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Rogue Dragon Rising Book Blast

Twenty-three year old, Amari Hawke, is thrust into the world of two-soul shifters when she is injured and kidnapped by trackers outside the veil, beyond the safety of her homeland. Unable to remember her past, she trusts no one and relies on instinct to survive. As her awakening approaches, the first time she will transition into her animal, she must evade rogue shifters trying to capture her.

Now free from the King’s Army, powerful dragon lord, Jaxon Blackthorn, seeks a peaceful life. Intent on building his lands into a viable plantation, away from war and bloodshed, he is reluctantly pulled back into the fight when he defends the mysterious shifter with no past against an unseen enemy.

As evil threatens to destroy the entire realm, can the battle-hardened warrior and coming-of-age noblewoman accept their differences to forge an alliance that will ultimately unite the shifter nations?

Giving his curious dragon some freedom, Jaxon stepped close and breathed in Amari’s scent. Cinnamon spice drifted through his nostrils and settled in his brain. She didn’t smell like an herbivore.


“Are you toying with this dragon?” he murmured in her ear.

She did not like him so near, her self-preservation instinct urging her to move away. Although pressed against a wagon wheel, she could have sidestepped out of his reach. But instead, she squared her shoulders and held her ground. Her entire body quaked, yet she stood before him with her chin thrust forward in defiance. Not normal behavior for a sheep.

Kip snickered at his back. “You’re losing your teeth, Jax.”

“Especially when a sheep challenges the great Jaxon Blackthorn, instead of cowering at his feet,” Crispin added.

Jaxon leaned closer, his mouth a hairsbreadth from the delicious curve of her neck. “Is that what you are? A sheep?”

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About the Author:
TJ Shaw is a multi award-winning author who writes from her heart by incorporating her dreams and experiences to create strong, passionate characters who must overcome personal flaws to survive against the challenges of traversing through magical realms, undiscovered planets, and apocalyptic catastrophes.

TJ is a member of Romance Writers of America and Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance Writers.

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Once Upon a Lady Review Tour

Respectable Lady Katherine Baxton, striving to meet the requirements of her station, has become the ultimate dutiful daughter. And now, the Duke of Blackthorn’s betrothed. Far from a love match, Kate is nevertheless determined to do as expected and marry.

That all changes the night she panics at her impending future and runs, stumbling upon a private grove, a mysterious tree . . . and a half-naked man.

The youngest son of a viscount widely thought to have purchased his title, Jackson Cooper demonstrates his disdain for the aristocracy by affording himself every luxury available—drinking, wenching, and gambling—while eschewing anything representing the ton. Jackson has little care for his reputation and no desire to marry. His escape from London is all but complete.

Until fate—in the form of a beautiful, mysterious lady—interrupts his plans, enticing him with the very thing he never wanted.

 “Aren’t sprites confined to the trees?” His deep voice washed over her.

She didn’t turn to acknowledge him. “How nice to see you properly dressed for once.”

His chuckle warmed her. “Are you following me?”

An unladylike snort refused to be repressed. “Hardly. You are rather difficult to overlook, being the only unknown face here.”

“That’s not true. You’ve seen my face . . . as well as other, more interesting parts.”

Kate wished she’d listened to her sister and worn a bonnet. Anything to mask the heat flaring in her cheeks.

Thankfully he remained at her side and hadn’t a clear view of her face. “We have not been introduced. I can’t be seen speaking to you.”

“Then let us go where we can't be seen.”

Her heart raced at his boldness. Why was this man so tempting? She was spoken for, though still unofficially. Proper ladies didn’t follow strange men to private locations, regardless of their marital status. “Absolutely not.”

“Even if I have something of yours?”

Blast! Her ring. Given her luck lately, she would have lost it in the grove of all places. Her aunt would toss in her grave knowing Kate had misplaced her gift.

“A true gentleman would return it.”
His deep laugh caused her pulse to flutter. “I'm no gentleman. Or haven't you heard?”

My Review:
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
Addie Jo Ryleigh writes historical regency romances that feature rakish heroes and strong feisty heroines.

Addie Jo has lived in the same cold-winter-hot-summer area of Minnesota her entire life. Sharing in the raising of her three extremely rambunctious boys is her very understanding husband who endured being dubbed “The Duke” by his co-workers. Keeping Addie Jo company while she writes (besides her wonderfully loud children) is her yorkipoo, Bella, who is never far from Addie Jo’s side. And recently the newest addition to their family, a black lab puppy named Max.

Addie Jo has always had a love and passion for romance books and became engrossed in historical romance (particularly Regency) soon after graduating from Lurlene McDaniel’s young adult books. Currently, Addie Jo reads any genre that has a great emotional story that keeps her reading into the early hours of the morning.

Addie Jo has a bachelor degree in accounting and is a financial coordinator when not playing chauffeur for her hockey-playing boys, cuddled up with a good book, or writing her next story.

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A Reason to Stay Blurb Blitz

Rachael, a successful lawyer in Sydney, returns to her foster family and the only place that ever felt like home: Mindalby, to help with the failing family business, the town’s bakery. With the cotton gin’s closure, all businesses are struggling, and it looks like the only option is to close up the bakery and hope to sell. But when Rachael returns, she realises that her skills give her other options: refreshing and revitalising the bakery and a chance to rekindle her love of baking.

Irishman, Mike O’Malley is a staying kind of man, looking to settle down in Mindalby with a woman who loves the wild country and wants to get involved in the community. Rachael is not that girl, but the attraction is hard to deny. Determined to show Rachael that Mindalby can be a home, he draws her out into the community and deeper into his life. But when it comes time to make a decision, can he trust Rachael to risk her heart?

‘Sorry,’ she said. ‘I don’t play ball.’

He hugged the ball close to his chest. He understood that. None of his sisters were into sport either. But, he loved his sports; it was a major part of his life.

‘What do you play then? I’m up for anything.’

She rubbed her hands against the afternoon chill, as her clear blue eyes met his. His heart hammered. They were the prettiest eyes he’d ever seen, and if he wasn’t careful his concentration would take a serious hit, and he’d sound like some daft prick.

‘I’m not very sporty. How did they go?’

Mike shook his head. ‘Another loss,’ he all but whispered.

She gave him a soft smile. ‘Oh, that happens. Are you having a reconnoitre with them?’

His lips quivered, but he couldn’t hold back. He let out a belly laugh.

She’s gorgeous. A one-off.

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About the Author:
Linda Charles is a contemporary romance writer who lives in Newcastle in the Hunter Valley, NSW. She was born and raised in Sydney where she studied and taught drama for many years. She loves to read, travel and enjoys a good conversation. Following a move to the Hunter Valley she started to write her own stories. Linda is a member of the Hunter Romance Writers, Romance Writers of Australia, and Romance Writers of America.

You can visit Linda at her Webpage; or follow her on Twitter; Facebook, or Pinterest.

Website: http://www.lindacharles.com.au/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lindacharles167
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Linda-Charles-1009142862442443/
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com.au/lindacharles165/

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Exit Stage Left VBT

Megan O'Day seems to be navigating the unpredictable relationship with Geoffrey Drake, her centuries-old vampire guardian angel, rather well. But then his past suddenly rips him from her, forcing her to face the unknown future alone in the gripping sequel to The Stage.

Still bound to Geoffrey through the power of the Link despite his unexplained absence, Megan's mind is flooded with his haunted memories. While she relives the darkest moments of his previous life, she discovers his attachment to a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her.

As she questions Geoffrey's love for her, she strikes up a dangerous alliance with Geoffrey's brother, Alexander, who is also a vampire. She hopes that he will help her find a way to rescue Geoffrey: instead, he seems to be awakening new emotions and desires within her.

As the past and present collide, Megan struggles to fend off Alexander's dark seduction. Is Geoffrey truly beyond the reach of her love forever? If not, what must be sacrificed to bring them back together again?

An image of Dawn’s mangled, bloody body filled my thoughts, and I stopped sorting through my art supplies. It had happened just before Christmas. There was poor Dawn, distraught over her break-up with Ian, wearing my jack, and waiting in Geoffrey’s car in the alley behind The Stage.
They thought Dawn was me.
They- The Inner Circle, Geoffrey’s first coven-wanted him back.
Marco, his sire, was the head honcho there, and in its prime the coven had been quite large with a very strong presence in the community. As the years passed, its prominence had faded, but Marco still clung to his power. Geoffrey said that the older Marco got the more manipulative, abusive, and obsessive he became. It didn’t make sense. Marco had exiled him, and now he wanted his prized son back, even though Geoffrey’s twin, Alexander, was part of the Inner Circle. To top it off, they wanted me dead. Why? Because I came between Marco and Geoffrey? Was it because of the Link?

Shh, my love, said Geoffrey’s sweet, cool voice though the Link.
But I couldn’t keep my thoughts from whirling. Nerdy Chase Montgomery, my neighbor, was Geoffrey’s Guardian- a scholar of immortals, more or less. He was assigned to watch over Geoffrey, but he had trouble staying close to him. So he had followed me instead, filling my apartment with micro-cameras and audio pickups. When Geoffrey finally confronted Chase, I got a look inside his apartment-and at his computer screens. Nearly every inch of my apartment was under surveillance.
How fast everything had happened! Only four months ago, I started working at Ashleigh’s bar, The Stage, which was now the hottest club in Seattle. Geoffrey and his family which made up his band, The Darkness, were the house band there, and he and his family lived what they jokingly called an “alternative lifestyle”- even for vampires. Believing our human lives were too short as it is, they found other sources for their drug of choice, blood.
By the way, did I say reality bites? Yeah it does. I guess that comes with the territory when the one you love is a vampire. 

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
Oh my, who as a child, doesn’t have one? Yes, I had a stuffed Pepe’ Le Pew skunk that I was best friends with. I took it everywhere & got into a lot of mischief with that little guy. I would take him on adventures hiking thru the 2 ½ acres worth of woods that was on my childhood home property. Through little streams, over boulders, jumping off of old growth tree stumps and eating huckleberries just to name a few fun times we had together.

Do you have any phobias?
Phobias…hmmm. Well, I don’t particularly like spiders, but it’s not really a phobia. I love heights, enjoy riding in elevators as well as carnival rides, and don’t really fear any type of animal…yet. So not really.

Do you listen to music when you're writing?
Who doesn’t listen to music when creating worlds & characters? Yes I very much do. Depending on what type of scene I’m envisioning, will determine what selection of playlist music will be blasting in my ears. If I want to murder someone…Icelandic dark metal rock will fit the bill. Romantic scene…oldies but goodies from the 70’s or 80’s. I absolutely LOVE Muse. I discovered them due to my best friend and another author that I admire greatly as this author used Muse as her muse as well. Plus the band is on the soundtrack of some of my favorite Vampire movies. When The Stage Book 1 was released, so was the playlist that inspired it, printed on the first few pages of the book plus on my website.

Do you ever read your stories out loud?
This is a double edged sword for me. In the beginning, my wife had purchased a Dragon dictation program for me, which meant I had to speak aloud while training the system to interpret my voice and pronunciation, which turned out to be a disaster for me. I don’t like hearing my voice read my story. Yet there are times that remain where I do read it aloud…to make sure it flows, though I no longer use Dragon.

Tell us about your main character and who inspired him/her.
Megan O’Day…where to begin? Hmmm. Well…this again will be a first to tell the story of. Megan O’Day…is an actual character that at one point in my life that I performed as. About three decades ago, I was a highly active part of the local LGBTQ community and would perform in skits, on stage, lip synching to pop songs and my favorite artists was Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart, who originated here in the Pacific Northwest Seattle area. Megan O’Day was my stage name. However, shortly after I began performing she became her own persona and hence she was born as part of my stories, a strong survivor. I added other elements to her for the story line. She is a domestic violence survivor and very resilient and resourceful. All of which are elements from myself. Though my background is different from hers a bit…that part will remain with myself until I feel the time is right to share that story. Megan is the smart-ass young adult I wish I could’ve been…I was a bit too shy for that. Though we both share waitressing job experience and I draw on that a lot to Megan’s background, so that she could grow stronger, as I did. I wasn’t one to chit chat with people and by working as a waitress…it’s the fine art of small talk that one needs to survive in the industry. So I guess you could say that I myself was the inspiration for Megan O’Day…modern day heroine!

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Author Bio and Links:
Catherine Russell was born in Tacoma, Washington and raised in a small town just south, South Hill, Puyallup. At the time South Hill was a heavily wooded area and far off the beaten path. Growing up she had the forests as her fantasy world along with the wild animals. She lived with her parents and an older sister. There are a few similarities from her own childhood that have carried over in to her first novel, “The Stage”. As a child, she did have a small dog named Toto, whom she would quite frequently roam the woods with. Her childhood home still stands, and is still nestled in the woods even though South Hill has undergone an extreme makeover since she lived there. She enjoyed hours of day dreaming and playing in the woods, which in turn fed her fantasy world of make believe.

The book is on sale for $0.99 during the tour only.

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His Girl Book Blast

Mary Allen’s never been a guy magnet. Most men are put off by her confidence in the workplace. Not Sebastian. He kindles a passion she thought was long dead. After one scene, she’s ready to jump back into the lifestyle. But can a workplace romance really work?

Sebastian Paul came back to the Underground after time away to figure out what he wanted from his life. He can’t escape the desire or the need for the scene, but he hasn’t found his perfect sub—until he spots Mary. He never expected to see her at the club. She works with him, and although she oozes confidence, he notes her desire to submit. He wants Mary as his girl. No question. But will she want him in return?

When passion ignites, love will find a way.

“Is there a Dom you’re interested in?” Andi asked.

“No.” She’d seen them all, and no one spoke to her soul.

“Justin’s off limits. What about Delana?” Andi half-shrugged. “Maybe she’s who you want.”

“I want a male Dom. Delana’s great, but she’s hunting for a hunk, too.” Mary swept her gaze over the crowd. She knew everyone there, but one man caught her attention. Sebastian Paul. She gasped. She knew Sebastian. Too well. What was he doing at the club? He’d never struck her as being interested in the lifestyle, much less a Dom.

“What?” Andi nudged Mary. “Who do you see?”

“A guy from work.” She sank onto the nearest stool. Would Sebastian care if he knew her? Would he out her? They worked together. He wouldn’t want to out her … right? He’d risk outing himself.

“Oh, Master Seb.” Andi nodded. “He and Sir are friends. I guess he started coming back to the club last month. You know him?”

“Not as a Master.” He worked in the area next to hers at the air traffic control center. They shared working hours one day a week. When their breaks aligned, they talked about life, music, and whatever else they thought of. She liked him and looked forward to their Thursdays together.

“Well, he’s friends with Sir. Maybe I can set up a meeting. We can all play or hang out.” Andi grasped Mary’s hand. “Come on.”

“Andi.” She didn’t mean to be pushy or expect special treatment. They were at the club, and she didn’t deserve to be ballsy. She could be forthright, and Doms didn’t want subs to top from the bottom. They wanted bratty subs. She wasn’t bratty. She also wasn’t sure she wanted to submit to Sebastian. She didn’t want to ruin the friendship.

“Just come with me.”

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About the Author:
Megan Slayer, aka Wendi Zwaduk, is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than one-hundred short stories and novels. She’s been writing since 2008 and published since 2009. Her stories range from the contemporary and paranormal to LGBTQ and BDSM themes. No matter what the length, her works are always hot, but with a lot of heart. She enjoys giving her characters a second chance at love, no matter what the form. She’s been the runner up in the Kink Category at Love Romances Café as well as nominated at the LRC for best author, best contemporary, best ménage and best anthology. Her books have made it to the bestseller lists on Amazon.com.

When she’s not writing, Megan spends time with her husband and son as well as three dogs and three cats. She enjoys art, music and racing, but football is her sport of choice.

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Living Forward Looking Backward Book Blast

If we’re honest, we'll admit our days are filled with normal routines, like eating cereal and sitting in traffic. We often wonder, “is this it?”

But do we really have to quit our jobs and travel the world to find a fulfilling, purposeful life? Is it possible to find significance in our daily routines, right here and now?

After experiencing a rapid series of major life changes within a single year, Nate stumbled upon a reality that’s shared by us all: there's profound meaning in our ordinary, everyday moments, but we can't see it.

Through painfully-honest storytelling and candid conversation, Nate shares how years of mistakes and missteps uncovered a simple framework that reveals the greater purpose behind our everyday lives, and why the answers to life's deep questions are often backward from what we expect.

As I faded between my thoughts and Michael’s words, I noticed something different about him. You know how there are those scenes in movies where someone is talking, and you see their mouth moving, but you don’t hear the words? Only the thoughts in the protagonist’s head?

This was like that. “Why does he look so calm?” I asked myself. There was a peace about him I hadn’t seen before. He looked rested, he spoke vibrantly, and he had a certain tranquility about him. Maybe he only looked extra peaceful in contrast to my own worn-down spirit that day. I couldn’t help feeling, however, that between the two of us, Michael was the one who was truly living.

All of our society’s values and ideals screamed, “that can’t be!” How was it that in a time when Michael was broke, working at McDonald’s, and living with his parents, he seemed less anxious than I was? I was the one leading a growing company with plenty of access to cash and investors; I drove a car and he walked; I picked up our dinner tab; I was going to sleep in a nice downtown loft while he was headed to sleep in his childhood bedroom. By all measures, I was the one who should have felt inner peace. At the same time, as I watched him, I knew those things didn’t matter. The storm stirring inside me, juxtaposed against Michael’s calm, said so.

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About the Author:
Nate is an author and entrepreneur who helps us find more meaning in the ordinary, everyday moments of our lives.

Nate and his wife, Erin, were raised in Chicago and now hail from Denver. After moving cities and cycling through a rapid series of major life changes, Nate launched his publishing company, Live Forward, to help others find more meaning in their everyday lives.

Building on his experience as the co-founder of a successful, venture-backed startup company, and as a frequent speaker and trainer on storytelling for nonprofit leaders, Nate's recent book, Living Forward, Looking Backward, helps others understand the greater purpose behind their own life stories.

Through Nate's memories, stories, and candor, we learn how the principle of paradox and the story of the Gospel shows up in each of our lives, often in ways we don't expect, and ways that feel even a little backward to us.

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The Crying of Ross 128 VBT

America has splintered into various independent republics after a brutal civil war. Against this backdrop, space exploration is on the cusp of new technological breakthroughs. Jim Atteberry, a mid-30s English professor at City College in San Francisco, spends his free time listening for alien signals on the amateur radio astronomy bands. His life as a single parent to his precocious daughter is turned upside-down when he hears an intelligent cry for help from the Ross 128 system and realizes we are not alone. This signal unleashes a chain of events pitting Jim and his brilliant, mysterious colleague Kate against a power-hungry scientist with his own secret agenda. Jim must learn the truth about the signal, the strange disappearance of his wife Janet, and the meaning of true love before it’s too late in this first contact thriller.

"How long does it take a subspace signal to travel from Ross 128 to Earth?" he asked.

The machine responded verbally. “Twenty-two minutes, 13.4 seconds with current subspace technology.”

Atteberry recorded the time on his notepad, then looked at the screen. “Is there any history of alien signals coming from Ross 128?”

“Negative. Although in 2017, unknown signals from that system were received at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo. They were later dismissed as Terran satellites.”

Ghost signals. That happened sometimes due to the multitude of satellites orbiting Earth back then, and now around the moon and Mars. Signals would bounce and echo off them all the time, like ripples in a pond bouncing off rocks and plants.

“Speculate as to the origin of this signal if it’s a ghost.”



“If the signal is a ghost, it is most likely an artifact of the Second American Civil War circa 2070. The Northern Democratic States and the Confederate States often used ghost signals as decoys to confuse enemy communications.”

So that’s it, Atteberry thought, he’s been chasing old civil war ghosts. Yet the question of subspace remained, and, as far as he knew, neither side in the civil war used the emerging FTL technology. It wasn’t sufficiently developed until after the new republics separated.

“What is the likelihood that these Ross 128 signals are satellite ghosts?”

“0.02 percent.”

“What’s the probability the true source is the Ross 128 system itself?”

“74.8 percent.”

Atteberry leaned forward on his workbench and realized the results were inconclusive. “What’s the probability that these signals are naturally occurring... a pulsar or a quasar for example?”

“Zero percent. The signals are artificially produced with slight variations in pattern frequency, suggesting unknown transmission methodology.”


“Improbable. There are no known humans in the Ross 128 space.”

Atteberry feared asking the next question; he swallowed hard. “Alien?”

“99.8 percent probable.”

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
When I visit my relatives in Guelph, Ontario, we often go to the Boathouse, an ice cream parlor and tea room situated on a small river and park in the middle of the city. The ice cream there is beyond delicious, and the flavor I gravitate to is New York Cherry Cheesecake. Is it my favorite flavor? I don’t know. It’s the one I prefer when I go out for ice cream, but I also adore Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Maple Walnut, and Blueberry.

In fact, I don’t think I ever met an ice cream flavor I didn’t like!

Which mythological creature are you most like?
Oh, this is a tough question because what I think I’m like and what others think I’m like can be totally opposite. However, while some of my friends might see me as a harpy, I see myself more like a centaur. And not just any old centaur, but Firenze from J.K. Rowling’s “The Chamber of Secrets”.

First book you remember making an indelible impression on you.
I believe the first book that really got me excited about the power of story and words was “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. I completely fell in love with the characters in that book. The other one that left a large impression on me was “Catcher in the Rye” by Salinger. To this day, I still enjoy reading it.

How do you develop your plot and characters?
When I put a story together, this is what I usually do. First, I come up with an interesting story idea. I phrase it as a log line, like “Suppose a teenage boy on Tatooine discovers his family murdered by stormtroopers, and decides to join the rebel alliance to avenge their deaths”. Something like that.

Then, I begin putting my characters together, starting with my protagonist. Then my opposition. Then my confidant or romantic interest or other.
With my story idea and main characters identified, I then go about the business of plotting the story out. I do this plotting before I ever write a word of the story. Of course, there is an ongoing discussion about what  writers should do: plot things out or write by the seat of their pants. I am a plotter. I plan everything out before I ever begin writing. This always works for me.

Describe your writing space.
I have two primary writing spaces. The first is my dining room table at home. On the table, I have large pieces of flip chart paper that I use to doodle on and jot down ideas. When I look up, I’m looking out into my backyard with trees hedges, squirrels, blue jays and cardinals. I tend to write there when I am home alone.

If I’m on campus at Carleton University, I write in the library. I’ll frequently find a table where I can work, or else I’ll stick with a seat where I just put the laptop on my... lap, and listen to soft music while I write.

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Author Bio and Links:
David Allan Hamilton is a teacher, writer, and multipotentialite. He is a graduate of Laurentian University (BSc. Applied Physics) and The University of Western Ontario (MSc. Geophysics). He lives in Ottawa where he facilitates writing workshops and teaches. When not writing, David enjoys riding his bike long distances, painting, and knitting.

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