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Black Adagio VBT

Book Description:
Melissa Solange is presented the chance of a lifetime. Chosen as a member of a new dance company, she works tirelessly perfecting the one element of ballet she's never mastered—the adagio. As she rehearses, a dark force watches. Resurrected by the surprise addition of a classic ballet to the repertoire, the sinister work is thought to be cursed—destroying anyone who attempts to dance it.

When the production's lead dancers begin to disappear, the old warning is taken more seriously. A death worshipping cult called The Innocents is blamed, but she is not so sure. They may be the scapegoat for an ultimate evil living in the woods of Holybrook. Desperate for an answer, she searches for what lurks in the shadows of the old trees before she becomes the next victim of the Danse Macabre.

Keeping track of the passengers that departed, all the stops in town were completed. The last one at the outskirts of town remained. Trying to figure out why Barbara was traveling into the middle of nowhere, he ruled out that she could be headed to the school. She wasn’t a dancer, and evening was much too late to be wandering around in the dark. Then there were those woods. It made no sense for her to be going near there. No one in their right mind would be going into that forest alone.

Alone! That was it! She was going to meet someone, but why was she doing it at this time of night? Perhaps she was cheating on the man she’d left him for. If so, his heart went out to the cuckolded husband. He hated to admit it, but he could well imagine her engaging in this kind of betrayal. If she could do it to him, she was capable of doing it to anyone.

Out on the open highway, the vehicle raced at a clip. Its windshield wipers batting away, the smattering of snow drove into the glass. He stepped on the gas, his car’s tires digging in. Gripping the wheel, the heat was now shooting out and thawing his frozen extremities. His thighs still tensed, it wasn’t from the cold, only the gravity of the situation. Certain that he could press them into further action, they wouldn’t fail him. He was old, but not dead. There was no way he’d miss this opportunity.

His palms were sweating, his brow becoming moist. Old feelings surged up from the soul holding his sanity like fragile glass. His eyes already tearing up with regrets, he wondered if there was a promise of a future. While he was interested in hearing her explanation, what he really wanted was for her to change her mind.

He was being a fool. His friends and family had told him that over and over again. Even with drumming it into his head, all his chances to be happy were let go like grains of sand from a hand opening on a beach. He didn’t want to be with anyone else. It wouldn’t be fair to pretend someone else was her.

Easing down on the brake, the final stop was up ahead. Pulling to the side of road, he parked, waiting for the inevitable. Withdrawing from the car like a cobra from a basket, he wrapped his arms over his chest, beating his arms slightly for warmth. Hopping from leg to leg, the bus came to a halt. His eyes level with the passenger that emerged, he finally saw her.

“Barbara!” he screamed, the sound covered by the loud rumble of the bus resuming its rounds.

Spinning her head around, she met his eyes. Her face taking on an expression of fright mixed with determination, she took off for the woods. Her high boots easily cutting through the deep snow, his legs had trouble lifting, but he nonetheless tried to follow the footsteps that carved out a trail.

“Barbara, please stop! I only want to talk to you!” he pleaded, “You owe me that much!”

Arms flailing from a slip, he recaptured his balance. The lip of the woods ahead, Barbara was surprisingly fleet of foot. Only a few feet ahead of him, with a tremendous effort, he shifted into a higher gear. His legs pumping forward, his arms aided in him catching up with his elusive muse.

At the foot of the path leading into the forest was where he caught her. His hand groping forward, he snatched a hold of the synthetic white material, not letting go. His other hand joined in, gaining even a better hold on her wrist. Spinning her around, he stared in horror. Unable to speak, he broke the silence with a scream.

Thanks so much for stopping by. So, how did you get started writing?
I started out as a reader. I was always a fanatic. At one point in my life, I was reading one book a day. The genres were varied, but I stuck to scarfing down fiction. In the 90s, something switched inside and I started in on non-fiction. I began an in-depth exploration into religion, mythology, alchemy, physics, the inner workings of the mind and other esoteric subjects. I tore through so many books that I barely had room on my bookshelves.

The outcome of that journey was my wanting to write. My first attempt was THE CHRYSALIS STATE. It was based on an idea found in the Yoga Sutras. Compiled by Patanjali, one aphorism maintained that after death, we dream the dreams we deserve.

After that, the ideas kept flowing and I kept writing.

What was the inspiration for your book?
BLACK ADAGIO was inspired many years ago. I was about seventeen and just walking down the street when I was struck by an idea. It was one that played in my mind like a scene out of a movie. The image was of a ballerina being attacked by an otherworldly creature that one would do best to avoid.

I was not writing at the time nor did I plan to start. Nonetheless, the idea stuck with me all these years. When I did eventually put pen to paper, the concept was revisited. I decided that it was time to flesh out the story and give it life. Thus, Melissa Solange and all the rest of the characters living in Holybrook were born.

BLACK ADAGIO combines two of my loves: horror and ballet. I was surprised at how easily the story filled in and was carried away by Melissa’s passion for dance. It is something I can relate to and I’m very satisfied with the result.

What’s the one genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to?
Since I’m currently writing two mysteries, I would have to say romance. I would love to write a happy story about two people that are destined to be together. I’ve written pretty much all other genres including screwball comedies. It’s just that a lot of my writing is in the form of screenplays so not many people are familiar with that side of me.

Are there any genres you won’t read or write in? Why?
There are genres I tend not to read or write, but I’m open to anything. My reading preferences are mystery, thrillers, suspense, horror and conspiracy-based dramas, but I’ve read romance and comedies and enjoyed them as well.

The only thing I will not read is mean-spirited, negative writing. For instance, a story that details the torturing of someone when there’s no point to it. I don’t get off on that. I should say that not everything is meant to have a happy ending, but there’s a huge difference between a story being depressing and one that is sadistic for the sake of enjoying cruelty. Those are the types of stories I avoid.

So, what are you working on right now? Got any releases planned, or still writing?
I’m working on five projects. The one that is most likely to be finished first is THRILL. It’s full-on, in-your-face horror. Friendly warning: You’ll need a barf bag for the ending. Maybe I could include one with each sale. We’ll see if Amazon and I can work out some sort of deal.

The short description of THRILL is: Kyle Evans is a teenager who wants to be somebody. To achieve this goal, he joins a gang called Hell's Bells. While he thinks he's arrived, he only finds danger.

The club is obsessed with finding thrills and taking chances. Up for a dare, Kyle accepts a challenge and finds that some rides should never be taken.

Alright, now for some totally random, fun questions.
Favorite color?    Blue, but my favorite color crayon is periwinkle.
Favorite movie?     The Picture of Dorian Gray
Book that inspired you to become an author?
Salem’s Lot, Pride and Prejudice, Steppenwolf and The Black Stallion. Loved them all.

Alright, you have one superpower. What is it?
The ability to heal the world. And I would use it, too! I hate to see anybody or anything suffer. And don’t get me started on those commercials with the animals in cages where “In the Arms of An Angel” is playing! I cry like a baby.

You can have dinner with any 3 people, dead, alive, fictitious, etc. Who are they?
Well, Lord Byron would have to be there, wouldn’t he? I might be able to pry out his big secret and catch a glimpse of the skeletal Caroline Lamb. Leonardo DaVinci would have to be there also. I mean, really, he’d be one fascinating person to chat with. I guess the third would be Robespierre. I don’t have a very strategic mind. I stink at chess and lose even when I cheat. Therefore, I’d be fascinated to learn from an expert.

Last question: Which of your characters are you most like and how/why?
Yikes! I write horror so I’ll leave out the vampires. Well, Chuck, Charles, Rawley Beckett is the one closest to my heart, but I’m probably most like Beth Fennick. She’s the central character in THE MAN WITH THE BLUE HAT. She’s meticulous and drives herself crazy with things most people wouldn’t notice. Ditto. She’s had friends stab her in the back out of pure jealousy and to get what she has. Ditto. She’s constrained by rules and trying to do the right thing. Ditto. So while there are differences, this central prudishness and obsessiveness is most like me.

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About the Author:
Wendy Potocki lives and writes in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, she writes in the genre of horror. She feels creating good horror is an art form. She religiously devotes herself to pursuing it over hill and dale -- and in the crevices of her keyboard.

Named one of the Top Ten "New" Horror Authors by Horror Novel Reviews, she has six self-published novels. Book trailers for many of her works may be found on her official website. Her next planned projects are Thrill, The Virgin, and ZaSo, a Gothic tale of horror.

In her spare time, she loves to go for long walks, drink Starbucks Apple Chai Lattes, make devotional offerings to her cat named Persephone, and be stilled by the grace, beauty and magic of ballet.

Book Trailers:
The Man with the Blue Hat


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