Saturday, August 29, 2015

MoodBliss Advanced Mood Support Formula Review

MoodBliss Advanced Formula is a supplement packed with vitamins, herbal extracts, minerals, and antioxidants.

Feel happier as your anxiety lessens, and your stress disappears. Your family and friends will notice the change in your disposition. You'll notice how well you sleep at night and how great you feel. MoodBliss promotes positive mood, relaxation and can also help at times of PMS.

Healthy living, a whole foods rich diet rich, exercise and a positive attitude all help to deal with whatever life throws at you. Sometimes though, living in this modern world with its multitude of distractions can still take a toll.

Packed with the maximum strength dosages of important stress reducing nutrients, MoodBliss brings you back to a feeling of calm for greater relaxation. You get all this in a simple, easy-to-swallow, vegetable capsule.

My Review:
4 stars

Again, I brought my roommate in to help with this review. She had tried Nuphorin before, and her thoughts on MoodBliss were very similar.

For one, the ingredients and amounts are virtually the same. MoodBliss had 25mg less of 5-HTP than Nuphorin which was the only noticeable difference between the two. The two vitamins even looked virtually the same.

Even though MoodBliss had less of the 5-HTP, it still worked well in helping her when she became overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Not to mention, she did feel a bit of an energy boost sometimes when taking the vitamins, a definite plus.

Also, since MoodBliss came in a more relaxing and peaceful looking bottle, she actually preferred using it over Nuphorin, which she thought looked too intimidating and medical. Plus, the MoodBliss is cheaper, which would make her more likely to buy it over Nuphorin in the future.

*I received this in exchange for an honest review.*

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