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Birthday Bash Day 2 - Kim Dare

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Why, it’s the wonderful Kim Dare, back to help me celebrate again! Okay, that was a bit corny, but I couldn’t resist. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome Ms. Kim Dare!

Hi Everyone!

Maybe I’m strange, but I have to admit that I’m not really that into birthdays—not in real life. The first place my mind went when Emily asked about a memorable birthday was to some of my characters.

Colby and Noah were the main characters in a book I released last year called Worth Waiting For.

When the characters first meet, Colby is just fifteen years old and has a huge crush on Noah, a dancer who lives and works in the building opposite him. Noah is nineteen and has no interest in a fifteen-year-old. He tells Colby to come back and try again when he turns eighteen.

It’s a throwaway line on Noah’s part, a way of letting a fifteen-year-old kid down lightly. But, well, Colby isn’t the type to take something as a rejection when taking it literally could be so much more fun.

Fast forward to his eighteenth birthday and Colby is more than ready to take Noah up on that promise. Here’s a bit of what turns out to be a very memorable eighteenth birthday for Colby…

Noah closed his eyes and let the beat push everything else out of his mind. Even as he stood in the middle of the dance floor, everyone around him faded away. It was just him and the music now. It pounded through every cell of his body, filling his whole world with a simple kind of perfection.

Guys came closer and went away again. One song blurred into another. Noah barely noticed any of that. He stayed on the dance floor not caring about anything other than the perfection of being lost in the music, of being able to really dance without having to worry if his students would be able to keep up, while his friends went back to the bar and got the drinks.

Finally, it became a choice between joining his friends or dying of
thirst. Aware that he was probably already a few drinks behind everyone else, he grabbed one of the bottles of beer lined up on the bar in front of the group and tossed half of it back in one go. Smiling vaguely, he tried to focus on what his friends said to each other and to ignore the beat calling him back to the dance floor, but damn, it didn’t come easy tonight.

As he drained the remainder of the beer, he glanced at his friends. Everyone was looking at him now, or more precisely, they were looking over his left shoulder.

Noah glanced around, wondering who’d caught their attention. He turned completely as he saw the man standing a few feet behind him.

Hot as hell, was the first thing he registered.

He looked up to the guy’s hair or lack thereof. Trouble, his sensible side protested.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“You’re not his type,” Kevin piped up from somewhere behind Noah.

“I can speak for myself,” Noah corrected, looking the new guy up and down. Tight jeans, tight T-shirt—both emphasising a body that would probably look even better naked than it did clothed.

“God, Noah, only you would be stupid enough to hook up with a damn Nazi,” Kevin muttered into his beer.

“A what?” The guy looked from Noah to Kevin and back again, big blue eyes open very wide, making him look genuinely confused.

“So the haircut’s a fashion statement rather than a political one?” Noah asked glancing up at the guy’s shaved head.

“Oh!” He ran his hand over the top of his head as if he’d forgotten all about his hair, or lack thereof. “No. Neither.”

“Nothing personal,” Noah said. “There’s a local skinhead group that likes to send guys in here to cause trouble—some kind of warped initiation ritual.”

“Oh, shit,” Kevin muttered. He nudged Noah in the ribs. “Chemo.”

The guy’s eyes opened even wider. “No, it’s nothing like that! Hydrodynamics—I do a lot of swimming.”

Noah looked him up and down again. He had the height and build of a swimmer. It sounded plausible. There was only one thing that could stop him being damn near perfect. “What age group do you compete in?”

The guy grinned, looking far more pleased with the question than anyone in their right mind should. He took out his ID and passed it across without further comment.

Colby Landon.

Noah smiled when he saw the date on it. “Happy birthday. Eighteen today?”

Colby nodded. “You said to try again when I was eighteen.”

Noah’s eyebrows disappeared under his fringe. “You’re that kid.”

Colby seemed about to say something, but he stopped short. “Is there a way to say that I’m not a kid without sounding like a five year old?” he asked instead.

“Not a damn one.” Noah chuckled.

“I’m surprised you remember me,” Colby admitted.

“Cute teenage stalker—you do stand out a bit in my memory.” Damn, but three years had turned cute into stunning. “You lived in the
building opposite me, right?”

“I still live there, but I’m not stalking you.”

“I’m not complaining. From what I recall, you seemed sweet…in an obsessive sort of way. And you’re definitely hot enough to get away with a bit of eccentricity.” Noah smiled. “If I remember rightly, I promised to show you a good time when you could get in here legally.”

Colby blushed.

Noah grinned. Oh yeah, the boy really remembered that promise.

Colby cleared his throat. “About that drink?”


Colby caught the bartender’s eye on the second attempt. “I’ll have a Coke and…” He turned to Noah.

“Usual,” Noah supplied.

The bartender turned away to fill their order.

“You know you’re old enough to order a grown up drink, right?” Noah checked.

“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure I could be ninety and my coach would still kill me for it.”

“For one drink?”

“We’ve got a big competition coming up. We’re not supposed to drink until after it.”

“And you always do what you’re supposed to do?”

Colby shrugged. “Pretty much.”

“Does your coach have any other rules about what you’re not allowed to do before a big competition?” Noah was quite impressed with himself. He almost managed to pull off the innocent tone that seemed to come so naturally to Colby.

“Pages of them,” Colby said with a wry smile.

“What does he have to say about sex?”

Noah grinned as Colby’s blush came back full force.

“I know a lot of sports guys don’t screw the night before a big game,” Noah offered.

“He um… He’s never mentioned anything about that.” To Colby’s obvious relief, the bartender brought their drinks across. Colby paid the man and turned back to Noah.

Noah tilted his head back to look up at Colby and waited with unaccustomed patience to see what would happen next.

Colby took a swig of his drink, but he seemed to have reached the end of what he’d planned out in advance.

Noah leaned against the bar. It was probably a good thing the boy was a good swimmer, because he was so far out of his depth his feet might never find the bottom of the pool again.

“Did you come here just to see me?” Noah asked, when he realised there was no way in hell Colby was going to come up with a topic of conversation any time soon.

As soon as Colby focused on him, Noah wrapped his lips around the rim of his beer bottle and swallowed down a few mouthfuls.

Colby watched the well-practiced move with embarrassed appreciation.

“Well?” Noah prompted.

Colby blinked. “Pardon?”

“I asked if you came here just to see me.”

Colby nodded; he still hadn’t looked away from Noah’s mouth. Unless Noah was much mistaken, it wasn’t a beer bottle he was imagining sliding against his lips.

“I’m still trying to work out what I did that made such a good impression on you that you’d want to come back and take me up on an offer I made, what, three years ago?”

“I watch you dancing.”

“Just dancing?” Noah teased, trying to remember if he’d consistently made it all the way to his bedroom at the back of the studio before things got interesting.

The blush deepened. “Just dancing,” Colby confirmed.

“I can’t believe you haven’t had plenty of other offers in the meantime.” He said it mostly to enjoy the way the boy blushed, but Colby just shrugged.

Noah froze with his beer halfway to his lips. “Are you saying you’ve never taken anyone up on those offers?”

Colby shrugged again.

The words you’re a virgin sprung to Noah’s lips but, no. It was unlikely. It was also just possible enough that it might cross the line between making the boy blush and really humiliating him.

Noah looked across to the crowded dance floor. “Do you dance, or do you just watch?”

Colby shook his head. “Sorry. Two left feet.”

Noah downed the rest of his drink and took Colby’s barely touched Coke out of his hand. “Come on.”

“I really mean it. I can’t even clap to a beat.”

“Then it’s lucky clapping isn’t involved, isn’t it?”

Colby kept on protesting, but he didn’t once try to shake off Noah’s hand as Noah led him past the main dance floor and on to another one, which was less crowded. The music here was quieter; the other dancers were all paired up already. It was probably slightly closer to Colby’s speed than the free-for-all Noah usually danced in.

Ignoring the men around them, Noah stopped in the middle of the dance floor and pulled Colby closer by his belt loops. “It’s not complicated. You just move to the beat.”

Colby remained entirely motionless, his expression highly sceptical.

Noah laughed. “Here, put your hands in my pockets.”

He took Colby’s hands and guided them around his body, into the back pockets of his tight leather trousers. The move immediately brought them up close and personal. Colby was quite a few inches taller than him, but not so much that their bodies didn’t line up very nicely.

Noah put his hands on Colby’s arse in return and pulled him nearer still, so their hips fitted neatly together. Keeping it simple, Noah just rocked his hips in time to the beat, letting their bodies rub together.

“That’s it,” he coaxed, as Colby tentatively took up the movement.

In moments, Colby’s erection was pressing against him through their clothes.

Noah smiled to himself. “That’s right,” he whispered.

The simple fact that the boy wanted him that much soon had Noah’s cock hardening too. He adjusted their positions slightly, so Colby would know that he wasn’t the only one getting off on humping another man on the dance floor.

Trusting Colby to keep their hips moving to the beat now, Noah slid his hands up Colby’s shoulders. When he went to thread his hands into Colby’s hair, he stopped short. He trailed his fingers over Colby’s scalp, only the lightest stubble lingered where all the floppy blond hair had been three years before.

“That feels nice,” Colby murmured. As he leaned into the touch, his eyes dropped closed.

“I’ve always liked it if a guy strokes my hair while I go down on him,” Noah offered.

Colby bit his lip.

“Have you ever gone down on someone, Colby?” Noah whispered.

Colby shook his head very slightly, but he didn’t open his eyes.

“Has anyone ever gone down on you?”

He shook his head again. In the dim lights it wasn’t easy to tell if he was blushing, but it was impossible for Noah to believe he wasn’t.

“Ever imagined me going down on you?”

Colby’s steps faltered as the rhythm of the dance completely deserted him.

“I give great head.”

Colby opened his eyes, but he didn’t try to meet Noah’s gaze. “I believe you.”

“You’re that easy to convince? Pity. If you’d called me a liar, I’d have had to get down on my knees and prove it to you…”

Such a nice boy, such good manners; no accusation passed his lips. As Noah guided him to pick up the beat again, Colby even moved his hands from Noah’s back pockets to rest on the small of his back.

Noah smiled and pulled him closer, keeping their bodies pressed tightly together. “I think I’ll make a dancer out of you yet. You’ve got pretty good rhythm to start with. And, you know, rhythm’s rhythm. If a man dances well, he’ll screw well, too.”

Colby didn’t say anything to that, but Noah wasn’t fooled. If Colby had been watching him in the studio after he’d got rid of all the students, then he had to know that Noah was a bloody brilliant dancer…

As you can probably imagine, Colby’s birthday was a good one that year—and here’s wishing that Emily has an even better one this year!

Kim Dare

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Worth Waiting For
When Colby earned a swimming scholarship to the Falconer Institute of Training, he expected to spend all his time either training or studying, but that was before he looked out of his living room window and straight into the dance studio opposite.

It’s taken Noah years, but he’s finally got his life in order. He teaches dance classes all day, hits the clubs every night and he’s not looking for complications—especially not in the form of overly-innocent swimmers who like to spy on him from across the street.

The first time Colby approaches him, Noah has no trouble turning him away. It’s only when Colby returns years later, to collect on a casually delivered promise, that Noah finds himself incapable of keeping Colby locked out of his carefully re-constructed life.

Their kinks may match up perfectly, but their lives and their pasts couldn’t be more different. Years have passed, but will what they have together turn out to be worth waiting for?

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Donovan’s reputation at the institute is different. The only reason people are pretty sure he’s gay is because he drinks at the same pub as most of the gay and bi Falconer guys, and he’s never actually said he’s straight when he’s brushed them all off.

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The odds are stacked against two very different men ever finding happiness together, but as far as Tony and Donovan are concerned, it’s still worth a shot.

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About Kim Dare:
Kim is a thirty year old bisexual submissive from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels. Having worked with a host of fantastic e-publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.

While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim's first love is still, and probably always will be, Male/Male stories. But, no matter what the pairing, from paranormal to contemporary, and from the sweet to the intense, everything she writes will always feature three things - Kink, Love and a Happy Ending.
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