Saturday, April 30, 2016

Birthday Celebration Day 7 - Today's the Day!

It’s finally arrived…it’s my birthday! Whoot, whoot! I am now a wise, beautiful 24 year old who still has a lot of life to live and a lot of love to give (yes, yes, I couldn’t help the rhyming).

I think today I’ll just keep this short and sweet. You see, I decided to spend my birthday celebrating with my family and friends. I went out with my girls last night and now I’m going to visit my family and spend the day with them, reminiscing and enjoying life.

So I will see y’all tomorrow for the wrap-up…but first it’s giveaway time! You didn’t think I’d forget you guys on my day, did you? Today I’m giving away another $5 Amazon GC to a lucky commenter. Let’s see…best comment wins. It can be heartfelt, funny, share a video, whatever. Just leave your email address with your comment, and that’s it. Have a great day guys, I’m off to enjoy my big day!


  1. Last night while eating chocolate cake Jessie says:

    "Chocolate is my one and only love and strawberries are it's mistress."


  2. I'm not sure i wished you Happy Birthday and just wanted to take the time to do so. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely one =)
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Thanks H.B! I had a good birthday, though I ended up getting sick, which is no fun at all. Other than that though, I got to spend time with my friends and family celebrating.