Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From the Ashes VBT

Cinder never thought that he could rise from the ashes of his life, but an unexpected encounter with a woman claiming to be his fairy godmother may be just what he needs. Finding himself flung into his very own fairy tale, she sends him off to meet his Prince Charming. But was the gown really necessary?


Dancing couples parted effortlessly around them as the elegant man escorted him to the center of the floor. Cinder's cumbersome skirts swayed and swept the floor, threatening to entangle his feet past any hope of grace.

Fumbling as he tried to remember which hand went where, Cinder placed his right hand on a broad velvet-covered shoulder. Strong, warm fingers enfolded his other hand and gave a reassuring squeeze. The man seemed to sense his unease. The awkward way he held himself, all tense and tight, had to be unmistakable.

Cinder corrected himself several times as he either stepped off with the wrong foot or tried to lead. How was he supposed to do this without harming either one of them? Why couldn't it have been a pavane?

The blasted slippers were so slick that Cinder had to hang on to the other man more than he wanted to just to remain on his feet. He had the distinct impression that the noble got the wrong idea from that.

The man caught his eye and smiled, somewhat more predatorily than Cinder was entirely comfortable with. What was going through the aristocrat's mind? Cinder began to feel like one of the small cakes the footmen carried on silver trays.

Did he want this man to gaze on him in that fashion? Cinder blushed and turned his face awkwardly away. He needed to concentrate on the dance. He didn't have the luxury of sharing soulful glances and chattering like a magpie.

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My Review
4 stars

This was a fun take on the classic Cinderella story. Now, I don’t want to spoil the book, but I loved the surprise (to me at least) ending and how it was different from the usual ending. That definitely made the book stand out more for me, and I’m glad the author took the risk and made it her own.

Another thing I loved was the humor. There were parts where I just burst out laughing, which made the story even better.

The only thing I didn’t like was how short it seemed to me. I wish it’d been longer and less rushed. Also, there were times where I felt a little disconnected from the story, where things started to become a little out there and unimportant.

All in all though, this was a great read and one I highly recommend.

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A bit of a tomboy, Kayla Jameth grew up pretending to be a Native American brave on her family's farm. Somewhat eclectic, she can weld, make maple syrup, and even earned a knighthood making medieval costumes. Although she is now a veterinarian, her love of all things ancient led her to minor in Classical History. Now she spends her free time writing m/m erotic romance.

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  1. Love the blurb!


  2. Good review! I enjoy a book that has some humor in it.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

    1. I had fun writing From the Ashes and the humor couldn't help but bleed into the story.

  3. The only thing that can redeem the Cinderella story is to put some men up in it. I hope this version has evil stepbrothers...

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

    1. Nope, still evil stepsisters. But it's still worth reading. :)

    2. Sorry... Only Cinder's gender was changed. Still a fairly classic Cinderfella.

  4. Thank you for the lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed the "twist ending".

  5. Loved the blurb and thank you for the giveaway. I love the idea of an m/m Cinderella story.

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

    1. Thank you. Cinderfellas have more leeway in the story than the traditional m/f versions.

  6. Congrats on the good review. Surprise ending and humor are good points in a story to me.

    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com