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Birthday Bash Day 16 - Sean Michael

Now, this author was one of my first forays into BDSM, and has remained one of my favorites ever since. I’m pleased to welcome back Sean Michael!

First of all – Happy Birthday Emily! I hope it’s the best one yet!
Thanks Sean!

Last year I shared my most memorable birthday, which I spent in Australia, so I thought I’d do something different this year.

My most memorable birthday gift was the one I didn’t get on my birthday. My birthday falls in January, which is always snowy and cold, some years snowier and colder than others! Well, I can remember one year where I really, rather desperately, wanted a bike. But, you know, the world out there is a blanket of snow and ice and far too cold for indulging in bike-riding. So that year I got a card and when I opened the card, there was a picture (from the Sears catalog no doubt) taped to the inside, of a shiny new bike. And that was it. The promise of a bike to come.

I think I was about eight at the time and let me tell you, the promise of a gift to come, in several months, was not anywhere near the same as having the gift in hand. I know my folks meant well and I got the bike once spring rolled around, but man, that’s the only birthday I can specifically remember my gift (or as I said, lack of gift). I can even see the inside of the card with the taped on picture in my mind’s eye.

I’m not sure what the moral of that story is – possibly be careful what you wish for! – but there you go.

I have a book coming out today at Resplendence! This one is a re-release and it uses the old bodyguard trope, which I have to admit, I do love. I don’t know why I don’t use it more.

Guardian Angel
Country singer Daniel “Dusty” Young can’t understand why anyone would want him dead, or why anyone would think he’s important enough to kidnap. So it comes as a complete surprise when attempts are made on his life and he’s appointed Rafe, a G-man guardian angel. Rafe is determined to protect Daniel, even from himself, but it’s not an easy job.

When Rafe finally takes Daniel off to the middle of nowhere, it gives them time to pursue other things, like each other. Too much R&R might just make them sloppy, though, and sloppy could get them killed. Can they survive fighting for their lives and falling in love?

“I’m not sure this is a good idea,” he said softly, eyes definitely below Daniel’s belt.

“No? I won’t push you, Angel. Hold on, I’ll grab them.”

Rafe got to watch those hips move, as Daniel reached across for the pocket.

He licked his lips; he couldn’t help it. “I just…I’m supposed to be looking out for you, Daniel, not…” He waved his hand at Daniel’s pants.

“But you are looking.”

He swallowed and nodded, voice thick when he replied, “I guess I am at that. And it seems silly to make you reach over like that…”

“Then get your keys, Angel.”

“Not my name,” he murmured, eyes flicking to Daniel’s as he stepped closer, hand reaching for the man’s pocket.

“Rafael. Rafe.” Daniel smelled male, musky and earthy, strong.

He nodded, slipping his hand into Daniel’s pocket. Damn, those were tight jeans. He bit his bottom lip, pushing his fingers in deeper.

“Mmm…” Daniel sucked in, and fuck, Rafe felt it. Daniel’s belly just rippled.

He might have whimpered, and he was definitely disappointed when his fingers found the keys.

“Damn. You could drop them; go fishing for them.”

Rafe’s eyes widened, fingers fluttering and dropping the keys. “Oh. I didn’t. Not on purpose. I—”

“Shh…” Daniel smiled, tongue wetting those pretty lips. “It’s cool.”

Rafe was mesmerized by the shine on the red lips. He could smell Daniel, hot and musky. His fingers went for the keys again, and he gasped softly as his fingers brushed against Daniel’s cock.

“Oh…” Daniel leaned, his cock brushing Rafe’s fingers. “You’re warm.”

“And you’re hot.” He just stood there, looking at Daniel, fingers in the man’s pocket.

“You going to freak out if I kiss you?”

“Is your lip okay?” he asked. The ointment seemed to have done a good job getting down the swelling, but it still looked a little sore.

“It’s a little tender. Nothing worth worrying over.”

God, the man’s eyes were blue. Real blue.

“Then I guess I’m not going to freak.” Rafe leaned in a little, eyes watching Daniel’s get closer. There were a lot of reasons why this wasn’t a good idea. Then Daniel’s tongue slid over his lips, soft and right, like fire. Oh, man. Then there was the reason it was. He made a sound, soft and needy, fingers curling in Daniel’s pocket.

“Mmmhmm. So fucking pretty.” Daniel pushed the kiss a little deeper, tongue slipping past Rafe’s lips.

Sean is giving away a copy of upcoming release Spot the Difference to a random commentor on Saturday, so leave a comment with your email to enter!
Having both recently left Doms who just weren’t right for them, twins Christopher and Robin get together at a coffee house to commiserate. They can’t help but wish out loud for the men they’re looking for. These ideal men are as different as the twins are alike, though, and they lament ever finding two Doms to fit the bill.

When barista Core asks Robin to go to dinner with him after hearing his wishlist, Christopher can’t help but be jealous of his twin. That soon changes, however, when Darren approaches his table with a few wishes of his own.

Can Christopher and Robin really both find exactly what they’re looking for on the same night? Or is it too big a coincidence to be real?


Thank you for having me, Emily!
Sean Michael
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  1. Both books sound really good! Love guardian angels and love books with twins! Thanks for the chance to win!
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    1. Thanks, Jean -- you're my winner! I'll send you Spot the Difference to the addy you've left here :)

  4. My best birthday memory is getting a snow day from school and going down the road to my grandma's house because she had baked me fresh muffins. Both of these books are going on my wish list, can't wait to read them.

    1. I love snow! That's a great story :)

      And thank you :)