Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Birthday Bash Day 23 - Sedonia Guillone

So, I’m a huge yaoi fan, it’s how I got into the M/M genre, and I still have a giant collection. So, it’s always great to meet another fellow yaoi fan like my next guest. So ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome Sedonia Guillone!

Letting my Yaoi Flag Fly
After years of writing erotic romances (eight, to be exact), the time has come to realize that a large part of my expression as a writer comes through yaoi-inspired fiction. I have struggled with that since I got hooked on writing M/M back in 2006 beginning Danny's Dragon (Total-E-Bound).

That discover unleashed an inner
writing revolution in me. Stories poured out right and left, including my beloved White Tiger series beginning with Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss (Total-E-Bound). And the pre-quel is still in the works. Close to being finished!) However, at the same time, the corner of me that lurks in most writers, the one that wants their books to take the world by storm (a la Harry Potter or Bella and Edward), has struggled against the tendency toward more niche culture fiction simply because the audience reached is so much smaller.

However, after time passed and the driving need to write the way I write continued, I have heard from readers whose lives have been touched by my stories. Are those people any less important than the masses who will never know my stories exist. Certainly not! They are ultra-important and I have come to my senses, realizing that if you touch even one life, if one person feels uplifted or has gotten through the day because something they read from you helped them, then that is priceless and I wouldn't have it otherwise.

Of course, I still get pangs for authorial fame and fortune now and again, especially when I go onto Amazon and there is posted yet another story of wild fame and success from someone who was previously waiting tables or struggling with the bills and now has bought their family a seven-room mansion with their royalty checks. lol. But the power of having touched someone else's life in a positive way, of having uplifted someone's spirit always wins out over empty desires and I am a happier, more fulfilled person for it.  I love being able to write stories that are true to my heart and incorporate the lessons I have learned about love - one of the most powerful being that, in spite of the maxim about it being better to give than to receive, that actually, being able to accept love is one of the most powerful forms of giving it.

I hope to be able to convey that message on a larger scale through my writing. But NOT because I'm hungry for fame and wealth, but because there is a message that can reach a love-starved world, a world full of terrorism, hunger, endless suffering. If there is any way what I have learned can be passed on to help others on a more widespread level, I hope to be able to do that. And a good start is where I am, with the people whom I already do reach. I am so, so grateful to them for reading my work and letting me know when they have enjoyed it. (And for the ones who have criticism, I learn how I can improve it). Thank you!

Sedonia is giving away a free e-book from Ai Press. One winner can go to and pick which book they would like. To enter, just leave a comment with your email.

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