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No Matter When VBT

Standing on the battlements of a 16th century Keep was the last place Gabriel Sutherland should be. Then again, being ‘shifted’ to 1503 seconds before a rocket blew his ass to bits wasn’t something he had envisioned either. Still, he was surviving the only way he knew how, as a soldier. Then Lilly arrived. Sweet, innocent Lilly. For a genetically superior soldier whose life had entailed of nothing but serving King and country, the arrival of Lilly proves too much for Gabe to ignore. For the first time in his life, Gabe can have a woman of his own and Lilly is the one.

Lilly Marten lives alone, her quiet life the result of a highly sensitive photographic memory. That changed when she arrived in the year 1503 seconds before Toronto’s popular C.N Tower came crashing down on top of her. Now she was never alone. Gabe was always near. With his unbelievably perfect features and intense green eyes, he is not a man easily ignored. Yet, uncertainty about her new life leaves Lilly with no choice but to put faith in a man she fears and whose strong physical presence causes her to desire more than just his trust.

She took a sip of the tea—her head was beginning to throb again with the mere idea of being back in the past. If this was really…real, she had hundreds of other questions.

She blinked, her vision clearing. “Now that I know the where and when, I’ll ask about the how. How did I get here?”

Gabe’s golden eyebrows pushed together. He clasped his hands together, sighing. “I can tell you how you got here in general terms, but not the mechanics of it. I don’t fully understand how he’s able to do it.”

Lilly took in the details of his handsome face and knew from his intense stare that not a single detail would slip past him, that he was aware of everything that surrounded him.

“You were brought here by a Time Shifting Interval System.”

“What’s a Time Shifting Interval System?”

“Basically, it’s a fancy name for a time machine. You felt the wind, didn’t you? The mini twister?”

She sat up straighter, her eyes widening. “Yeah!”

He nodded. “That’s the TSIS. From what I understand, it produces the whirlwind. It’s that whirlwind that tracks and locates a target—in this case, you. Once you’re inside, it locks you into place so you can’t slip out of it, then pulls you from one time to another.”

“So that was why I couldn’t get away from it. Every time I moved, it followed me.”

He nodded. “I was told it locks you in place to read your genetic structure, so it can put you back together in the right order at your destination point.” He paused, then cocked his head a little to the side. “It took you while you were at work?”

She took another sip of tea and swallowed. “I had just gotten there and was talking to my frie—To my manager,” she corrected herself. Looking into the cup, she remembered the overwhelming feeling she’d had as Stacey left. Had it been coincidence, or part of this time shifting thing?

Where do ideas come from?

For me ideas come in many forms. From sitting on the beach in Dominican Republic, drinking Pina Coladas to a Beware of the Wolves sign on Vancouver Island in British Colombia to yes…vacuuming.

Ideas can come from anywhere and anything. And the three examples above happened to me. Seriously…true story!

No Matter When was sparked from drinking to many Pina Coladas and my next book, Extinct, due out February/March 2014 came to me after walking through a forest that had a sign warning about wolves in the area. And just the other day while I was vacuuming my upstairs I had the best idea for a contemporary romance. I was simply pushing my Dyson around my room admiring my nice clean carpet and BAM!  A whole story idea popped into my head. Crazy right! Personally, I think my inspiration came from my Dyson. I just love that thing!

So you see, anything can spark an idea. Although, I do have to say I get a lot of ideas for scenes on a WIP while I’m in the shower.  I was laughing with my husband about that a couple of weeks ago and we figured out it was because I was alone and didn’t have a 10 year-old distraction or his 8 year-old sidekick disrupting my thoughts. I finally get to relax and then the ideas begin to flow.

I also get a lot of ideas in bed at night. Again, I’m totally relaxed because the distractions are in bed, the house is nice and quiet, and while I’m waiting for the sandman, I continue my writing withour actually typing anything down. I just think about what will happen next.  Will there be some action, some romance, who will say what, who kisses who, I run through ideas in my head and write down the ideas the next day.

Of course having watched a gorgeous inspiration in a movie *cough* Bradley Cooper *cough* helps those ideas progress nicely. But I’ve been lucky so far and though there is a bit of tweaking needed here and there the ideas have always worked out.

Thank you for that Mr. Cooper. Lol


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    1. LOL My pleasure, Melinda.
      The cover is great isn't it. The art gang over at Totally Bound is a talented group of people.

  3. Thanks for the excerpt. I agree, the cover is beautiful.

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  4. Great post about inspiration and ideas :)

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  6. I always like to know where the ideas come from.