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Holiday Party - Vicktor Alexander

This next author is someone I have not only had the pleasure of meeting, but is also a caring friend. He also happens to be notorious for his cliffhangers (*hint, hint*), and for making you want to keep on reading long after the book has ended. Here to share a Christmas story featuring Lucien, Heathcliff, and Eshe from Groom of Convenience is The Original Gaylord Ninja Dom, Mr. Vicktor Alexander!

Eshe’s First Yuletide
The hall was silent, most of the servants having left for their own homes, their families, or as all good servants were wont to do, becoming one with the shadows that surrounded them. The bannisters, balustrades, and walls were decorated with holly, ivy, and ferns. Lady Lucien Eddington, Duchess of Pompinshire smirked as he took note of the mistletoe hanging from every doorway. It was apparent that Heathcliff was determined to make sure that no matter where they stood he would be able to point above his head and steal a kiss. Though would it really be stealing a kiss if Lucien offered it willingly?

Lucien smoothed a hand over his protruding belly and sighed as he felt a firm kick from within, the babe within him not giving his consent to his fotmy’s wayward thoughts. While Lucien loved the child fiercely, he was more than ready to give birth to the child that had caused him more than a little bit of grief in the last few days.

He walked… no, he waddled… down towards Heathcliff’s study and knocked on the door. He missed Chester. He and the maid had grown inexplicably close in the last few months, and with the words of the last missive swirling in his mind, Lucien’s heart clenched. His eyes burned. He wanted to do nothing more than to climb into the carriage and ride to his friend’s side and come to his aid, but he was unable to do so. Especially at his advanced stage of pregnancy.

“Enter,” Heathcliff’s deep voice boomed from within and Lucien jumped slightly, jerked out of his internal musings.

Opening the door, Lucien stepped within the room and smiled at the sight of his daughter Eshe sitting on her father Heathcliff’s lap, her tongue poking out between her lips as she attempted to tie his cravat.

“Why, Your Grace, I do believe your cravat has met with a bit of an accident,” he said with a chuckle.

Heathcliff waved his hand at Lucien and rubbed a hand up and down Eshe’s back. “I have no knowledge of what you speak, my dear. Our dear Eshe is going to give me the best looking cravat in all of Angland. Is that not right, darling?”

Eshe’s head lifted and she smiled beautifically at Heathcliff. Lucien gasped, his throat clogging with emotion at the adoration he could see shining in his daughter’s eyes for her father. Eshe started off hesitant and fearful of Heathcliff, most people were. The scar on his face was quite off-putting, as was his demeanor and rather dominating personality, but he was so gentle with her and it wasn’t long before the two of them had grown close and inseparable. Eshe was truly a “Daddy’s Girl,” now and not only that, Lucien could tell that while he would have a hard time letting Eshe go when she finally married, Heathcliff would be heartbroken when she left them.

“Yes, Papa. I make you handsome.”

Heathcliff nodded. “That’s right, my sweet girl. You are going to make me look better than Fotmy aren’t you?”

Eshe covered her mouth and giggled. She shook her head. “N-no, Papa! Fotmy is mwanamke. You can not be this. He is a woman! You are a man! You must be mwanamume.

Heathcliff put his hand on his chest and gasped, acting affronted. “But what if I wanted to be mwanamke?”

Eshe collapsed against him laughing happily and Lucien felt his eyes burn with unshed tears, his mind instantly going to Chester and Orley and their situation. His heart went out to them. Would they be able to enjoy a moment like this? He cradled his belly, trying to protect the life growing within him and sent up a prayer for his friend.

“Love? Are you quite alright?”

Lucien opened his eyes and found himself under the scrutiny of his husband and daughter. He offered them both what he hoped passed for a smile. “But of course. Why, I came in to see if perhaps you wanted to join me in the drawing room for some chocolate, cookies, a story for Eshe, and perhaps some music? This is Eshe’s first Yuletide with us and I thought that perhaps we should do something special for her.”

Heathcliff narrowed his eyes and knowing how well his former soldier could read his emotions on his face, Lucien thought of household chores, and the latest paper on medical advances in regards to dysentery. It was really quite a boring paper and Lucien had fallen asleep within five minutes of starting it, the doctor had droned on and on about the benefits of leeches and Lucien had been tempted to find the man and give him a good throttling. With Heathcliff’s crop.

“Well, that sounds like a great idea.” Heathcliff looked down at Eshe. “Would you like to drink hot chocolate, have cookies and hear a story while Fotmy plays the piano?”

Eshe nodded her head quickly and pushed away from Heathcliff as she climbed down from his lap and rushed from the room. She returned moments later and wrapped her small, thin arms as far around Lucien’s thick waist as she could.

“Thank you Fotmy,” she whispered.

Lucien smiled down at her. “You are welcome, my dear.”

She ran back down to wait for them in the drawing room and when Lucien looked back towards his husband the broad-shouldered man stood in front of him, his face a study of concentration, hands folded behind his back, unspeaking. Lucien could easily see him standing aboard the deck of a ship, his black hair blowing in the salty sea air, shouting orders to a crew of soldiers as they fought against Tfrenchmen hell-bent on world domination. Lucien felt his cock thicken in his drawers and he was glad he’d taken his mother’s advice to wear gowns for the last month of his pregnancy rather than breeches as he seemed to be suffering from the malady of inappropriate swells of passion and lust at the most inopportune times.

There was at dinner with Heathcliff’s parents when they had come to visit and Heathcliff had lifted his glass of wine to his lips.

Then when Heathcliff had just returned from riding his stallion with a few of the other gentlemen from Southerby and stepped into the entryway smelling of horseflesh. Lucien had taken one look at Heathcliff, one sniff of his husband and had to excuse himself, to put hand to groin.

Neither of those was as embarrassing as when they had ventured into town and Heathcliff had bent over to pick up Eshe when she had fallen. They were in the middle of town. Surrounded by people and all Lucien could think of doing was tearing off his clothes and begging his husband to fill him.

None of those things would be bad if Heathcliff wouldn’t smirk at him and follow him, kiss him, or enflame his ardour further.

So, the very fact that he now stood before Lucien, with his hands behind his back had Lucien on high alert.

“Are you quite sure that you are well, my love?” Heathcliff queried.

Lucien nodded. “Yes. I swear, Heath.”

Heathcliff stepped closer, his stomach pressing against the swell of Lucien’s own. “I would hate to know that you were in any distress. You know any pain you suffer is a dagger through my soul leaving me shattered upon the Tearth.”

Lucien smiled. “I know. I am in no distress, Heathcliff.”

“That is wonderful. I would have you experience nothing but love. Love, happiness, pleasure, and passion.”

Lucien trembled at the way Heathcliff’s voice lowered and he saw his husband’s right hand lift above their heads, a sprig of mistletoe clutched in his fingers. He let out a laugh.

“Everything you experience I feel as well, Lucien and vice versa. I wonder if you can understand what I am feeling?”

Lucien gasped as Heathcliff yanked him close, twisting their bodies in such a way that Heathcliff could devour Lucien’s lips. Lucien’s nostrils were filled with the scent of Heathcliff’s masculine fragrance. Bergamot, horseflesh, the fresh outdoors, and power, lust, strength, things Lucien would never be able to describe adequately to anyone should they ask him. He moaned and twisted his fingers in Heathcliff’s hair.

He wanted Heathcliff to spread him out on the carpet in his study, to fill him. To feel Heathcliff pound his cock in his arse until Lucien screamed his throat raw. Just when he was on the cusp of begging for it, pleading for release the sound of small footsteps running back towards them, caused them to separate.

Lucien blinked up at Heathcliff, dazed. Confused.

Bloody hell.

“Fotmy! Papa! Come!” Eshe gestured as she came back into the room, taking their hands pulling on their hands.

Lucien cleared his throat and followed along behind her and nodded.
“Yes, Eshe.”

“We’ll continue that, later,” Heathcliff promised.

“Yes, Your Grace. We sure will,” Lucien said, looking over his shoulder, the sight of the fallen mistletoe on the ground making him smile.


“No more, Eshe! I wave the white flag of surrender!” Heathcliff shouted, falling onto the ground. Lucien lifted his hands from the piano, clenching them, pain radiating up the joints. Eshe had asked for “one more” story and “one more” song for the past six hours. Lucien and Heathcliff were completely worn out. Any amorous intentions had been completely driven out under the stampede of childish exuberance of the Yuletide.

“But Papa! I’m not tired at all!” Eshe whined before yawning.

Lucien cut his eyes over at Heathcliff and lifted his eyebrows, pulling his lips in to cover a smile.

“Well we understand that, poppet. But your Fotmy and I are. Remember, Fotmy is trying to grow your baby brother inside of him, so he needs more sleep than we do.”

Eshe looked over at Lucien and narrowed her eyes, then she sighed. “That is right.” She stood and walked over to Lucien and placed her hand on his belly. “It is nice out here little brothers. You can come out now.”

Lucien chuckled. Eshe was the only one who spoke to the baby as if there were twins within. He stroked her cheek. “Thank you sweetheart. I am sure he likes hearing from you.” He gasped as a sharp pain shot through his back and his stomach. A vise wrapping around his middle. Something was wrong. Really, really wrong.

“Lucien? Are you well?” Heathcliff asked, rushing to his side.

Lucien shook his head. He gently moved Eshe away from the piano bench and made a move to stand up from the seat with his husband’s help. “N-no. S-something’s wrong, Heathcliff. I can tell. Something’s really, really wrong.”

When a rush of fluid shot down his legs Lucien looked down, he gasped and stared at Heathcliff.

“Your Grace? I do believe the baby has decided to arrive today.”

To read about how Heathcliff Eddington III, the Duke of Pompinshire, Lady Lucien and Little Eshe became a family, pick up Groom Of Convenience from Dreamspinner Press:
ARe or Amazon

Blurb: In an alternate universe, in the country of Angland, 1814, the gentry live lives of culture and class. It is a time of courtships, marriages of convenience, and titles, where scandal can ruin an entire family. Gender lines are blurred, and making a good match is of utmost importance. Children are born to men and women, which has led to the acceptance of same-sex marriages. Lady Lucien Timothy Hawthorne is shocked and angry when he is betrothed against his will to Lord Heathcliff Eddington, III, the Duke of Pompinshire. While drowning his frustration at a popular gentleman's club, he meets "Robert," a gorgeous older man whom he sleeps with as "Timmy," regardless of the potential damage to his reputation. After their liaison, Lucien corresponds with Robert via letters left at Remmington, and they decide to elope. Before they can get away, Lucien meets his betrothed, Heathcliff, who he is surprised to discover is also his beloved, Robert. Both men desire a marriage of the heart, but they find out that sometimes a marriage of convenience can turn into love under the right circumstances. But Lucien has a secret, and Tlondon isn't as safe as they once thought.

About Vicktor Alexander:
Vicktor “Vic” Alexander wrote his first story at the age of ten and hasn’t stopped writing since. He loves reading about anything and everything and is a proud member of the little known U.N. group (Undercover Nerds) because while he lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps sports, he also breathes history and science fiction and grew up a Trekkie. But don’t ask him about Dungeons & Dragons, because he has no idea how to play that game. When it comes to writing he loves everything from paranormal to contemporary to fantasy to historical and is known not only for being the Epilogue King but also for writing stories that cross lines and boundaries that he doesn’t know are there. Vic is a proud father of two daughters one of whom watches over him from Heaven with his deceased partner Christopher. Vic is a proud trans* and gay man, and when he is not writing, he is hanging out with his friends, or being distracted by videos of John Barrowman, Scott Hoying, and Shemar Moore. Vicktor has published numerous bestselling novels and has a WIP list that makes him exhausted just thinking about. He knows that he will be still be writing about hot men falling in love with each other, long after he is living in an assisted living facility, flirting with the hot, male nurses. 

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Holiday Party - Relax

So, I was wondering what I was going to do today. Originally, I was going to post some more of my Christmas reviews, but I forgot that this was the week my parents were moving. So, instead of writing my reviews, I’ve been packing up my parents and helping with the move. But then, I decided to just have a resting day. This time of year is insanely hectic, and sometimes, we forget to just stop and smell the roses.

So, I decided that I wanted to leave today as a day to just relax, take a deep breath, and refresh. This time of year is stressful enough that I think we can all use some relax time. So, take a break. Watch a movie, grab a coffee with friends, or read a good book. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holiday season stress you out. Remember, we wish each other happy holidays. Not stressful beyond all compare, or panic mode holidays, or “do I need to buy any more gifts?!” holidays. So don’t forget to actually enjoy this time of year.

On a side note, I just found out that Google Play is offering a free download of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring for a limited time. I already got mine, and I plan on re-watching it today while taking some time to just “be”. So pick up a copy if you’d like, and enjoy some holiday cheer watching elves, hobbits, wizards, and humans battle it out to save Middle-Earth. J

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Holiday Party - K. Piet

This next author is another favorite of mine, who I've had the pleasure of getting to know and meet at RainbowCon (which she actually helped host). She's an absolute blast to know, and a very interesting person (read her bio and you'll understand). I loved getting to meet her, and now I'm glad to be able to introduce her to y'all. Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. K. Piet!

Ah, December. The holiday season is in the air, and it's difficult in this day and age not to think about religion. Christmas music is everywhere, the occasional Hannukah or Yule song tossed in for good measure, and everyone—or at least everyone in the northern hemisphere—is looking for a way to celebrate the darkest time of the year and welcome the return of the sun and a new year full of opportunity. 

For many people, it's a time of year to examine themselves, see what damage has been taken over the last year, what triumphs have been achieved, and give thanks for the help they've received along the way. Whether that help is of the divine sort or not is up to every individual, but I know this time of year always brings back ponderings of my spirituality. For me, it's usually very fluid, very vague, and romanticized images of angels and demons and nativity scenes flit about in my brain, sparking that need for erotic fiction involving religious figures. 

What? Don't look at me like that! It can't be that uncommon for us readers and writers in this genre! 

Seriously, though, I love reading fiction that takes characters or inspiration from religious mythologies. Be it tales involving the Greek pantheon, a more Pagan exploration of anthropomorphized elements or season, or an unusual take on angel and demon relations, I devour erotic fiction with a religious twist. It's that love that spawned my own first published piece, The Keeper, which involves Judas as he was loosely portrayed in the Gospel of Judas but with a paranormal/vampire twist. 

I've since written a lot of angel and demon pieces as well with my co-author, S.L. Armstrong. Our tastes align when it comes to the paranormal/supernatural and religious sides of erotic fiction, and we just couldn't help ourselves. When other authors expressed interest in priest-kink, we jumped on the opportunity, and our latest anthology at Storm Moon Press was born: Devout

The call was more vague than the term priest-kink denotes, since we were open to any devoted religious figure across the spectrum of organized religion, but our authors all delivered amazing pieces that show men of the cloth in action, both fighting the dark forces that oppose them and, in some cases, giving in to them with delectable consequences. There's nothing quite like the wicked play between good and evil, and this anthology definitely brings the heat in a way that will see you through the chill of the holiday season! 

Here's a bit about Devout and some delectable cover art to whet your appetite. C'mon. You know the temptation is just too great. ;D 

Also, COMMENT with your e-mail address and your favorite kind of erotic religious fiction. Do you like angels and demons? Gods and goddesses? Elemental dieties? Priests and other men/women of the cloth? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS for a chance to WIN an e-copy of Devout!

Devout – A Storm Moon Press Anthology – ON SALE NOW!

Let's face it; spirituality can be sexy. That goes double for men of the cloth, who display such passion and devotion toward their chosen deities. For some, nothing is more erotic than men dedicating their lives to faith and service. However, even the most pious men aren't above temptation, and the men of Devout find themselves more than eager to explore a more carnal interpretation of worship. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy five doses of old-time religion spiked with erotic intrigue and a delicious hint of sin that will have you reaching for some holy water, preferably with ice. 

Anthology includes the following authors: 
A Question of Faith – D.K. Jernigan 
Never Not a Priest – Annabeth Leong 
Lust Allure – Ann Anderson 
Waterwheel – Angelia Sparrow 
Son of a Preacher Man – Cari Z. LINK: 

 PRICE: $5.99 (ebook) 


Another religious themed book of mine that I co-wrote with S.L. Armstrong is The Keeper.

Generation after generation, an unattached male is plucked from the same family line and sent to the home of the man they only know as Dhakir. It is a duty all men in the line are brought up knowing, but none can know which male will be called or when. 

Twenty-six-year-old Hadi Rahal is plucked from his fast-paced life among the brilliant lights and shallow vanity of Milan's fashion world when he is told his uncle has passed on and he is the next Keeper. Knowing only vague legend, Hadi travels to Sétif, Algeria, where his heritage waits in the form of an ancient name and sorrowful eyes he cannot turn from, even as he prays to God for the fortitude to resist. 

PRICE: $2.99 (ebook); $6.99 (softback)

K. Piet currently lives in Tampa, Florida, but misses the snowy mountains of her hometown. After studying in three different states and graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Kinesiological Sciences, K. pursued a career in therapeutic bodywork and massage. 

Along with co-author S.L. Armstrong, she helped found Storm Moon Press as well as RainbowCon, an annual celebration of QUILTBAG artistic diversity. They have also co-authored and released several books together, including Catalyst, Immortal Symphony: Overture, and their illustrated novel, Making Ends Meet.

K. enjoys writing in the high fantasy and paranormal/supernatural genres, adding her own homoerotic, and often kinky, flair to her fiction. She's passionate about writing and publishing all over the QUILTBAG spectrum, including trans* and genderqueer characters, with whom she closely identifies. 

In her spare time, K. also enjoys hoopdancing, musical theatre, and circus arts. Her love of the human body and its endless possibilities bleeds into nearly every facet of her life. All she’s missing is a beau to admire up close and personal. Or two. The more the merrier. 

K. loves hearing from readers, who can e-mail her at She can be found on her website or on Twitter. 

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Holiday Party - Hanukkah/Chanukah

So, as some of you may know, Hanukkah (or Chanukah, depending on which you use) starts at sundown tonight. And so, in honor of that and for two of my very good friends (this is for you Jessie and Vicktor!), I’ve found three of my favorite Hanukkah songs to share with you. The most (arguably) well-known Hanukkah song is the Dreidel Song (aka I Have A Little Dreidel). This is an a capella version I found sung by a Jewish group in both English and Yiddish (I’m pretty sure that’s the other language at least. If you recognize the language, let me know). It absolutely rocks, and is fun to watch.

This second video is under a minute, but it’s an instrumental, remixed version of Dreidel. The video’s also fun to watch, and apparently if you follow the dreidels, you can actually play along on a piano (if you do try this out, let me know how it goes!).

Now this third song is my favorite and probably the second most well-known Hanukkah song. For all you comedy fans, here’s Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song skit from Saturday Night Live.

So, which of the three is your favorite? Or is there another version you like better? I know of several others (including the South Park one), but if you know of another good one, please share in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to enter the grand prize giveaway, and check out all the other authors’ posts as well!

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Holiday Party - Allyson Lindt

For my next guest, she's been by in the past talking about her past releases, and she's here again today to share her new story, and to share all about what the holidays mean to her. Please welcome, Allyson Lindt!

The Holidays & Loved Ones
When I was much younger, I’m talking seven or eight, we didn’t have much money. On top of that, I had three brothers, a sister, and my parents I always wanted to get the perfect Christmas gift for.

My dad would give me five dollars, and that would be my shopping budget. For me it became almost a game. Could I find the perfect present for every person in my family, and still have money left over when I was done, so someone else could spend more on their gifts?

I’m older and we have more money now, and it’s just me, my sweetie, and our four cats. I still go a little nuts with the Christmas shopping. It’s not about buying the most expensive gift, or the biggest, baddest sale item. It’s about showing my loved one what an impact she has on my life, and that I enjoy her company enough to listen and know what she wants.

Even if some years that just involves a box of Tasty Kakes, and using the rest of our budget to donate to Toys for Tots so a couple more kids can wake up to a box under the tree which has that one toy in it.

I was going to deviate here, and try and work in something clever about my book, but I’ll just leave a link and blurb below instead. Enter the rafflecopter, win a gift for yourself. But mostly keep in mind that regardless of the holiday you celebrate this season, or even if there are none on your calendars as the end of the year approaches, someone loves you, and wants to spend the day just enjoying your company and knowing you feel the same.

Roll Against Trust Blurb:
Tasha’s not looking for love, but she doesn’t mind just looking… and maybe a little fantasizing. Her two best friends and weekend AD& D buddies, Seth and Ryan, are the perfect guest stars in her fantasies. When a late night gaming session with the three goes from silly to verbally scorching in an instant, Tasha wonders if her imagination is enough to keep her satisfied long term.

Then her ex’s money mismanagement catches up to her in the form of draining her bank account, her job is threatened by a mistake that points to Ryan, and Seth takes his side. If Tasha can’t move past her trust issues long enough to uncover the truth—both with herself and the men she’s falling for—she’ll wind up broken-hearted and just plain broke.

Purchase Roll Against Trust on Amazon

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Allyson Lindt:
Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She prefers that her geeky heroes come with the alpha expansion pack and adores a heroine who can hold her own in a boardroom. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.

Find Allyson Lindt Online:
Website     |     Facebook     |     Twitter

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Holiday Party - Mina Khan

For Day 14, I'd like to introduce an author who I recently discovered, and who I loved getting to know better. Here to share her feelings about the holidays is Ms. Mina Khan!

For me, the holiday season runs from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, and is all about spending time with loved ones. It’s not about creating the perfect experience or lots of gifts, but being present and letting people you care about know that you love them. It’s big, boisterous family gatherings and quiet, one-on-one moments.

When I was single, I loved going Christmas tree shopping and decorating it. If I was dating, I’d rope in the boyfriend. If I wasn’t, I’d call a few friends together. Some of the people are no longer in my life, but I still have wonderful memories.

I married into a large family and when both our families show up with all the kids and their spouses and the grandkids, it’s about fifty people. A full house. Gatherings are loosely coordinated chaos. I have learned to go with the flow, laugh a lot, and appreciate the blessing of an entire family working together to make great memories.

When I decided to write a Christmas story (A Christmas Wish coming Dec. 20…yay!), I wanted to share my sense of my family.  So I brought together two wounded souls who both deserved a better life. It’s hard for them to trust, it’s hard for them to stop being loners, and they dance awkwardly around each other as they fall in love. But in the end, they’re family.

Here’s an excerpt from A Christmas Wish:
Selene returned home from Paula’s and stood on her threshold gaping. The apartment was put back together in better condition than before. She now had a deep red, comfortable looking couch. Her throw, neatly folded and placed across the top of the middle cushion, added a nice homey touch. Ella Fitzgerald crooned “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” in the background.

A carved cherry wood coffee table, a thick, ornate Persian rug, and a restocked bookshelf were some of the other new additions. Nice.

Then her heart plummeted. Instead of their small, crooked tree, the room now boasted a majestic 7-foot tall beautiful Douglas Fir decorated with exquisite ornaments. “How? What?”

Rayez, who’d been sitting on the couch reading a collection of Rumi’s poems and enjoying a glass of white wine, blushed. He put the book down and got to his feet.

His short-sleeved black tee-shirt and worn blue jeans showed off his manly assets in all the right ways. “Since Cade wasn’t around helping, I cleaned the rest of it up using djinn powers,” he said, stuffing his hands in his pockets and rocking back on his heels. “I hope you don’t mind me making some changes. If you don’t like them, I can put it back as it was.”

“Um, if you could just turn the tree back to our tree that’d be nice. It had a lot of homemade decorations.” She gave him a sheepish grin and a shrug. “It’s special to Cade and me.”

He waved a hand and the small tree with its crooked star popped back into existence. “Done.”

“Otherwise, it’s all very nice,” she said, glancing around for the umpteenth time since she’d walked in the door. “Thank you.”

The best improvement was him. He was still there. And at the moment, he looked like a normal guy. She could pretend she was just a girl returning home to him. The yearning for that simple life left her with a hollow ache.
Selene walked over to the book shelf and perused the titles. All her old favorites were back—Little Women, Good Earth, Pride and Prejudice, Around the World in Eighty Days, Frankenstein and more. A contented smile slipped onto her lips. She turned to Rayez. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he replied gruffly. “Thanks for using your books to help me out.”

She laughed. “What a night, huh?”

“Want a glass of wine to toast our survival?”

His gaze lingered on her, dark, intense and so very male. A striking contrast to his teasing tone. She should decline, walk away from temptation. But her feet refused to move. It was just one glass of wine. Nothing wrong with that. “Sounds like a great idea.”

He magicked another glass of wine into existence and presented it to her with a graceful flourish. “For you, madam.”

“Thanks.” She took the glass and raised it. “Here’s to surviving the rest of it.”

A Christmas Wish Blurb:
Rayez, a smoking hot chef and fire djinn in exile, lands himself in deep trouble when he tries to help a mysterious beautiful woman.
Selene is pursued and desperate. She'll do anything to keep her brother safe—including capture a djinn.

While deception brings them together, dangerous enemies make them unlikely allies. Can one gigantic wrong lead to two rights and true love?

*This is an expanded version of the story previously called Sealed With Kiss, which was part of the Alphas Unleashed anthology.

Author Bio:
Mina Khan is a Texas-based writer and food enthusiast. She writes about djinns (genies), dragons, hunks and whatever else sparks her fancy. She also writes a weekly food column for her local newspaper. Originally from Bangladesh, she is now a proud West Texan.

Her first published work, The Djinn's Dilemma, won the novella category of the 2012 Romance Through The Ages (published) contest. A Tale of Two Djinns won the 2013 Readers’ Crown for best paranormal romance. Wildfire won the 2014 PRISM for Best First Book.

For more information check out her:

To sign up for Mina’s quarterly newsletter with release updates (yes, I’ll be sending out a note about the release of A Christmas Wish!) and inside information on the stories, please check out: 

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Holiday Party - V.S. Morgan

Here for Day 13 is an author whose 1NS story, The Gift (which is FREE as of right now btw) was not only the first 1NS story I read, but also one of my favorites. Here to share about her holiday memories is V.S. Morgan!

What the Holidays Mean to Me
By V.S.

Christmas and Halloween were the most magical times of year for me growing up, and they remain to be so for different reasons now that I’m an adult.

The holidays first and foremost represent family. For me that’s my hubby, teenaged son, and pets. We love to watch movies, play games, and read together while snuggling with the dogs.

The holidays are also a time of peace and recharging of my creative spirit. My day job is typically very intense prior to the holiday season, so the time away is doubly important for me. My creativity usually skyrockets during the holidays as I have time to relax.

I’m very reflective during the holiday season. I look at what I’ve done the previous year and what goals I have for the next. These are often personal goals, particularly around my writing. This year was an amazing one with two stories contracted and published. I’m looking forward to having more books out next year.

Thank you for visiting me today. I’m giving away an eCopy of my book, Hunter’s Mark to a reader who comments. Happy holidays to you!

(Quick note from Emily...don't forget to also enter the grand prize giveaway).

Artist Casey Smith lives a quiet life, under the radar of his enemies, until one fateful night he loses control and the astonishing image of a wolf racing down a suburban street splashes all over social media.

Hunter’s bullet never misses its target. The assassin seeks out and kills his prey with a clear conscience by following two simple rules: 1) Don’t kill innocents 2) Don’t kill shifters. 

Realizing his latest assignment violates those rules, the hunter activates Princess Protocol and the assassin becomes the protector. Red hot attraction flares between the hit man and his former target. Can Hunter resist the sweet shifter in his care?

He stepped closer to Casey’s stall but stumbled over something small and furry. The toe of one Birkenstock caught on a clump of grass as he attempted not to trample the little beast, and he ass-planted with said beast jumping onto his chest to give him a broad doggie smile.

His buddy laughed piss-your-pants-hard in his ear. F**k a duck.

“Miss Priscilla!”

The target he’d worked so hard to observe remotely sank to the ground between his sprawled-out legs, peeling the tiny hairball off his chest and setting it on the ground.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

Big blue eyes fringed with long, pale lashes scanned his body while strong yet gentle hands moved over his ankles and legs, searching for an injury. Oh, a toucher. His wolf basked in the tactile attention. His breath hitched as those hands glided past his knees and skimmed his thighs.

Damn, he needed to get laid after this assignment.

“Oh, my, what a li’l sweetie. Look at those freckles! I wonder if he’s got them everywhere. I’d like to lick them,” Rex crowed in his ear.

He growled.

The other man chortled. “Possessive, much?”

He inhaled deeply, only to be slammed with the force of a Mack truck. Strawberries on a warm summer’s day and fresh-cut grass—shit, his target smelled delicious. He took another breath, and his brain reeled. He’s a wolf shifter, too? F**k.

Casey’s brows furrowed. “Where are you hurt?”

He forced a smile. “I’m fine. No worries.”

Casey returned the smile, his wide and high beam combined with sparkling eyes. Hunter stared as warmth wrapped around him like a blanket. He had no ammo against such a happy, open expression. The guy freaking glowed.

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I also have a new release coming out December 16, Sam’s Temptation.

On a working vacation in Montana, Chef Gabi Inez’s schedule allows her to enjoy planned activities and hangout with her cousin and his new family. She’s not looking for love, but spending time with a hunky cowboy sounds perfect. Gabi works hard, but every girl needs some fun. What if flirting leads to something more?

Sam Malone is the brains behind Blackbird, a guest and working ranch. Since his parents’ death, his sole purpose has been family and the ranch’s survival. Burned by love in the past, he avoids the distraction that comes with beautiful women. But what’s a cowboy to do when a sweet and sassy chef gets under his skin, only to be told by her overprotective cousin she’s off limits?

He retreated a step, raising his hands in a nonthreatening manner. “Sorry, I want to make sure you aren’t hurt. I was going to save you from that creep, but you beat me to it.”

She tossed her head and dark curls bounced around her face. “This is New York, cowboy. We girls save ourselves.”

Her tone was sassy, but her hands trembled as she set the glass on the counter. The music changed to something soft and slow, and he gave her a reassuring smile. When you fall off your horse, you need to get back on. “You certainly did. If I promise to behave myself, will you dance with me?”
He held out his hand, fully prepared for her to tell him to go to hell.

She hesitated and finally shrugged. “Sure.”

When she placed her small hand in his, his pulse raced.

He led the way to the dance floor and loosely held her, fighting the urge to pull the beautiful woman close and bury his face in her long hair; its unique scent combined with a hint of vanilla and jasmine was intoxicating. His body flamed at each slight touch of their bodies. He’d never experienced an attraction so instantaneous, so urgent. Not even with his ex, Veronica.

“Do you have a name, cowboy?” she asked, her soft voice causing his dick to harden.

It’d been a while, but where was his control, damn it?

“Samuel Malone, brother of the groom.”

She must have really shorted out his brain for him to give his full first name, which he never used. He was Sam, plain and simple.

“Ah, I see the family resemblance. I’m Gabriela Inez, cousin to the other groom.”

This beautiful lady was related to Rafael? Why hadn’t he ever mentioned her? They continued to dance, and sparks flared when she relaxed into him. She was a little thing, even in her sexy stilettos. He hunched to rest his jaw against the top of her head. Perfect. He didn’t pause as the song transitioned to another. No way was one song enough. He eased back and gazed down, taking in her beauty and finally focusing on her full, luscious lips. Suddenly nothing was more important than kissing her….

About the Author:
V.S. Morgan has lived all over the US but calls Minnesota her home now. Her family includes her hubby, son, and a menagerie of pets.

She's been writing stories since she could hold a pencil and dreams of happily ever afters - even for two hot men - because love knows no boundaries. V.S. writes MC/IR contemporary, paranormal, and suspense m/m and m/f with heart. She plans to branch into fantasy and sci fi romance, as well.

V.S. is a GLBT ally and a lifetime contributor of The Trevor Project.

Website     |     Twitter     |     Facebook and Goodreads: V.S. Morgan