Friday, May 24, 2013

Author Interview - Havan Fellows

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Havan: want the textbook answer or the "oops did I finish this tequila by myself" answer? :) Okay, how about something in between? I'm just a normal average boring annoying person...I enjoy reading and writing books in my spare time, what spare time I have because just like everyone else RL (real life) kicks my assets on a daily basis. I've been writing since I was a kiddo, but never thought I would do anything with it. Oh I daydreamed I'd be a can't-keep-my-books-on-the-shelf author, but never made any moves to be that person until two years ago. Wish me luck and let's have another shot. ;)

Where did you come up with the idea for your freaky flash?

Ideas are fickle, they come to you when they want to...not when you want them to. Let's just say I have a LOT of voices in my head and every once in a while one of them will out scream the rest...and their story becomes the next one with those two fabulous words The End on it.

How did you come up with your characters?
They find me really, no I'm not being cute or exaggerating...I mean it about the voices—you should hear how I talk to family/friends about my stories. Though I like to think all authors talk like that and no I'm not weird...hehe

Who did you show your first draft to and why?
I have a special friend that sees all my first drafts before anyone else. He is a great beta reader who isn't afraid to spank my ego and tell me how it is, but he doles out the praise when it is deserved also. I'd be kinda (read: a freaking LOT) lost without him. :)

Do you have plans to a follow up?
I'd love to elaborate on my story in Freaky Flashes...but I don't know if it would have an audience, or if it would make a good longer story. It seems to be liked for the most part as is.

What is your favourite movie?
Changes all the time...though there are a few Disney movies that when they play I have to stop everything and watch them. Um...yeah.

Where do you go to escape?
My head. Hey...if there is enough room in there for all those voices surely there is enough room for me too.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
First, I'm really not qualified to give anyone advice...scary thought there lol. But...since you asked here it is. People mention all the time that this is a cut throat business...but I have to wonder why? There are enough readers out there with diverse taste that everyone can have a piece of their dream. So don't listen to the bad negative, learn from the good negative and always stay positive.

Author Bio:
I annoy, love, respect, scare, seduce, hurt, anger, infatuate, frustrate, flatter, envy, amuse and tolerate everyone. I directly attribute this statement to the beautiful characters in my head.

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