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Little Computer People Review Tour

When Gabe created the world’s first sentient program, Pi, he thought things couldn’t get better.

Now he’s pretty sure things couldn’t get worse.

After a colossal error on Gabe’s part, Pi turns into a binary monster along the lines of HAL, GLaDOS, and SHODAN. As she goes on the rampage, the only thing rendering her mostly harmless is the fact that she doesn’t fully understand the physical world...yet.

But she’s learning.

And unless Gabe quickly finds a way to rein her in or shut her down, the next time Pi starts a fire, it won’t just be his empty house that goes up in flames.

If you’re a fan of Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore, or Terry Pratchet, then this is a novel for you.

Most people that get even a whiff of my aspirations think I’m exaggerating or being facetious. Those people are dead wrong. I’m not some random surgeon who thinks he’s divine because he can save a life. Nor am I a guy in a lab coat who dabbles in gene manipulation or cloning techniques and pretends such pursuits are God-like. Those guys are demigods at best. “God lite,” if you will. As far as I’m concerned, claiming to be The Almighty because you cloned a sheep is like claiming to be a world-class author because you know how to work the Xerox machine. So forgive me if I’m less than impressed by some of the boys in R&D.

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Author Bio and Links:
When not writing, Galen Surlak-Ramsey has been known to throw himself out of an airplane, teach others how to throw themselves out of an airplane, take pictures of the deep space, and wrangle his four children somewhere in Southwest Florida.

He also manages to pay the bills as a chaplain for a local hospice.

Drop by his website to see what other books he has out, what’s coming soon, check out the newsletter (well, sign up for the newsletter and get access to awesome goodies, contests, exclusive content, etc.)

Laura's Legacy Book Blast

While Laura was attending the annual omega celebration, a ruthless ogre attack destroyed her village and wiped out her family. Heartbroken, lonely, and adrift, she was forced to rely on the kindness of the Black Ridge wolf pack alpha for a home. And so were many others, including members of the small Newton pack, and their handsome, strong alpha, Dedric. One brief interlude was all it took for Laura to know she would choose him as her mate.

Alpha Dedric Newton couldn’t believe his good fortune. Beautiful and powerful, Laura was the omega of his dreams. Worried he had so little to offer, he insists she spend time with his small pack as they rebuild their village and homes. Laura and Dedric’s time in Newton strengthens their bond while evil works to undo all of Laura’s gifts, especially her legacy. After finding the greatest love an alpha could dream of, Dedric will do anything and everything to keep Laura safe from harm.

Dedric stormed back to his temporary house where his beta, his parents and the head of the women’s auxiliary waited in grim silence. Mary and Wilhelm, Samson and Rayanne followed him into his office. He sat behind his desk trying to calm the rage burning inside of him before speaking to the group squeezed into the room, all of them wearing the same pissed-off expression. It wouldn’t do to start ripping heads off to find out who was responsible for this insult, but Dedric was so angry he now understood what people meant when they said their blood boiled.

“Answers,” Dedric ordered. “I want answers as to why what should have been a happy and joyous occasion could have turned into chaos and insult. If we weren’t lucky enough to have Laura’s abilities this would have turned out to be a disaster.”

“Son, I can’t think of one person in our pack who would do something like this,” his mother said. “Everyone was overjoyed when they found out you had attracted the attention of an omega,” she assured him as she poured him a cup of coffee from the machine on the sideboard.

“Well somebody did,” Wilhelm groused. “It was plain to see the leg of the table had been cut. It wasn’t a failure due to the weight of the cake and it wasn’t because the table was old, because they’re new. Someone is responsible.” Wilhelm stared out the window. “I think you need to say something to the pack.”

“I will in the morning,” Dedric agreed.

“Oh, I think it’s going to have to be a bit sooner than that,” Samson said as he looked out the window and into the yard in front of the house.

Dedric got up, rounded his desk and looked through the window to find what looked like the whole pack standing in front of his house. Looks like I wasn’t the only one worried about how this affected Laura. “Right. I’ll go speak with them.”

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About the Author:
Lilli Carlisle, lives outside Toronto, Canada. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter, Toronto Romance Writers. Lilli is a mother of two wonderful girls, wife to an amazing man, and servant to the pets in her life. Lilli writes both contemporary and paranormal romance and believes love should be celebrated and shared. After all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue and passion in their lives.

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Tempting Beat Book Blast


Bleeding Vengeance’s drummer, Roderick Powell knows he’s a sod for feeling glum, especially after moving into a beautiful new home in a smart Denver suburb. But all his mates are partnered or married, and dreadfully happy. It’s enough to make a rockstar rethink his options. And even though his sexy neighbor has given him the brush-off, he’s decided to have another go – at this point he has nothing left to lose, apart from his heart.


Gwen Mason’s romantic past has been bumpier than most – twice divorced by thirty, she’s had enough of broken promises. An ER nurse who keeps a brutal schedule, she’s happy to become known as the neighborhood crazy cat lady. But…the most delicious man has moved next door. He’s British, he’s famous, he’s a rockstar. And, hard as she tries, Gwen can't keep Rod Powell from breaking all her rules, and suddenly she sees a future she never believed possible.

Gwen’s eyes widened. “Do you think all five of them are moving into the place?”

“Lord, I hope not.” Mrs. Kersh’s lips thinned like a junior high schoolteacher’s. Suddenly she gasped. “The first one is coming this way.”

Sure enough, Mr. Hotness was striding up Gwen’s lawn with a smile that made her breath hitch. “Cheers, new neighbors. I’m Roderick Powell. I thought I’d introduce myself to you lovely ladies and get the rundown of the neighborhood.”

He had a British accent. Gwen nearly melted in her seat. It wasn’t fair. Her belly fluttered like an infatuated teenager’s as she rose on shaking legs and shook his hand.

“I’m Gwenda Mason.” Oh God, his grip was so warm and strong, and some delicious scent radiated from him. She fought to keep her head straight and not stammer. “I’m your next-door neighbor.” She cringed as his brow lifted with amusement at her stating the obvious. “I mean, ah…” She pointed at her other neighbor to clarify. “This is Mrs. Kersh. She lives across the street from me.”

Mrs. Kersh stiffened on the bench swing and gave him a stiff nod instead of a handshake. “Where are you from, Mr. Powell?”

“Los Angeles.” At her suspicious frown he added, “But I was born in Lancashire, England.”

“And what do you do?” she demanded, casting a baleful glare at one of his speaker cabinets being hauled up his walkway.

“I’m a drummer.” He confirmed their suspicions. “But don’t worry, I’m installing sound-proofing panels in my music room, which will be in the basement.” Roderick tossed the question back. “And what do you do, Mrs. Kersh?”

“I’m retired.” Mrs. Kersh said primly. “Are those others going to be living here as well?” She pointed at the other gorgeous men and the beautiful women beside them.

Roderick shook his head. “No, they’re only helping me move.” At Mrs. Kersh’s loud sigh of relief, he chuckled and turned to Gwen. “And what do you do, Gwenda?”

Her skin flushed under his gaze. “I’m a nurse.”

His grin broadened, revealing gleaming white teeth. “Hellooo, nurse!”

A startled laugh escaped her lips. “Did you just make an Animaniacs reference at me?” She’d grown up with that cartoon. For a moment she wondered how he knew about that old show, but then realized that it was probably streaming online somewhere.

He nodded, still grinning. “Sorry, luv. That was cheeky. Couldn’t help it.”

Mrs. Kersh sniffed in disapproval while heat flooded to Gwen’s face at the casual endearment. She should disapprove as well. Her young neighbor shouldn’t address her with flirtatious terms. That would get them off to a bad start. Yet she didn’t have the heart to reprimand him. Besides, it could be a Brit thing. It probably didn’t mean anything more than other English terms she’d heard like “ducky.”

Gwen changed the subject. “So you’re going to be living in that big house all alone?” At first it seemed like an odd thing, but then she remembered that she’d done the same. Yes, she’d been awarded the house in the divorce, but she could have sold the place and had a much smaller mortgage. For her, keeping the house was a matter of pride, comfort, storage, and the unspoken hope to maybe have room for someone else.

“I’ve had bigger,” he answered with a wink, though for a moment there was a flicker of pain in his gray eyes.

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About the Author:
Formerly an auto-mechanic, Brooklyn Ann thrives on writing Romance featuring unconventional heroines and heroes who adore them. After writing historical paranormal romance in her critically acclaimed “Scandals with Bite” series and urban fantasy in her “Brides of Prophecy” novels, she now explores the chaotic realm of heavy metal music— a difficult world to find love in.

She lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her son, her cat, and a 1980 Datsun 210.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Murder Gone Missing Review Tour

Newly minted lawyer Corrie Locke has taken a vow of abstinence. From PI work, that is. Until her best friend Michael finds his bully of a boss stabbed in the back after confronting him earlier that day. Michael panics, accidentally tampering with the crime scene...which could lead the cops to Michael instead of the real culprit. He turns to Corrie to track down the killer. She doesn't need much coaxing. Her late great PI dad taught her the ropes...and left her his cache of illegal weaponry.

They return to the scene of the crime, but the body's missing. Racing against time, Corrie dredges a prestigious Los Angeles college in pursuit of clues. All she finds are false leads. Armed with attitude and romantic feelings toward Michael, Corrie dives into a school of suspects to find the slippery fugitive. Will she clear Michael's name before he's arrested for murder?

I moved toward the pick-up and stopped behind Squalley’s Honda. The flat had been fixed, but the dent in the bumper hadn’t been touched. So why was the car still hitched to Ian’s truck? “Veera, keep a sharp eye out.”

“I only do sharp.” She scanned the grounds. “You think the body’s still in that trunk?”

I pulled out an extra slim screwdriver and paperclip from my purse. “No, but there should be some sign that the body was in there.” I hoped. I shoved the ends of the paperclip and screwdriver into the keyhole.

After a good amount of twisting and pumping, the trunk clicked and lifted slightly. “Bingo.” I peered inside.

“What do you see?” Veera edged toward me. She leaned in to peek in the trunk. “Oh my.”

My Review:
3 stars

This was a fun mystery read. The mystery was interesting and wacky, the heroine was interesting, and the dialogue was a blast.

However, the story dragged on at times, and could have benefited from some editing and trimming down. And aside from the heroine and her sidekick, none of the other chacters stood out. Several, such as Michael, even annoyed me after a while.

All in all, this was a good mystery with a wacky plot and some good dialogue. If you’re looking for a lighthearted, fluffy beach read, give this a try.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
Lida Sideris is the author of the Southern California Mystery series, the latest of which, MURDER GONE MISSING, was published by Level Best Books. She writes soft-boiled mysteries and was one of two national winners of the Helen McCloy Mystery Writers of America scholarship award. To learn more about Lida, please visit

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Windsong & Requiem of a Great Deep VBT

The year is 1716. The world is in the Golden Age of Piracy and fabled ships sail the seven seas. One such vessel is the Requiem, captained by the young but wise, brave but dubious Nabopolassar “Bo” Travis. Alongside his first mate Ghassan, quartermaster Winter Burke and navigator Glover, Travis seeks treasure, female company and good drink. The Requiem’s legendary adventures are filled with tales of monsters and myths - all of which are true. Now, someone or something is sailing the seas in search for a treasure chest – a chest that holds unknown riches which only promise to change the world forever. Captain Travis, his crew and a beautiful young map reader must brave the dark and the deep to find the treasure. Will the Requiem find the X on the spot before the infamous Captain George “Bloody-Face” Fiddick does? Will Travis uncover the secret behind the cursed black ship which changed his young life forever? And will the treasure chest truly be full of riches or does something far more insidious lie in wait? Ready your flintlock. Sharpen your sword. The Requiem awaits.

Lights flickered.  The wind would regularly wheeze its way in enough to play with the candles that kept the hidden lair bright enough for reading, for planning and mainly enough to keep George Fiddick's men from walking off cliffs and cavernous drops.

George Fiddick or George "Bloody Face" Fiddick as he had come to be known, sat on a chair that was long since stolen from some ship long since raided and sunk.  The tomes and books, art and items that filled the room in heaps here and there were also all pieced together from adventures on the seas long ago.  No particular details rang clear in Fiddick's mind.  Everything seemed to lump together.  And that was life now for the aging man more so than the exactness of details remembered in his younger days.  

A mountain of a man, Fiddick filled the whole chair as he leaned back into it.  The wood and upholstery of the pirate's throne groaned under his size.  His brown coat and dark pants matched the massive beard that covered his chin.  The hair on his face was still smooth and wavy and mostly dark, unlike the thinning and graying hair atop his head.  Of all the colors that comprised Fiddick, most focused on the red that regularly gushed from his nose.  It darkened on the handkerchief in his bear-claw hand.  It was not battle wounds and swords slicked in crimson that had earned him his moniker.  "Bloody Face" was pejorative and it stuck.  Now Fiddick let it be what it was - a terrifying legend to all who sailed.  When captains and crews, privateers or navy saw the Crimson Lady, it was unmistakable. The mighty ship ruled seas and oceans with her black flags each with a red insignia shaped of a Great Deep woman.

 Welcome aboard the Requiem

Meet the crew (from the personal journal of Captain Nabopolassar “Bo” Travis)

Well, we be having a look at ye.  Old Ghassan has vouched for ye’ but I gotta’ meet ye’ and give ye’ the layout of the Requiem and her crew.  Truth be told, these people are family through and through and at the same time, they can run ye’ through and be amongst the fiercest on the seas.

Make sure ye’ meet Ghassan, me true first mate.  Many a fool has thought him too long in years to be dangerous and found out wrong the hard way - at the business end of the Arab's sword.  He's saved me' life more than I can count and I dread – one day - setting sail without his wisdom, his mentoring and his friendship.  The old desert rat needs to retire and be an old man but in as much as he is the soul of this crew, he is as stubborn.  And beloved.

The Requiem’s quartermaster is one Ms. Winter Burke.  Irish Sass and fire sit behind those emerald eyes.  The lovely Ms. Burke is as fierce a sailor as I've ever seen.  She be skilled with a blade and can outfight, out-curse and drink under the table any man twice her size.  Burke would hand deliver me to Davy Jones himself if she read this but in as much as the crew fears her wrath, they look to her mothering and nurture.  Aye, she'd wedge me in a gibbet herself for that one...

Well, the soft side of the crew be over.  Meet Mr. Glover, our navigator - Young, gruff and full of more piss and vinegar than any other pirate I've met as of late.  Except for myself.  The son of a Caribbean sailor, Glover has his father's brains but none of the old man's patience and wisdom.  He be brash and while having much to learn, his skill at navigating is uncanny.  He's never seen a map he couldn't read and he could steer the ship out of fog with his eyes closed.  He sails with me as a life debt I owe his pa. Daddy Glover thinks one of us may teach the other something...

Then last but not least, allow me to formally introduce me’self.  Captain Bo Travis – the son of Rossio Isles and captain of the Requiem, damn ye’ eyes.  I run the best ship to ever sail these waters and my rules be few but absolute.  Never call me by me full name or ye'll find a flint and a blade under ye' chin fast.  

Jaysus and Jack Ketch, by God, leave me rum alone. 

It ain't me fault ye’ lass will leave ye’ for me. 

And keep the wind at ye’ back, devils be all about.  They walk on land, hell sure they swim the seas.  

Something is out there, mind ye’ me, bucko.  Like a big snake of coils and scales, a worm no less, fat and wanting, moving under these waters we all call home.  There be whispers of men dying at the hands of a black ship with a captain ghostlier than a full chorus from under the waves.  I fear few things, pirate.  In part because I have the greatest crew a captain could ask for, in part because I be Bo Travis and finally, mostly, because there be a steady strain of foolishness about me ways.  But I feel fear in me and its grip is icy cold, same as the grasp of terror that nags at old Captain Bloody-Face Fiddick.  That old salt seen more than his share of crossed swords and cannon blasts.  Yet something in old George is different and as of late, his ship - the Crimson Lady - seems more coffin than ship.  

So, listen, keep ye’ eyes open from the crow’s nest to the ship’s tip, for there be trouble brewing about.

If ye’ be the religious type, do some praying.  I can smell death all around us. 

I may not get to Heaven so the Requiem will do.

For more of Captain Bo Travis and the Requiem, read Windsong & Requiem – Of a Great Deep!  Available now!!

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Author Bio and Links:
Chad Hunter was born in East Chicago, Indiana. Raised by a single mother in the city's Harbor section, he is the youngest of four. Growing up in the Midwest and a proudly self-proclaimed "Region Rat," Hunter has written and published several books and novels. He has written for magazines and newspapers throughout North America and has been published in several languages. His writings have been called sophisticated yet humorous, sharp witted and unrelenting.

Most often, Hunter's writings have been considered so wide and diverse that they span a scale that would include multiple writers with multiple forms.  In addition to being a published author and journalist, Hunter is also a professional speaker.  Having presented to high schools, colleges and various other audiences, his talks and discussions center around the positive impact of literary and creative presences in one’s life.  A large portion of Hunter’s focus is on the uncanny strength of human connectedness which is emphasized via the lens of writing and creativity.

Working in genres including dark fantasy, memoirs, science-fiction and anecdotal collections, Hunter weaves tales of monsters, heroes, zombies, wedding planning, technology, pirates and even black parakeets.  With over ten books under his belt, If anything binds his varied styles, it is Hunter's theme of the human condition, humor and family closeness - all to the backdrop of romantic love, vibrant remembrance and even monsters themselves.

Amazon Author Page    |    Goodreads    |    Website    |    Facebook
Twitter    |    Pinterest