Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Party - Free Books

Thank you to all the people who emailed me and let me know that my posts weren't going live. I don't know why the scheduler wasn't working, but it should be all good now. I left an entry for y'all on the grand prize giveaway as thanks for helping me out. :)

I'm here today to spread some Christmas cheer to y'all! And what better way to do that then to let y'all know about free books!

As of yesterday, ARe has started their Twelve Days of Christmas event. Each day up until Christmas, a new book will be available for free on their website. Missed a day? Don’t worry, because each book is available for free for two days, so if you miss a day, just make sure to download both the previous day’s free book and the current day’s free book. The first two books available are:
- Delicate Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan
- Circe’s Recruits by Marie Harte

Also, for even more free books, stop by Forbidden Fiction every day leading up to the 21st for a free book (several of which are holiday stories). The free book is only available on the day stated, so don’t miss out! Plus, check back on the 24th and 25th to get 6 free books! Awesome, right? You can get started today with Spidermilk by Konrad Hartmann.