Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Party - Ugly Sweater Day

Today is Ugly Sweater Day! It seems that ugly sweaters have now become the new “it” thing to do during the holiday season. It has gone from being the worried about, worst part of Christmas to becoming a sort of badge of pride.

Now, people strive to find the ugliest sweaters possible, often purposefully making them ugly. I’ve seen more ugly sweaters than Christmas shirts in stores this year alone. Even companies like Starbucks are getting in on the ugly sweater craze. My friend and I went in this week and got these adorable ugly sweater reusable Christmas sleeves on our cups.

While I don’t really have an ugly Christmas sweater, I do have this one,which is super comfortable, which means it gets pulled out fairly often even if it’s not Christmas time.

What do you think about this craze? Do you like participating, or do you want nothing to do with them? Share your thoughts and pictures of your ugliest Christmas sweater (along with your email address) below, and the person with the ugliest sweater wins a $5 Amazon GC. Bonus points to whoever can name the movie this quote comes from.


  1. The quote comes from Home Alone movie. I don't have any ugly Christmas sweaters - but I do have red ankle socks with some teddy bears dressed in a Santa hat etc. I think Christmas sweaters are a lot of fun, but my area is not that cold to wear many themed sweaters before Christmas.
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  2. I've never partaken in this type of thing. It's just not something the people I know do so I've never had the chance. I think it sounds like fun though and if given the chance will probably do it. I don't own any sweaters, I'm more of a hoodie wearer, lol.
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