Saturday, August 22, 2015

Reaper Mine Review and Giveaway

As the Reaper over Violence, Victor doesn’t do warm and fuzzy. He definitely doesn’t do damsels in distress. Apparently Dante didn’t get that memo when he assigned him to answer the call Elle sent out. And Elle was most defiantly a damsel in distress.

Now if only he could keep her alive long enough to find out who wanted to kill her? And why the hell did the Tribunal want her so badly?

Elle was a demi-goddess. A cursed demi-goddess, and one who had accidentally bound her soul to the Reaper over Violence in order to save her butt from a Freak trying to kill her in a graveyard.

Elle was having a really bad day. And where the hell were all these Freaks coming from anyway?

A war is brewing; the Tribunal wants to possess her. Forces beyond their control keep pulling them apart. And Victor will give his very soul to love her.

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My Review:
3.5 stars

I greatly enjoyed this story. I was drawn in right away, and the book held my attention all the way through. There was a great mix of action and romance and the story absolutely drew me in.

I also liked the characters, though Elle annoyed me a lot in the beginning of the book. However, once she started standing up for herself, I found myself rooting for her throughout the rest of the book.

My biggest complaint about this book was that it desperately needed an editor. Grammar errors, missing words, incorrect punctuation, confusing sentences and more were in the book. All the mistakes drove me up the wall, as they kept dragging me out of the story. This could have been a 4 or even a 5 star read for me if not for all the mistakes that should have been caught through editing.

This book is part of a series, and didn’t have a recap, so some of the terms and background information were lost on me as well. Therefore, I would recommend reading the other books in the series first before reading Reaper Mine in order to get the most out of the story. Nevertheless, you can still read this book without reading the others, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

All in all, the author created a very interesting world in this book that I would love to learn more about. However, I’m not sure if I would want to read the other books in the series if they show the same lack of editing as this book. But, if you can get over the editing (or if the author fixes it) I would highly recommend this book as it is a fun short read.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.*
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The author has also generously donated two copies of Reaper Mine for one lucky winner. Simply leave a comment with your email address to be entered to win. Must enter by August 28.

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