Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Book - Private Performance by Sibley Jackson

Private Performance, book 1 of The Performance series, is free today only on Amazon, so be sure to grab your copy now!

Jason had sworn to never care for a guy again before taking it slow and easy when it came to the relationship department. He’d chosen poorly once. By the time he walked away his self-esteem had been in shreds. 

Z is a dynamic, sensual rock star in the making. His band is hoping to hit the big-time and they’re getting close. He realized long ago his lifestyle had no room for a long-term relationship. 

Then Z plays at Boys Will Be Boys, a popular gay club for a charity event, and Jason has a front row table. When their eyes meet it seems destiny has other plans for the two young men. Both tell themselves it can’t work out. They should just enjoy one night of hot sex and move on. 

But love insists on entering the scene, just when neither is looking for it. 

*Book 1 of the Performance Series. Each book is a short story and can stand alone but are best read as a series. 

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