Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Texting Base Review and Giveaway

Texting Base is an invention in texting technology currently in Beta.

Everyone knows what a group text is.  On your phone, they are probably limited to 40 people.  Each person who receives a group text has no doubt that they just received a group text...it's not personal at all.

Texting Base allows our customers to write one text and send unlimited numbers of people highly personalized texts.  The recipients feel and believe that each text was written by the send and not part of a group text.

We also have automated birthday texts, holiday texts and created a way for travelers to create groups by City/State or Zip to reach when they are in town.

My Review:
3.5 stars

I used this app over a period of several weeks. My experience did change from when I started using it to when I stopped using it, leading me to believe that the company is constantly making improvements, which I applaud. Also, I used my laptop for all this, so keep that in mind when reading my review.

To start with, I added basic information about my contacts; name, contact info, address, etc. It then went on to ask detailed questions, such as my contact’s spouse, children, alma maters, work information, etc. However, I then ran into my first problem. The app also started asking odd questions about my contacts such as their political affiliation, account information, and some other sensitive information that I did not really feel comfortable adding into an online application, especially since I didn’t know the level of security present on the site. Fortunately, all of this information was optional and you only put in information you wanted to. I get that this is aiming to be an application where you can add in information about your friends that you should remember but might not be able to off the top of your head, but I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable answering at least a quarter of the questions.

You then also had the chance to add in custom information or notes about your contacts (which would be very helpful if using this for business) and you could also then add in information about your contact’s favorites on pretty much everything. From sports teams to drinks, sports to other activities, the choices were very specific and plentiful.

So after adding in three of my friends who agreed to be my test subjects, I started sending out messages. At first, I had to schedule all my texts, even those I was sending in live time because live messaging wasn’t working. The people I tried texting didn’t receive the messages, even though I was able to receive their responses, unless I wrote the post and scheduled it to be delivered a minute or so later. When I tried using live messaging a week later, it worked, so that was nice.

To test out what happens to scheduled posts set further in time, I scheduled a text on July 11 to go out to three of my friends on August 2, Friendship Day. I also scheduled a birthday text to go out to one of my friends on August 7. However, none of them received the Friendship day messages, and I do not yet know if my friend received her birthday text. Now this might be due to the fact that this was a trial for me to review, so maybe my scheduled posts were removed or something. So I don't know if this actually works or is something that will be fixed since Texting Base is in beta testing.

All in all, this seemed like a very useful application for someone with a job in sales or who works in an office and has to keep track of a lot of different people. This application was (to me) a combination of an address book, texting and using Facebook. So I do not think that I would keep using this, especially since I can use Facebook to instant message my friends versus using this for live messaging. The biggest advantage of Texting Base is being able to pre-schedule mass texts to go out and to record information you might need to know. Being able to mass text people rather than mass email them, hoping they'll get your message or respond is the most useful application for Texting Base in my mind. The people I know are more likely to check their phones then their emails, so that was useful. And for instance, if you're trying to shmooze a potential client, being able to remember their kids' names or their favorite sports team could be very important, but not something you would necessarily remember off the top of your head. 

So I don't know how useful this application would be, since it depends on what you would use it for. Like I said, I think this would be helpful in a business setting, but not necessarily in a personal setting (unless you are very forgetful and would rather schedule texts in advance rather than risk forgetting, which is actually a pretty good use of this).

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.*

Sound like an interesting application? Want a chance to try it for free too? Then just leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win.

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