Thursday, April 17, 2014

Birthday Bash Day 17 - Dianne Hartsock

Our next guest has been on my blog the most out of any author. I’ve interviewed her, reviewed her books, and gotten to know her, and so when I decided to do the bash again, I just knew I had to have her stop by one more time to help celebrate. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dianne Hartsock!

First off, I'd like to thank Emily for inviting me to her fabulous Birthday Bash. Happy Birthday Emily!
Thanks Dianne!

Birthdays have always been a fun time for me. I love the anticipation leading up to the big day, wondering what gifts my family and friends will come up with. Will we go to dinner or eat something special at home? Cake? Yes! But what flavor…

I do have to admit, though, that the birthdays I enjoyed as a kid are still some of my favorite memories. The house I grew up in had a back staircase leading off of the kitchen. It had a door so was the perfect place to hide when the cake was being made. It was supposed to be a great secret and we couldn't know what kind of cake it was until it was brought to the table, bright with candles.

But if we kept the door cracked just a bit and sat on the dark stairs, we could smell the cake being baked and guess at the flavor. And when the frosting was made, if I happened to peek out the door, my sister would let me lick the beaters.

I can't remember any of the Birthday dinners I ate, but when the table was cleared and I'm sitting there waiting… Mom would turn off the lights, I'd close my eyes, my family would sing the Birthday song, then Oh my! Heat and light from the candles flashed in the darkened room, presents littered the table in front of me. My heart would swell and I'd make a big wish and blow out the candles, and think that THIS is the best Birthday ever. And smile in anticipation of doing it all again next year.

To help Emily celebrate her Birthday I'd like to leave you with the link to several of my FREE READS. Help yourself! And I hope your Birthday is as enjoyable as mine always are. Thanks for celebrating with us!

My free stories are available here!

Off Sides
Luke Parsons has been denying who he is all his life despite his loneliness, to please his homophobic father. After all, he graduates in eighteen months and can love anyone he desires after that. But when Austin and Riley join his soccer team, the dark beauties quickly steal Luke’s heart and peace of mind. Suddenly, his father’s approval seems less important. Now Luke has to decide to keep his father’s goodwill or throw everything away on a chance at happiness.

Damon's Touch
Damon’s hunger gnaws at him. He needs to feed soon before desire overrides caution and he enters the village.

For Lacey, the sight of Damon drinking from his brother’s throat should repulse him. Instead, he’s oddly aroused. Damon is all his fantasies come true. Lovely and dangerous.

As Damon’s prisoner, Lacey’s love for his beautiful captor grows, but will love be enough to set them both free?

Author Bio:
Dianne is the author of m/m erotic romance, both contemporary and fantasy, the psychological thriller, and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer. If she can’t be writing, at least she has the chance to create with the beauty of flowers and bring a smile to someone’s face. Currently Dianne lives in the Willamette Valley of Oregon with her husband, and both her children have chosen to attend colleges close to home, for which she is forever thankful. You can find out more about Dianne here:

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  1. I always liked to help decorate my cake on my birthday... I am not very good with surprises! lol
    Also, I had just reread Off Sides over the weekend! I will have to look into Damon's Touch!

    1. Thanks for stopping in and celebrating Emily's Birthday with us, Latona! I'm glad you like Off Sides. Damon's Touch is different, but I think you'll like it just as much. :)

  2. Favorite part of a birthday was decorating the cake. Thanks for the free reads.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

    1. Good morning Jean! Thanks for stopping by for Emily's Birthday Bash! So, did you use candy sprinkles on your cakes? I always liked the redhot candies. :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Emily!!! I'm really excited to be here celebrating with you. :)

    1. I'm so happy to have you by again Dianne, thanks so much!

  4. I do love both these stories, especially DAMON'S TOUCH! And I usually bake my own's fun to decide what I want in and on it!

    Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

    1. Hi Trix! I have a small confession, I love the frosting more than the cake! Especially if it's made with cream cheese...mmm.... Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with us. :)