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Birthday Bash Day 16 - Sean Michael

Now, this author was one of my first forays into BDSM, and has remained one of my favorites ever since. I’m pleased to welcome back Sean Michael!

First of all – Happy Birthday Emily! I hope it’s the best one yet!
Thanks Sean!

Last year I shared my most memorable birthday, which I spent in Australia, so I thought I’d do something different this year.

My most memorable birthday gift was the one I didn’t get on my birthday. My birthday falls in January, which is always snowy and cold, some years snowier and colder than others! Well, I can remember one year where I really, rather desperately, wanted a bike. But, you know, the world out there is a blanket of snow and ice and far too cold for indulging in bike-riding. So that year I got a card and when I opened the card, there was a picture (from the Sears catalog no doubt) taped to the inside, of a shiny new bike. And that was it. The promise of a bike to come.

I think I was about eight at the time and let me tell you, the promise of a gift to come, in several months, was not anywhere near the same as having the gift in hand. I know my folks meant well and I got the bike once spring rolled around, but man, that’s the only birthday I can specifically remember my gift (or as I said, lack of gift). I can even see the inside of the card with the taped on picture in my mind’s eye.

I’m not sure what the moral of that story is – possibly be careful what you wish for! – but there you go.

I have a book coming out today at Resplendence! This one is a re-release and it uses the old bodyguard trope, which I have to admit, I do love. I don’t know why I don’t use it more.

Guardian Angel
Country singer Daniel “Dusty” Young can’t understand why anyone would want him dead, or why anyone would think he’s important enough to kidnap. So it comes as a complete surprise when attempts are made on his life and he’s appointed Rafe, a G-man guardian angel. Rafe is determined to protect Daniel, even from himself, but it’s not an easy job.

When Rafe finally takes Daniel off to the middle of nowhere, it gives them time to pursue other things, like each other. Too much R&R might just make them sloppy, though, and sloppy could get them killed. Can they survive fighting for their lives and falling in love?

“I’m not sure this is a good idea,” he said softly, eyes definitely below Daniel’s belt.

“No? I won’t push you, Angel. Hold on, I’ll grab them.”

Rafe got to watch those hips move, as Daniel reached across for the pocket.

He licked his lips; he couldn’t help it. “I just…I’m supposed to be looking out for you, Daniel, not…” He waved his hand at Daniel’s pants.

“But you are looking.”

He swallowed and nodded, voice thick when he replied, “I guess I am at that. And it seems silly to make you reach over like that…”

“Then get your keys, Angel.”

“Not my name,” he murmured, eyes flicking to Daniel’s as he stepped closer, hand reaching for the man’s pocket.

“Rafael. Rafe.” Daniel smelled male, musky and earthy, strong.

He nodded, slipping his hand into Daniel’s pocket. Damn, those were tight jeans. He bit his bottom lip, pushing his fingers in deeper.

“Mmm…” Daniel sucked in, and fuck, Rafe felt it. Daniel’s belly just rippled.

He might have whimpered, and he was definitely disappointed when his fingers found the keys.

“Damn. You could drop them; go fishing for them.”

Rafe’s eyes widened, fingers fluttering and dropping the keys. “Oh. I didn’t. Not on purpose. I—”

“Shh…” Daniel smiled, tongue wetting those pretty lips. “It’s cool.”

Rafe was mesmerized by the shine on the red lips. He could smell Daniel, hot and musky. His fingers went for the keys again, and he gasped softly as his fingers brushed against Daniel’s cock.

“Oh…” Daniel leaned, his cock brushing Rafe’s fingers. “You’re warm.”

“And you’re hot.” He just stood there, looking at Daniel, fingers in the man’s pocket.

“You going to freak out if I kiss you?”

“Is your lip okay?” he asked. The ointment seemed to have done a good job getting down the swelling, but it still looked a little sore.

“It’s a little tender. Nothing worth worrying over.”

God, the man’s eyes were blue. Real blue.

“Then I guess I’m not going to freak.” Rafe leaned in a little, eyes watching Daniel’s get closer. There were a lot of reasons why this wasn’t a good idea. Then Daniel’s tongue slid over his lips, soft and right, like fire. Oh, man. Then there was the reason it was. He made a sound, soft and needy, fingers curling in Daniel’s pocket.

“Mmmhmm. So fucking pretty.” Daniel pushed the kiss a little deeper, tongue slipping past Rafe’s lips.

Sean is giving away a copy of upcoming release Spot the Difference to a random commentor on Saturday, so leave a comment with your email to enter!
Having both recently left Doms who just weren’t right for them, twins Christopher and Robin get together at a coffee house to commiserate. They can’t help but wish out loud for the men they’re looking for. These ideal men are as different as the twins are alike, though, and they lament ever finding two Doms to fit the bill.

When barista Core asks Robin to go to dinner with him after hearing his wishlist, Christopher can’t help but be jealous of his twin. That soon changes, however, when Darren approaches his table with a few wishes of his own.

Can Christopher and Robin really both find exactly what they’re looking for on the same night? Or is it too big a coincidence to be real?


Thank you for having me, Emily!
Sean Michael
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Birthday Bash Day 15 - Angela Yseult

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a new to me YA author, Angela Yseult!

To the risk of being a bad guest for this birthday bash, I have to admit I’ve never been very fond of celebrating my birthday. I’ve had the full ‘big party with guests’ thing when I was young, but it was always on my mother’s prompting that I made guest lists or wrote invitations. These days, a simple visit to my favorite fondue restaurant with Dear Hubby is quite enough for me. As for attending birthday celebrations… well, I’m not one for crowds, so that doesn’t work too well for me either!

Looking back at my latest release, You Promised Me Two Years, I have a feeling that my disinterest for birthday celebrations might have bled through and colored the story…

One of the two main characters, Connor, is a very special young man. He is a ‘Prophet’, which means he is able to ‘See’ the future and predict what will happen. His predictions, or ‘Messages’, come out as senseless words, and it’s the role of his interpreter to make sense of it all. At the beginning of the story, a new interpreter is introduced to Connor. It doesn’t take long for Tyler to realize Connor is lonely, troubled, and needs a friend more than an interpreter, but it’s not until months later that he starts to get answers about what happened to Connor for him to close himself off. Read on the following excerpt to find out…

The weekend before they were due back at the Academy, Tyler found himself one afternoon in Sophia’s office, seated across the desk from her, a coffee cup in his hands. Connor was busy with some feather he’d found and absolutely wanted to identify before they left the estate. Tyler kept glancing back at the closed door. He was rather apprehensive about the kind of warning he was going to get today.

“Do you know Connor’s birthday is on January ninth?” Sophia asked after taking a sip from her cup.

January ninth… less than a week, and Tyler had no present for him. Damn.

“No, I didn’t know,” he said, fiddling with his cup. The porcelain was fine, very thin, with delicate paintings; it seemed antique. It looked more like a tea cup than anything made for coffee. “Thanks for telling me, I’ll—”

“You will do absolutely nothing about it,” Sophia cut in smoothly. “You are not, under any circumstances, to get him a present, or a cake,
cupcake, cookie, anything with a candle on it or that is in any way festive. No song. No best wishes. It would in fact be best if you pretended you don’t know it’s his birthday.”

It made no sense, and Tyler wasn’t shy in saying so. “Why would you tell me it’s his birthday and then ask me to pretend I don’t know?”

“Because it’s not just his birthday.” Sophia raised the cup to her lips, but she never took a sip and set the cup down on her desk instead. “It’s also the anniversary of our parents’ accident,” she said in a voice stripped of emotions. “As you can imagine, the day is not a joyous one.”

“But I thought—” The words tumbled from Tyler’s lips before he could stop himself, before he could remind himself that they were Sophia’s parents too and that he should at least say he was sorry. Or something.

“What did you think?” Sophia asked, picking up her coffee again.

Tyler should have dropped it. He really should. But somehow, he heard himself ask, “Why did the Christmas tree stay up all the way into January?”

The briefest of frowns was the only reaction Sophia offered. She didn’t even ask how Tyler knew.

“They used to put Connor’s birthday present under the tree,” she said in between sips. “Our mother coddled him rather a lot, when she forgot to be ashamed. Or maybe to make up for it.”

Tyler stared at the coffee in his cup. He felt like he might be sick soon.

“Maybe…” He cleared his throat. “Maybe he needs better birthday memories to replace those.”

Sophia’s stare was as flat, as cold as her voice.

“You think so, don’t you? You’ve known him for almost a full year and he’s shown you some affection, so of course that makes you an expert on what my brother needs. Let me enlighten you then, Tyler. One of your predecessors also believed she knew him and what he needed. I warned her the same way I am warning you, although maybe not with so many details. She disregarded my words. She had the cook at school bake him a cake and brought it to him in the school cafeteria, singing that obnoxious song and coaxing their peers into singing along. Do you want to know what he did, Tyler?”

It was all Tyler could do to stop himself from shaking his head no. He doubted it’d stop Sophia anyway.

“He said one word to her. Just one little word. And she fainted. Would you like to know why she fainted?”

Tyler didn’t want to know that either but he didn’t have a choice, did he?

“This young lady was very brilliant. One of the traits she was most proud of was her perfect memory. That was how she got the job as an interpreter for Connor. The Secretary of the Future thought it’d be a good thing for her to recall everything my brother said. But with that one word, as I understand it, he told her about her entire life. He told her whom she’d date. Who would break her heart. Whom she’d marry. When she’d divorce. He told her about her two children, and how one of them would suffer brain damage from a swimming accident when he was four years old. He told her when her parents and her friends would die. He told her every painful thing life had in store for her until the day of her death. All the things she will try and probably fail to change because most people never manage to change what a Prophet Sees. All the things she won’t be able to forget. All that with one small word.”

She paused then, and Tyler knew it wasn’t over. He braced himself for the rest of it.

“And after saying that one word, he went ahead and… indulged in his bad habits. To my knowledge, he has indulged this way at least six times on that particular day over the past nine years. So you will heed my advice, Tyler, and you will not wish him a happy birthday. But you will keep a very close eye on him.”

Tyler nodded, unable to utter a word. His hands shook so much that he
almost dropped the cup before managing to set it down on the desk.

Leaving Sophia’s office, he went straight to Connor’s room. He came up behind him at his desk, and pressed his face to Connor’s neck, wrapping his arms around him.

“Pepper flakes?” Connor asked absently.

Something wrong?

Tyler’s throat felt tight, but he pushed the words out anyway. “No, nothing wrong. I just missed you.”

Connor’s left hand covered his for a little while as he scribbled some notes. Tyler tried to relearn how to breathe.

Trading cards Angela's offering
You Promised Me Two Years:
When Tyler became Connor’s interpreter, he thought all that entailed was translating the Prophet’s cryptic messages about future events.

However, it doesn’t take him long to realize Connor needs more than that. First and foremost, he needs a friend, someone who will stand up for him at the Academy, the elite school they both attend and where Connor, despite his talent, is far from popular. He also needs someone who understands that, for him, the talent of prophecy is a curse he would get rid of if he only could, a curse that pushes him toward substance abuse and oblivion.

It also doesn’t take Tyler very long before he starts seeing Connor as more than a friend, and he’s lucky enough to have Connor return his feelings. Just as things begin to settle down, however, the arrival of a new Prophet at the Academy threatens Connor’s hard-won and still-fragile peace of mind.

Through it all, Tyler is all too aware that every day brings Connor closer to being eighteen, the age of his prophesized death, two years after their
first meeting.

Available as ebook from:

Available as paperback from Createspace and Amazon. Signed bookplates available.

Tyler was warned against presents, but I’ll be happy to share one with you! Just fill out the form below, or click on this link to open the form, and I will mail you the trading cards for You Promised Me Two Years as well as my upcoming novel Demon World!

About Angela Yseult:
Being a teenager can be complicated.

Being a teenager when you happen to be a Shifter, when the universe is your playground, when you live with vampires or your world is under siege by demons is even more complicated.

Or at least, that’s what Angela’s characters tell her; her own teenage years were fairly uneventful… and still, rather complicated at times, too.

She grew up in France, the quiet, bookish, geeky older sister to an athletic younger brother, and started at fourteen to put down on paper the stories that were playing in her head. Her first story was a sci-fi short set in space... and was probably sufficiently inspired by Star Wars to trigger a lawsuit!

Her next effort was a longer, also sci-fi story that earned her the first place in a novella contest in her high school. Her parents' stunned expressions upon receiving an invitation to attend the prize ceremony were interesting...although really, what did they think she was doing, typing on her electronic typewriter for hours every night?

Switching to writing in English was a process, and for a time Angela focused on more adult stories, but her first loves have called her back for too long to ignore them any longer...

You can catch up with her on her blog or Facebook, or email her at

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Double Alchemy VBT (and Birthday Bash Day 14 - Susan Mac Nicol)

Book Description:
Powerful yet tormented modern warlock Quinn Fairmont must initiate the silver-eyed Cade Mairston into the world of witchfinders, Withinners, and what can happen when two men fall truly, madly, deeply in love.


In modern London there lurks a warlock, Quinn Fairmont. Dangerous, powerful, tortured, sharing his body with the soul of an ancient Welsh sorcerer, Quinn is never alone—and never wholly himself. He fights against all those who would exploit his kind. He takes pleasure where he can find it.

In the forest of Hampstead Heath, Quinn’s hometown, Cade Mairston appears to him like a waking dream. Lithe, lean and silver-eyed, he evokes feelings in Quinn unlike any other: lust with true affection, immediate and shocking. Cade is clearly more than he seems. And yet, if a man of the world, Cade is innocent. He knows nothing of warlocks, witchfinders or Withinners. He knows nothing of what he is, what he might be, or what he might feel. For him, the story is just beginning. Magyck, peril and passion await.

Available on Amazon

Quinn scowled as he rummaged through the giant wooden chest in his specially created basement that contained his treasured library and most of his magyckal paraphernalia, potions and spells. He’d bought this place on the heath especially because it had a huge subterranean basement, large enough for him to store everything he’d accumulated in his thirty-six years as a Warlock as well as Taliesin’s possessions, accumulated over the last fifteen centuries.

It was no mean feat having the ability to store such exotic items as unicorn hair, dryad tears, kairax root and thousands of other obscure items that Taliesin bought back from his travels. Quinn applied the same method of preserving his Withinner’s treasures as he did his own very precious and rare collection of books and artefacts.

The purpose-built library in the concealed basement was a hermetically sealed room, guarding against such human risks such as improper lighting, airborne pollutants, insect infestations and mould. Minimal human contact featured strongly in there too, with the only person able to enter either of the rooms being Quinn or his Withinner and then only by a retinal scan. Quinn really couldn’t afford to have anyone from the outside world find his Warlock treasure trove. The need for secrecy was paramount. To reveal it could be disastrous.

Hmm. A most memorable birthday experience. That one’s easy even if it means giving away my age

My birthday is in December, the 28th to be exact. When I lived in South Africa, this time of the year was always sunny, hot and we spent most birthdays around the pool, with the BBQ (or braaivleis as we call it there which literally means ‘cook meat’) and plenty of cold beers. Of course in England this isn’t an option. I’d freeze my proverbial nipples off doing this in the middle of December in an English winter. So my birthdays for the last 13 years have always been indoors.

However when I turned 50 in 2012, something rather different happened. It was July, the height of the English summer and my family and I went over to my sister Cathy for lunch. She lived then on a beautiful private estate of a select school in Gosfield and had a small flat on the premises. She was the Catering Manager for said school and catered to the night boarders as well.

I was getting out the car ready to go up the small metal staircase to her top floor flat and the family were all loitering about behind me. My husband said to me ‘Uhmm, we’re going to need some extra chairs, could you give me hand getting them from around the back?” If course I said ‘Sure, no problem’, and followed him around the stable outbuildings to the large grassy area at the back. Imagine my complete surprise when I saw a group of people, people I recognised, friends and family from afar, all milling around. And as soon as they saw me they all shouted out ‘Happy Birthday!’ Well of course all I could do was look at them stupidly and say ‘But it isn’t my birthday?’

Apparently the complete look of shock and surprise on my face was enough to set them off all giggling and roaring with laughter. The BBQ was going, there was a huge marquee set up with all the booze and salads, and presents, the weather was beautiful, hot, blue skies and glorious and all these people had made special trips to come to my surprise July birthday party. My sister Cathy had organised the whole thing, saying she wanted me to have another birthday in the sun and not in the usual gloom and cold of a British winter.

I was pretty overwhelmed that anyone would even think of doing this for me, let alone go to all the trouble of organising it and friends coming from far away just to take part. I think I had tears in my eyes just a little.
How everyone managed to keep it from me I had no idea but they had done a great job. My husband didn’t believe that I’d had no clue - he kept saying, ‘Are you sure you didn’t know about this?’ and I kept telling him ‘Nope, I hadn’t had a frigging clue.’

That was a very memorable day, having friends and family around, burning meat on the BBQ as usually happens, imbibing lots of beers and gin and tonics, music blaring across the school grounds as children played ball and everyone had a whale of a time.

I will always remember that brilliant gesture and the fact people cared enough to do that simply for me.

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About the Author:
Sue Mac Nicol was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. At the age of eight, her family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where she stayed for nearly thirty years before arriving back in the UK in December 2000. She has written ten novels, two novellas and a screenplay since February 2012 and clearly believes in keeping herself busy. She has found herself wanting to stay in the genre that is M/M Romance so more can definitely be expected.

Sue is a member of Romance Writers of America and Romantic Novelists Association in the UK. She is also a member of a rather unique writing group, called the Talliston Writer’s Circle, which in itself has a story all of its own to tell and lives in the rural village of Bocking, in Essex, with her family. Her plan is to keep writing as long as her muse sits upon her shoulder. Her dream is to one day make enough money to give up the day job and get that big old house in the English countryside overlooking a river, where she can write all day and continue to indulge her passion for telling stories.

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