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Soul of Discretion Book Blast


Simon Bridgeworth believes in loyalty, and keeping things in-house. When he discovers his best friend, who has been running the Canadian division of Simon's tech empire, has been skimming millions from the company, Simon flies to Toronto to get to the bottom of the theft and learns his friend has been murdered. Devastated and at a loose end, Simon knows there's no way the company's problems can be kept under wraps now. Imagine his surprise when he learns the Mountie investigating the murder is the first repeat Simon has allowed himself in years. 

Sergeant Nick Cooper is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He's served his country in the military, and now he's protecting the citizenry of Toronto. But devotion to duty is no longer enough. On a whim, Nick hooks up with Aristocrat69 on crUIzer, and what started as one night of incredible sex turns into an attraction neither man can ignore. When a grisly mob murder sends Nick to the Breakforce corporation, he is shocked to discover his lover is none other than its CEO. When Simon's life is threatened, ethical lines blur as Nick does anything to keep him safe - no cost is too high for the man who has become Nick's everything.

Waking up to a tanned and taut arse was certainly a pleasurable way to greet the morning. Simon didn’t want to think too much about the fact he’d let a man sleep in his bed, contravening his long-held rules.

Best chalk it down to a temporary bout of insanity.

He got out of bed, leaving a slumbering Nick sprawled across the mattress—the man was a bed hog of note—and walked into the bathroom. A shower was what he needed, as the smell of sex and male cologne—not his—lingered tantalisingly on his body.

He was fixing his tie and taking a sip of freshly brewed coffee delivered via room service when he heard Nick’s groan and looked over. Nick unwound himself from the duvet and squinted at him.

“Morning,” Nick said gruffly, voice still thick with sleep. “You’re up early.” he peered owlishly at his watch. “It’s only seven a.m. on a Saturday morning.” His tone was incredulous, and Simon couldn't help grinning.

He made sure his appearance was satisfactory and turned to face Nick. “I have an appointment at eight-thirty with someone. As it’s across the city, I’d rather leave a little bit of extra time for the taxi to get there on time.”

“A business appointment?” Nick echoed. “On a Saturday?”

Simon frowned. “Yes, on a Saturday. My business doesn’t close when everyone else clocks out for the weekend. Urgent matters require urgent attention.”

Nick sat up, the covers pooling at his waist. He looked debauched and adorably tousled. “Urgent matters? Everything okay?”

Simon shook his head. “Not really. Someone has been ripping me off and I intend to find out who and why. Safe to say, I’ll be ripping them a new one when I find them.”

Nick’s eyes widened. “Wow, you look scary when you do that whole snarly thing you have going on. Sexy, but scary.” He leaned back against the headboard with a sigh. “My job isn’t respectful of weekends either. I’m on call twenty-four-seven.”

Simon noticed Nick didn't say anything further about his job and the quick prick of curiosity that flared was soon dampened. Best not to get too much detail about the man. Sharing personal information wasn’t really required at this stage.

Ignoring the part of him that really wanted to find out what Nick did, Simon reached over and picked up his document folder, and wallet.

“Well, thanks for last night. I need to get going now so feel free to clean up and leave when you're ready. Order room service if you like. My treat.”

Nick grinned lazily. “I feel like a kept man. Are you going to give me a credit card so I can buy new clothes too? Perhaps pamper myself with a facial and a massage?”

The words held no censure or pique, but Simon felt a little ashamed. “I didn’t mean to insinuate anything,” he said frostily, “I merely want you to have a comfortable experience when you're here.”

Nick flapped a hand. “Relax, Mr Uptight Brit. I was only joking.” He swung his legs out of bed, stretched and yawned as he turned to face Simon.

Simon’s mouth went dry at the sight of the chiselled naked, male torso. Damn the man was gorgeous.

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Author Bios and Links:
Sue writes steamy, sexy and fun contemporary gay romances, some suspenseful, some gritty and dark, and others just plain ahhhh....

Lover of angst and conflict, she enjoys putting her characters through the emotional wringer and bringing them out the other side with an HEA, or, at the very least, a HFN.

She is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America and is also a member of the Romantic Novelists Association in the UK. She’s the Editor-in-Chief at Divine Magazine (, and she’s a Charity Board trustee at Being Me in London (

Sue is passionate about research and has stayed in a circus, taken lessons from a blind person on how it feels to be non-sighted, and has travelled to a lighthouse with maintenance crew to see firsthand what it’s like inside. She’s also written a screenplay with a Hollywood actor/producer, with a view to taking her book, Sight Unseen, to the big screen.

Website     |     Twitter     |     Facebook     |     Instagram

Michelle is a paralegal and author who lives in Ontario, Canada. A member of the RWA and its chapter RRW, she is a dedicated people watcher, and a lover of romance, 80’s rock, and happy endings. Married to a good man, mother of two wonderful girls, Michelle is also a servant to two spoiled furry children.

Website     |     Facebook     |     Twitter     |     Instagram

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Restoring His Howl Book Blast

Opposites can attract, but can they make the love last?

Dillon came to the Sanctuary to hide, but also to heal. He’d been abused and needed a safe place to come into his own. He never expected to find a partner, but love came looking for him. Can he accept what he deserves or will he push away a chance at forever because he feels unlovable?

Cinders knows from the moment he sees Dillon that he wants the wolf shifter for his own. But can a jaguar shifter and a wolf shifter really pair up? He doesn’t know, but he’s banking on the attraction to pay off. What he doesn’t expect is how deep Dillon’s scars run. Is he strong enough to see beyond what’s happened to Dillon and help create a future for them together?

Anything’s possible when the jaguar shifter, a former stripper, and the wolf shifter figure out how to restore his howl.

©Megan Slayer, 2018 – All Rights Reserved

He spotted a black form moving in the grass. He hunched down and studied the animal. A jaguar. He should know the big cat by sight but didn’t know which shifter it was. The more the jaguar moved, the more Dillon watched. He couldn’t help himself. The black feline moved with grace and seemed to be showing off. The jaguar mesmerized Dillon. He’d seen plenty of big cats and knew there were at least two other jaguars on the property. Fifteen lions, four tigers, three jaguars, a bobcat shifter and six humans were currently at the Sanctuary—but he only knew a couple of them.

Something stirred within Dillon. Longing? Desire? A little bit of both? He didn’t think he could be loved because of the damage to his body and soul, but he wanted someone to care for him. To care about him. To see beyond his past and accept him. Was that even possible? Once others learned what he’d done and how often, they’d run the hell away from him and for good reason. He hadn’t been in control of himself, but did that matter? Maybe not, but he wanted a mate, and he had to hope they’d be able to give him a chance.

Mate… He snorted. Another wolf would be the best option, so why was he watching the jaguar? The wolf should be in charge and finding another wolf. Did the wolf crave the jaguar? Maybe. His human side definitely wanted the big cat. Well, no… The human side wanted to meet the human within the jaguar.

Christ. No, he couldn’t meet the shifter. What was he thinking? Not only would he wreck the fantasy, but he’d have to let in the person. Closeness meant the possibility of being hurt or abandoned. Hell, no.

“Aren’t you a pretty boy?”

He froze. He’d forgotten about watching the jaguar the moment he’d gotten wrapped up in his mind. The big cat was nowhere in sight. Shit, shit, shit. He knew the voice, though. Cinders. Of course, the jaguar was the stripper. How had he not figured that out? Because he hadn’t been paying attention. He was now.

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Author Bio and Links:
Megan Slayer, aka Wendi Zwaduk, is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than one-hundred short stories and novels. She’s been writing since 2008 and published since 2009. Her stories range from the contemporary and paranormal to LGBTQ and BDSM themes. No matter what the length, her works are always hot, but with a lot of heart. She enjoys giving her characters a second chance at love, no matter what the form. She’s been the runner up in the Kink Category at Love Romances Café as well as nominated at the LRC for best author, best contemporary, best ménage and best anthology. Her books have made it to the bestseller lists on

When she’s not writing, Megan spends time with her husband and son as well as three dogs and three cats. She enjoys art, music and racing, but football is her sport of choice. Find out more about Megan and Wendi at: Sign up for the newsletter here:

Website     |     Blog     |    Facebook      |     Amazon     |     Bookbub
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Dead Giveaway Book Blast


If asked, Gwendolyn Ballard would admit she co-parented her best friend Chloe's son, Cameron. Now Gwen is all he's got as they flee from the man who murdered his mother. There's only one place Cameron will be safe, and that's with his uncle, Elijah MacElvoy. Arriving on his doorstep at the Broken Arrow Ranch is a desperate decision, and Gwen knows he'd slam the door in her face if she didn't have his nephew with her. But she'll do anything for Cam, even if it means putting up with Elijah's distrust and judgment.

Chloe's dead. Cam's orphaned, and Elijah is confronted with the prospect of living with the one woman who's driven him crazy for the past ten years. He'll fight to keep her safe. That's encoded in his DNA. But can he trust her with a little boy who just lost his mother? As Eli watches how Gwen loves and cares for his nephew, he reevaluates his thinking and gives in to the smoldering attraction he felt the first time he saw her. With so much on the line, Eli comes clean about his past, making way for a future that's all about silver linings.

In the long, drawn-out moment that Eli stared at her, she saw something flicker in his expression. The flint gray eyes she remembered so well seemed to burn over her, his scrutiny like a physical touch. Gwen kept her feet locked to the ground even as the insane urge to turn and run surged through her.

He shifted his gaze to Cameron, then back to her. Cameron’s death grip nearly cut off the circulation in her fingers.

“Gwendolyn.” His deep voice held a timbre that, despite their mutual animosity, had always sent warm shivers down her spine.

“Elijah.” She held her breath as tension swelled, and waited for the door to slam in their faces. He stepped back.

“We can come in?”

With a mocking look, he opened the door wider. She let out her breath in a shaky sigh. Two dogs, the larger a Rottweiler mix, the smaller a fluffy black and white terrier, sat at alert, the terrier all but quivering in excitement. Stepping into the warm house, Gwen felt the fear and panic she’d been carrying ease a fraction, leaving behind an aching exhaustion. For tonight at least, she and Cameron were safe.

The dogs sat with butts planted. Keeping Cameron at her side, she held out a hand to each of them to let them get her scent.

Nerves jumping, Gwen straightened. She hadn’t seen Eli for over five years and the subtle signs of the passing of time were evident. While he still maintained the rangy, lean build he carried on a tall frame, his face showed fine lines fanning out from narrowed eyes. He wore his straight brown hair longer than she remembered, combed back except for where it fell across his forehead.

His bearing, the way he carried himself, made her think of a cowboy sheriff in the old West, tough and unshakable. After the terror of the past days, she needed someone with that unyielding steadfastness on her side. She really hoped that he would be on her side.

She could see the questions in the hooded eyes, but he didn’t ask why she had shown up at his door.

Cameron gave his uncle a cautious look. Eli must have sensed the boy’s reserve, because he crouched down on one knee. Gwen watched, curious as to how he would interact with his nephew.

“Cameron, this big guy is Bubba, and the little one is Oreo.” Eli’s voice was low and calming.

“Oreo?” Cameron leaned down to pet the little dog. “That’s because he’s black and white, right?” Oreo reached out a tongue to lick his hand.

Eli’s features softened fractionally. “Yeah, that’s right.”

Cameron flashed a brief smile, one of the first Gwen had seen in days. Eli rose and led them into the room. The entryway opened to a comfortable living room with a large couch and a recliner that invited curling up with a good book. A fire warmed the room from behind a wrought-iron screen, and a large area rug in front of it covered the knotted-pine floor. Even if Eli wasn’t exactly welcoming, his house felt homey.

“What took you so long to get here?” The abrupt question startled her. He had been expecting them? The idea that he had somehow known she would come to him, had been waiting for her, unsettled her, like there was some unspoken connection between them. And that didn’t bear thinking about.

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Author Bio and Links:
National Readers' Choice Award winner for her novel, Solitary Man, Diane Benefiel has been an avid reader all her life. She enjoys a wide range of genres, from westerns to fantasy to mysteries, but romance has always been a favorite. She writes what she loves best to read – emotional, heart-gripping romantic suspense novels. She likes writing romantic suspense because she can put the hero and heroine in all sorts of predicaments that they have to work together to overcome.

A native Southern Californian, Diane enjoys nothing better than summer. For a high school history teacher, summer means a break from teenagers, and summer allows her to spend her early mornings immersed in her current writing project. With both kids living out of the house, in addition to writing, she enjoys camping and gardening with her husband. Diane loves hearing from her readers.
Website    |    Facebook    |    Twitter    |    Instagram    |    Goodreads
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Come Back to Me Book Blast

Mia West is drawn to Cole Parker and she doesn't know why but each time he is around, she can't stop the pull, drawing her into dark secrets and closer to her past. Will she put the pieces of her life back together or just end up in his bed?

When she meets Jack, it's clear he wants Mia as his own but knows that to keep her means he has to keep her away from Cole. She wants to feel the spark with Jack but something keeps holding her back. Is it Cole or is there more to Jack than meets the eye?

When her past and present intersect, both men will give her reasons to run, the question is...whose arms will she run into.

Come Back to Me is the first book in the Forever series duet. The finale, Forever with Me, releases in June.

Step three, take care of Carter Williams, once and for all. Enough is enough. If I believe what my therapist says, I am not his victim. I am my own heroine and the time has come to rid myself of Carter the demon. It isn’t up to Jack to hold my hand, or Richard to keep me protected in some princess tower. I need to somehow free myself from Carter Williams so he can’t hurt or scare me again. This part of the plan is the least thought out… spontaneity is essential. Premeditation is always key when sentencing happens in a murder trial.

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Author Bio and Links:
Trilina is an author, wife, and mama to three rowdy kiddos. When she isn't making grilled cheese sandwiches, she can be found writing saucy novels that titillate and excite her readers.

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Out of Hiding VBT

Charles Dampor was supposed to be a blessing, but instead turned out to be a curse. A family torn by deception and greed now saw Emily for what she was, and a co-worker with a vicious past of his own now has his own personal vendetta against her. If Emily doesn't open her eyes and see the doors she's unlocked, she'll find herself at the bottom of Lake Bermin...with Charles's ex-wife.

Maybe it was the push-up bra she’d worn in combination with her ultra-deep v-neck shirt. Or maybe it was her constant smile and flirtatious laugh. Maybe she’d batted her eyelashes just the right amount. Whatever it was, it worked. Because Charles invited her to have dinner with him. Not a weeknight date. Not an afternoon date or a group dinner or coffee. A Saturday night date.

“And what brought you to us?” Charles asks.

Us. He isn’t an arrogant man. He isn’t egocentric. He’d created his own empire, yes, but he doesn’t think he’s better than everyone else. Us, he said. Not me or my company. It’s hard to find people like this these days. A business owner out to dinner with a factory worker? Very atypical.

“I saw an ad online,” she responds.

“Oh,” Charles says with a smirk.

“Why?” Emily asks.

“I feel old,” he says. “I always placed my ads for employment in the newspaper. That was back before I had Mary.”

“I wouldn’t have found it if it was in the paper,” Emily jokes. “Good thing for Mary.”

“Good thing for Mary,” he laughs.

The laugh from the comment carries them into talk about work, about people at work. Charles tells her about some of the people who work upstairs, the management team. He tells her more about Mary, and about what Mary had to say about Emily when discussing their job opening with Charles after her round of interviews had commenced.

“All good things,” he jokes. “No worries.”

“I’d assume so,” she replies. “I got the job.”

They share a smile and after a brief pause, he says, “I’m glad.”

The drinks continue to come and conversation carries on. The topic of work remains, but only briefly. Emily points out the pissed-off old guy who works in Station A and Charles laughs.

“That’s just Herb,” he says. “He’s been here for a while. He’s a good worker.”

I’m Still a Kid at Heart

I remember being a kid and hearing my mom talk about turning thirty and how she was old. And then she turned forty and wanted to die. She would tell me stories of when she was a kid, and how the thought of turning forty meant Take me out back and shoot me in the head because I don’t want to be that old and decrepit.

Graphic, I know. Sorry. I guess I could have piped that down a bit.

But now here I sit, a thirty-three-year-old man with a wife and two kids and a house and still not a damn clue how I’m going to survive each week. I do what I have to do to pay the bills, but I tell myself each and every day that one day I’ll be a full-time writer. One day I’ll be able to settle down and not have to run around like a wild animal to make money. I’ll be a writer. Simple. Honest. And the only thing I ever really wanted to do.

For the average person, someone like me can be compared to that struggling actor who moved out to Hollywood and has been waiting tables for fifteen years just waiting for their big break. And I think I’ll get it.

Every day, I write. Every day, I read. Every day, I sit and think about what I can do to make myself a better writer. I read newsletters and blogs and books on writing. I work hard at my craft.

Have you ever spoken to someone who absolutely loves what they do for a living? What’s the one thing they all have in common? They say that work doesn’t even feel like work to them. They feel blessed to have the chance to do what they love. And you know what? That’s how I feel about writing. Even if I don’t make much money off of it. And even if the hours spent away from writing are some of the most stressful. I know I’m chasing a passion.

I feel like everyone should have something they love—some passion—and they should chase that passion. Even if they chase it so long that they’re pushing that decrepit age of forty.

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Author Bio and Links:
John Feldman was born and raised in southern New Jersey, but has since moved to Florida at the request (demand) of his beautiful wife. He has written several short stories and novels, including his newest release, OUT OF HIDING. He writes a lot, thinks a lot more, and is currently wondering why he’s writing this in the third person.

For more information, visit, or email him.

Facebook    |    Twitter    |    Amazon Author Page    |    Goodreads

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Lost on the Road to Love Review Tour

On the road for eight months as part of the crew for a travel show, Chelsea Morrison expects to work hard, endure long nights, and enjoy some wicked adventures. But she doesn’t expect to fall head over heels for the show’s star.

Henry Rush, son of a legendary rock star, is leery of women. He learned early they only want him for the fame that rightly belongs to his father. But when an intense friendship with Chelsea leads to so much more, he has to confront the one thing he’s avoided all his life.

Can these two friends navigate their way to a happy ending?

He walked into the room. The scene unfolded in slow motion. He moved
fluidly. Long legs clad in worn jeans carried him through the doorway. His T-shirt, which sported a faded band logo for the rock group Chrome, molded itself to a muscular chest and sculpted biceps. His strong chin was covered in a dark five o’clock shadow that matched the eyebrows above his chocolate brown eyes. His face was framed by long, perfectly straight, glossy black hair that tucked behind his ears and hung down below his wide shoulders.

My mouth went dry, my eyes involuntarily widened, and my body became completely still. He was even better looking in person than I’d imagined.

“Henry, good to see you,” my boss, whom I referred to as Snarky Steve, said in a surprisingly generous tone. He even rose from his seat to shake the man’s hand. “Please have a seat.”

Henry Rushton folded all six foot four inches of his lean, muscular build into the chair next to Steve, which put him directly across from me. I tensed as his eyes swept the room and landed briefly on me before continuing to my right. I watched closely as he took in his new companions, his face perfectly smooth, never betraying a single emotion.

My Review:
3 stars

This was a cute story. The characters were fun and the story was good, though my favorite part is the dramatic opening. However, while I liked Chelsea and Henry, I had trouble seeing their chemistry beyond being good friends. I feel like there was a potential there that got rushed near the end, and should have gone on longer. Ultimately though, this was a fun, short read that would make a good summer beach read.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
Kay Harris has had a diverse career with jobs ranging from college professor to park ranger. Now she adds author to her repertoire. Kay writes romance novels that contain a little bit of sweet, a dash of sexy, a touch of heartbreak, and a whole lot of fun!

Kay grew up in the Midwest and has since lived all over the western United States including Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. She loves to hike, is obsessed with museums, and enjoys taking her extremely tall and very handsome husband on adventures.


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Entrance Blurb Blitz

Clarissa Moone is a young, classy, impoverished art history graduate. Her life transforms when she lands a job working for the enigmatic billionaire, Aidan Thornhill. As the contract stipulates that she reside at his lavish Malibu estate, Clarissa suddenly finds herself surrounded by jaw-dropping art and opulence. A significant step up from the run-down apartment she shares with her best friend.

Aidan Thornhill is a self-made billionaire whose earlier start in life was riddled with poverty and a dysfunctional upbringing. Running away from scandal, he joins the army and works his way up to the Special Forces. Accompanied by haunting memories, Thornhill re-enters civilian life with a million dollars gifted to him by a dying buddy. He travels to Europe where he develops a passion for art. And after many astute investments, he becomes one of LA’s wealthiest bachelors.   

Voluptuous, intelligent and sensitive, Clarissa Moone's beauty makes Aidan gasp for air. But with a reputation that is as much invented as true, he has to convince Clarissa that he is not a heart-breaker. Aidan Thornhill’s movie-star looks, love of art and passionate support for the downtrodden, soon wins Clarissa’s heart, soul, and innocence.
After living a life devoted to intellectual pursuits and art, being new to love, she succumbs to her smoldering hot boss, who stops at nothing to pleasure her, sending Clarissa off into toe-curling ecstasy.

Behind the scenes, however, the claws are out. Determined to stir trouble, three characters, one of whom, a spoilt heiress, do everything to reap revenge.

With mutual burning passion impossible to extinguish, the couple's chemistry is so potent that their souls implode when Thornhill’s mysterious past threatens to drive a wedge between them. The former soldier goes into battle determined to have Clarissa even if it means losing everything.

Her stretched gaze nearly ate me alive. “Shit, Clary, he’s only the sexiest and most eligible billionaire in LA.” Without a moment to lose, she sprang up and tapped away on her laptop. “Come and have a look. Shit, he’s hot.”

Aidan Thornhill was indeed very good-looking. “He appears glum in every shot,” I said.

Tabitha leaned on her elbows and peered into the screen. “Hmm…the broody type. That makes him even sexier. Wow, imagine if you get the job.”

“I haven’t got it yet, Tabs,” I said.

“But you might. That’s the exciting bit.”

I sighed. “Let’s not jinx it. It’s better that way.”

“Don’t be so negative, Clary. Remember that seminar we attended. If one projects positive thoughts, life will deliver.”

“That’s new-age claptrap and a recipe for disappointment. At least this way, I’ll be ecstatic if I get it.” Standing over Tabi’s shoulder, I checked the images of my potential boss. In each photo, he appeared with different women, never the same one twice. “He’s got a thing for blondes.”

“But wait till he sees you in a bikini.” Tabitha’s voice had gone up a decibel.

“Now you’re being crazy. I’ll be working as a PA, not a model. I don’t even own a bikini. And if I did, I wouldn’t be wearing it to work.” I tilted my head. Tabitha’s mouth curled into a wide, contagious grin. Imagining me at a computer in a bikini made us giggle.

The sound of “La Marseillaise” blaring startled both of us. I must change that ringtone.

While I searched for my phone in my handbag, Tabitha was close at my heels like an eager puppy dog. Taking a deep breath, I pressed the button. “Hello.”

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Author Bio and Links:
50 Shades of Grey, was the first contemporary romance book I’d ever read. Up to that point, I’d spent my entire reading life buried in literature.

But then, one day, I picked up 50 Shades of Grey and couldn’t put it down. Impressed by their heart-felt, down to earth portrayal of love and sex, I quickly developed a voracious appetite for contemporary romance books. I was so inspired by the genre that I decided to explore that world as a writer.

After completing a certificate in Writing Romance with the Australian College of Journalism I embarked on writing three books. All of which are still sitting on my computer.
Then Aidan Thornhill entered my imagination and came alive on paper. From that moment, like all emotional love stories, nothing else mattered. I fell in love. And was compelled to write, almost in a frenzy, every day without fail.  I am presently working on my latest novel – The Importance of Being Wild.

Website    |    Facebook    |    Twitter    |    Goodreads

The book is on sale for only $0.99.