Sunday, January 4, 2015

Holiday Party Winners and New Year's Resolutions

Sorry for this being so late, but things have been kind of crazy for me so far. To start, I’d like to announce the winner of the $50 Amazon gift card. And the winner is…Jbst! As for the Christmas Wonder Hop post the winner is… Ally Swanson! I also picked a second winner from all those who had commented on every blog post, and so that winner was…Denise Dechene!

As for the author giveaways, the winners of those giveaways are listed next to each author’s name here.

And now, for my New Year’s Resolutions. This year I have two main resolutions. The first is to get my health under control. I haven’t been keeping up to date on my annual appointments and such, plus I haven’t been eating as healthy as I should. So, I’ve decided to put my health first, and start taking better care of myself. The second is to write more reviews. I’ve given up on tracking the number of books read, since I read so many books that I can’t keep track of on Goodreads or Booklikes (such as re-reads, fanfics/original fics, and acquisitions), so I’ve decided that I want to aim for writing more reviews, since it’s harder for me to sit down and actually write a review than it is to read a book.

What about you, what are your New Year’s resolutions? And, for those of you who follow me and actually read all the way down here, I’m offering either a $5 Amazon gift card or your choice of an ebook to one lucky commenter on this post. Just leave a comment about your resolutions and your email address, and I’ll pick a winner on the 11th.

And now, I’m off to do my annual major email purge, which includes deleting all my archived emails for blog posts and previous birthday bashes, etc. But before I go, for you writers out there, I have one last parting gift to share...

Have fun and good luck in 2o15!



  1. I want to clean up more clutter especially paper in my house to make certain rooms neater. It seems like a never ending pile that I clean up some of it and add new stuff to it.

    1. Thanks so much Emily! Congrats to the other winners too!

  2. Congrats to the winners. I'm looking into going back to get my degree. Daunting task as I have been out of school for 28 years. Hope everyone's year turns out to be the best yet

  3. I have a goal of becoming more organized! One way I am doing this is working on keeping a menu every week.