Sunday, August 9, 2015

Greenwald's All Purpose Citrus Cleaner 6-Pack Review

Commercial Grade Window Cleaner Spray At Wholesale Pricing
Our refills make six 32-oz spray bottles saving you 30-70% on your cleaning costs.

Cleaning Solution Saves Space
No need to store extra bottles of cleaner. Our packets saves a ton of space in your supply cabinet, closet, rack, caddy, cart, tote or bucket.

Great Cleaner For:
Home (kitchen, bathroom, countertop, glass shower door, blind, glasses, lens, fireplace, aquarium, stainless steel, computer, laptop, LCD, keyboard, mouse, camera), Automotive & Car (windshield, headlight, mirror, auto wheel, rim), Motorcycle, RV, Boat, Aircraft, Office, Commercial, Industrial and Janitorial use. Both interior & exterior all purpose window cleaner.

Use what the professionals use to leave your household sparkle clean. Now get a commercial formulation for less than you ever imagined.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our promise to you is if for any reason you do not feel this is the best cleaner you have ever used we will refund every penny. Our product is ammonia free and made in the USA

My Review:
3 stars

I loved using this. Absolutely loved it. We’re replacing all the flooring in the house right now, and are in the process of removing tile, a dusty, dirty job. I whipped up a bottle of this cleaner (using just a plain old, $1 spray bottle) and used it on everything. Windows, mirrors, floors, the bathroom…you name it, I used this cleaner on it. Not only did it work wonderfully, I didn’t get a headache from using it, like I do when using bleach or other cleaners. The smell wasn’t horrible and overpowering as well, another bonus. Plus, I got quite a lot of use out of the packets I used, and I still have some to spare. These are definitely worth the price, and I highly recommend them. I know I’ll definitely keep using these in the future :)

So, my review has changed slightly due to recent events. When I went to use the cleaner again, I discovered that somehow, two of the packets I had left over had gotten damaged, even though they were still stored in the original packaging, and leaked all over the place. I stored the packets properly, and they were sitting with other cleaning supplies, all of which were perfectly fine. I contacted the company, and they said that they would look into it. So, this significantly affected my review, since if you can't even store them without fear of them leaking, then why bother getting them? Hopefully I'm just the odd anomaly and this doesn't happen to anyone else. Nevertheless, I would still recommend giving these a try as they are great cleaners.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.*

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