small battle. Now they just needed to win the next one, the one currently walking toward them with pointy teeth and a look that promised death.

The Cer, as tall and large as Racine, stopped a few feet in front of them. It opened its massive jaws to let out another bloodcurdling shriek. Her Tira charged, sword up and swinging toward the massive beast’s head. The Cer ducked the blow with impressive speed.

Krista threw one of her knives. It landed with a satisfying thunk right in the Cer’s side. The beast howled in pain. Its red eyes narrowed on her. It pulled the blade from its side, hissing through massive fangs. She threw her other knife, landing it straight in the Cer’s chest. If she could distract the monster, maybe Racine could sneak up on it and cut off its head.

The Cer staggered with the new blow, but didn’t fall. In fact, it only looked angrier. Great, she just pissed off a minion of hell and now she only had one weapon left. She left her rods back at base, but still wore her whip belt. Pulling the weapon from her waist, she faced the Cer.

“Come on ugly, I don’t have all night.”

“Do you have to taunt the creature currently trying to kill us?” Racine asked beside her.

“Well, I’m not going to sing it love songs.”

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Author Bio and Links:
RWA® Golden Heart® Nominated author Mariah Ankenman lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her two rambunctious daughters and loving husband who provides ample inspiration for her heart-stopping heroes.

Whether she’s writing hometown heroes or sexy supernaturals, Mariah loves to lose herself in a world of words. Her favorite thing about writing is when she can make someone’s day a little brighter with one of her books.

Website    |    Twitter    |    Facebook    |    Instagram

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Songs for Lucy VBT

It’s spring, and Allison Connelly has it all – pretty, popular and smart. With a summer job teaching tennis and starting Harvard Law School in the fall, Allison plans on a successful law career, marriage and kids – and dreams of becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

When relentless headaches drive her to her doctor, Allison receives a terrifying diagnosis that destroys her plans and imperils her life. Devastated, Allison struggles to accept her shattered dreams and uncertain future. One night, she happens into a small-town pub and, on a whim, takes a job singing, finding solace and a measure of peace in her music. She settles in the town, and from that small beginning finds love, a new life and a new reason for living.

Dean Richardson went to the podium, looked back at Allison, and smiled. “It is now my great pleasure and privilege to introduce Allison Connelly to give the Valedictory Address. Allison has made an extraordinary contribution to our school. Not only has she achieved the highest academic standing in her graduating class, but she captained the tennis team – which won the Northeastern Intercollegiate Championship – and was on both the swim and debating teams. Rumor has it that she also sings occasionally at one of the local pubs. I really don’t know when she found time to study. It had been my hope that Allison would stay at BHU and continue with our MBA program, but... I am delighted to announce that she has been accepted into Harvard Law School. While I’m very sorry to lose her, Allison is the first BHU grad to be accepted into HLS in almost a decade and I’m sure you will all share my pride in her achievement. Allison.”
There was a burst of applause. Prepared to stand and approach the podium, she again felt a searing pain over her left eye. She remained seated and again breathed deeply, fighting the pain.

“Allison,” the dean prompted again.

To Allison’s great relief, the pain dissipated. She stood, walked confidently to the podium, and looked out at her classmates and others in the auditorium.

Allison paused and the audience waited expectantly, anticipating the usual salutation acknowledging students, friends and families, alumni, the dean, and the faculty.

“Hi Guys,” Allison began with a smile.

How did you get started writing?
No sudden flash of inspiration. After a career in finance (more specifically mathematics,) I just thought I’d try it. I didn’t take any courses, I didn’t start with short stories; I just started right in on my first novel, The Librarian. Now that I’m well into it and starting my third novel, I’m having fun and beginning to enjoy some success. I sometimes wonder if I should have started earlier. However, I think I’m having fun largely because I had a ‘real’ career and I don’t feel the pressure to build a writing career. I write when I feel like it, which means there are many days I don’t write at all.  

What was the inspiration for your book?
My first book, The Librarian, was a revenge thriller. It’s getting great reviews and was featured by the Huffington Post as one of the best Indie books in 2017. It would have been easier to try another in the same genre that would appeal to the same audience. However, I wanted to try something different – more thoughtful, emotive and hopefully more inspirational for readers. In considering possible plots, the story of a talented young woman, Allison, struck down in the prime of life with a terminal disease, seemed to provide a good foundation for pursuing these objectives.

I felt I was taking a risk with Songs for Lucy. It’s not the type of book I would normally buy, and it’s certainly not the type of book I would imagine myself writing. That said, I like it and I’m glad I wrote it. For those who wanted another kickass librarian, think about giving Songs for Lucy a try anyway. With Ayla’s Arc (see below) I will be back to a kickass female protagonist.

What’s a genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to?

I’m working on a new book, tentatively titled ‘Ayla’s Arc’. it is about a young Syrian woman who is orphaned during the recent Syrian civil war and who goes to work for the CIA in the Middle East, first as an interpreter, then as a spy and ultimately as an assassin. She becomes one of the most successful and prolific assassins on the CIA payroll, but she realizes she can’t do it forever. Ayla eventually moves to New York to pursue a legal career; but still finds the occasional need to fall back on her old skills. While it’s primarily a thriller, I suppose it also falls into the category of Current Historical Fiction. Having fun with it, but it does require a little more research.

Are there any genres you won’t read or write in? Why?
Probably Sci-Fi and Romance. I’m not sure I have the imagination for sci-fi, and as for romance, I like including some romance, but I just don’t think I’d have fun writing strictly romance.

What are you up to now? Do you have any releases planned, or are you still writing?
As mentioned above, I’m starting a new book, Ayla’s Arc. The Librarian was well received and I’ve had a lot of requests for a sequel. The Librarian didn’t lend itself to a sequel but I thought I’d go back to the same genre with a kick-ass female protagonist. It certainly seems to be the trend (Hunger Games, Red Sparrow, Tomb Raider, Wonder Woman, etc.) and I found The Librarian fun and satisfying to write.  

Alright, now for some random, fun questions. Favorite color?

Favorite movie?     
The Last Samurai

Book that inspired you to become an author?

No single book. I was generally inspired by good books that made an impression – and bad books that made me think I could do better.

You have one superpower. What is it?  
Have to pass – nothing stands out.

You can have dinner with any 3 people, dead, alive, fictitious, etc. Who are they?
Have to pass on this one too as I’m not quite sure.

Last question: Which of your characters are you most like and how/why?
At least aspirationally, Jack Rollins, the MBA who walked away from a Wall Street finance job to buy a pub and a sailboat, and who was Allison’s love interest in Songs for Lucy. I had to wait until retirement to buy the sailboat and no pub (yet?)

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Author Bio and Links:
Philip Wilson is a retired financial executive who spends winters in Florida and summers sailing on the Great Lakes in his 32-foot sailboat. Songs for Lucy is his second book. His first, The Librarian, was rated one of the best reviewed books of 2017 by IndieReader and featured in the Huffington Post. Learn more at

Website    |    Facebook    |    Goodreads

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Totally Devoted VBT

Ten years after the death of her husband and young son, Marie Trousdale decides to move from Los Angeles, California to a small rural Oregon town and hires Wil Townsend, a local contractor, to build her dream home on property she inherited from her deceased husband.

Although they couldn’t be more different in every way possible the two fall in love. Things get complicated when Marie changes occupations. When she is put in danger, Wil must decide if his love is stronger than the differences that separate him from Marie.

From the description she was given by the hotel desk clerk, she figured she wouldn’t have much trouble finding the guy—grungy black cowboy hat, well-worn cowboy boots, scruffy beard, jean jacket, and Levi’s, sitting at the corner table. She was right. He wasn’t hard to spot. It was Monday night, and there were only a handful of people in the place. There he was, sitting at his regular corner table, with his back to the wall, his chair up on two legs, and his feet propped up and crossed on the chair next to him. There was a glass of beer and a half-empty pitcher in front of him. She wondered how many pitchers he had drained before this one. The desk clerk said he had a lot of funny habits. The clerk said the guy always sat with his back to the wall, so no one could get the jump on him. He probably watched too many John Wayne movies.

E.M., thanks so much for stopping by. So, how did you get started writing?
I don’t know if there was an actual start point. I always found writing assignments in school to be a breeze. I’ve always been a veracious reader. Then again when I was younger there was no such thing as social media. Families shared one phone line. Reading was more of an escape. Then I began to create my own escapes. I started with poems and short stories. Most of the time, if you wrote, you put it in a box and stuck in your drawer and forgot about it. That’s what I did. But writing a book at some point in my life went on my list in my 20’s. I just didn’t get the opportunity to actually write it until later.

What was the inspiration for your book?
I was inspired by many things. I was grieving for a sister I had lost to Breast Cancer and in somewhat of a depression. I, like my leading lady, was a project manager flying around the country. The idea came to me in a dream and the storyline flashed in my head in less time than it takes to land a jet at the Detroit airport. It became a form of therapy to keep my mind occupied and focused on something positive. I involved one of my other sisters, Annette, to help. After I would write a chapter I would email it to her and let her critique it. We were both mourning our sisters passing so it helped us both. I dedicated my book to my sister, Annette, who really is like Madelyn in Totally Devoted and I love her dearly.

When we first married, my husband and I lived in Wilderville, Oregon. We were young and madly in love. We rode horses in the mountains and lived on our passion with reckless abandon. Then our son was born. But I still love and cherish the memory of Oregon’s beauty. I hope my readers are able visualize its beauty as they read my book.

What’s a genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to?
That would have to be old time Western Romance. Totally Devoted takes place in the west and Wil Townsend has a western drawl and manner but it’s modern western. He may be old fashioned in some of his views but he’s a realist, intelligent, willing to listen and change. He views Marie as an equal. Men in the old west didn’t.

I’ve always enjoyed reading westerns. I love Zane Grey. I think Riders of the Purple Sage and its sequel The Desert Crucible, the real sequel to Riders, are my favorite westerns. I’ve read almost everything Lois L ‘Amour has written. Surprisingly, my favorite book by L ‘Amour is The Haunted Mesa, not an old time western at all.

I live in Wyoming and western history is all around me. I ride horses and have been known to wear cowboy boots. They had romance and adventure back then, too. What an interesting concept.

Are there any genres you won’t read or write in? Why?
I’m very open-minded and I’ll read any genre once. My least favorite would be books about war and violence. So, probably no detective stories from me. I throw myself into whatever I’m reading or writing and the despair and pain of war is more than I can bear. I read books to escape and find a happy place. I wrote Totally Devoted to provide that happy place for my readers.

What are you up to now? Do you have any releases planned, or are you still writing?
I’m still celebrating the release of Totally Devoted. I’m hoping to develop my reader base and share this and many more stories with them. I’m writing my next two books, although I’m really concentrating on one, Zoey’s Place. It’s about a woman who opens a spa/brothel for rich women.

Alright, now for some random, fun questions. Favorite color?
Purple and the colors that make it.

Favorite movie?    
Actually not a movie but a series. Outlander.

Book that inspired you to become an author?
The Adventurer’s by Harold Robbins

You have one superpower. What is it?
The power to heal.

You can have dinner with any 3 people, dead, alive, fictitious, etc. Who are they?
Paramahansa Yogananda, Jesus Christ, and NicolaTesla

Last question: Which of your characters are you most like and how/why?
Most of the characters in Totally Devoted are loosely based on family and friends. It’s no secret that I’ve modeled Marie Trousdale after myself. We both have the same body type; brown hair, brown eyes. We share the same healthy eating habits. We exercise. Her attitudes and values are like mine as well. She likes to be boss and doesn’t accept no for an answer. I’ve been called bossy my whole life. My husband says it’s to compensate for my small stature. That may be true. If they can’t see you, you have to be the loudest in the room.

That’s all from me, thanks for taking the time to stop by!
You’re very welcome and thank you for letting me introduce myself and my book to your readers.

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Author Bio and Links:
E.M. Bannock was born in 1950 and grew up in the Detroit suburbs. Her love for writing began during high school where she excelled in writing short stories and poetry. Born with the wanderlust, she found herself in Los Angeles, an exciting place to be in the early 70’s, and E.M. experienced all that it had to offer. It was here she met her husband. She has lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming, where she now lives with her husband, son, daughter-in-law, grandson and a menagerie of cats, dogs, chickens, and horses.

Email    |    Facebook    |    Twitter    |    Book List

Monday, April 9, 2018

Empty Promises VBT

If you love the suspense and plot twists of domestic thrillers, this page-turner will be for you. Seamus McCree’s first solo bodyguard assignment goes from bad to worse. His client disappears. His granddog finds a buried human bone. Police find a fresh human body.

His client is to testify in a Chicago money laundering trial. He’s paranoid that with a price on his head, if the police know where he’s staying, the information will leak. Seamus promised his business partner and lover, Abigail Hancock, that he’d keep the witness safe at the McCree family camp located deep in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s woods.

Abigail is furious at his incompetence and their relationship flounders. Even his often-helpful son, Paddy, must put family safety ahead of helping his father. Seamus risks his own safety and freedom to turn amateur sleuth in hopes he can solve the crimes, fulfill his promise of protection, and win back Abigail. Wit and grit are on his side, but the clock is ticking . . . and the hit man is on his way.

Dread joined us in the car. Even normally bubbly Megan grew silent.

Loggers had cut a narrow lane through the sixty-foot spruce I had watched come down at the beginning of the Grade, leaving most of the tree in place and towing the cut section to the side. They’d wasted no time on smaller branches littering the road and were opening up a one-lane path. I tiptoed the Outback over the debris and moved through the gap.

At first the downed trees were scattered, although limbs and branches dotted the entire road. But the further north we drove, the worse the damage became until the downed trees were a nearly continuous hazard. Paddy frequently left the car to remove branches with sharp breaks that might puncture a tire. I was regretting we hadn’t taken my old beater truck into town with its multi-ply tires. The Outback carried a donut spare, which wouldn’t last thirty seconds on the gravel roads. We had yet to see any other cars or people.

By the time we passed the five- and six-mile markers without any letup in the damage, tightened metal bands had taken up permanent residence around my chest. I feared for Elliot. I feared for my property. I worried whether I’d get a flat. Whether there would still be a hotel room if I had to send Paddy and Megan to Tall Pines. Megan, on the other hand, had given up her concerns and was in the back seat, singing along with a CD, a cheerful canary amidst the devastation.

What is the most fun thing for you about writing?
I love to hear from people who have read my books. Some authors say they write books because they have to. Not me. I write them in the hope people will find them entertaining. When they do, it makes it all worthwhile.

What’s the least fun thing for you about writing?
My parents brought me up to believe it is improper to toot my own horn. Today’s publishing business requires it, and it makes me soooooo uncomfortable. I love talking to readers at bookstores and conferences about books and writing, but having to self-promote, to say “if you like mystery/suspense/thrillers you should read my book because it’s great!” — just not my style.

Is that the one thing you wish you could change about writing?
Well, I’m realistic enough to know that given the necessity to draw audiences to our books, that is not going to change. If I could make a wish for all mid-list authors, it would be that readers take a couple of minutes after they finish a book they enjoyed and write a short review to post on at least Amazon and Goodreads. It really does help make our books more visible.

If you were forbidden from writing, how would you employ your creative energy?
Interesting question. I have no talent for painting and my singing voice is going, so those are out. I enjoy photography, particularly of birds. I’d probably spend more time with that and see what happened.

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James M. Jackson authors the Seamus McCree series consisting of five novels and one novella. Jim splits his time between the deep woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Georgia’s Lowcountry. He claims the moves between locations are weather-related, but others suggest they may have more to do with not overstaying his welcome. He is the past president of the 700+ member Guppy Chapter of Sisters in Crime. You can find information about Jim and his books at You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and/or Amazon.