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Enos Review Tour

Enos is a private investigator with a problem: he’s four months behind on the rent, and he hasn’t had a decent case in months. When the beautiful Jayleen walks into his office, matters go from bad to worse. Not only is she hoping to locate her missing roommate (who will almost certainly appear on her own within a matter of hours), Jayleen isn’t able to pay Enos’s normal rate. At least, she isn’t able to pay in cash....

To his surprise, Enos discovers that not only is Jayleen’s roommate truly missing, the young woman has been kidnapped for a most sinister purpose, by powers best left alone. There are dark forces at work, and Enos finds himself far more involved in the simple missing person case than is good for him.

Continuing his practice of having sex with anyone who doesn’t say no fast enough, Enos is soon in danger not just of eviction, but of evisceration.

Warning: For Adults Only. Heterosexual and homosexual behavior; coerced and reluctant participation; light dominance and discipline.

Enos looked out through the side-by-side windows of his office.  The glass – unwashed since he moved in – added an extra layer of grit to the narrow side street below, which was half-blocked by an oxcart with a broken wheel, the steep angle holding a puddle of water in one corner of the bed, discarded takeaway containers clotting the surface.

Enos turned away.  He didn’t need to be looking out the window when he was already depressed.

The rent was his big problem.  Four months in arrears.  Enos had never been that far behind before, and the landlord was starting to talk eviction, which would be catastrophic.  Enos had four years of barter equity in this place.  The phone, the electricity, the water.  None of it free, mind you, but heavily discounted, which was better by virtue of being legal.  Even a small case would let him keep up-to-date on the utilities.  But to cover four months of rent, he needed 200 drachma.  Make it 250, just so he could get a full month ahead, try to buy off the hostility.

Enos saw maybe one case a year that size.  Which was fine, except when business dried up altogether.

Why was the universe out to get him all of a sudden?  Enos sneered at himself.  There wasn’t anything all of a sudden about this, and he knew it.  For going on a year now — ever since he had the shower installed — the red leather recliner had served as both lounger and bed.  Giving up the apartment was supposed to keep him out of financial peril.  But with a recession on, cutting back hadn’t been enough.

My Review:
4.5 stars

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book, especially after reading the warnings, so I was looking forward to something different. And this book certainly delivered. Though, I should warn you, this is apparently book 2 in a series, which I wasn’t aware of when I read Enos, so I would recommend reading the first book well...first.

Anyways, this was an interesting and conflicting book for me. I had quite a few problems with it, and yet I loved it. Though, my biggest problem was that I was thrown into a paranormal world with no explanation or background. However, like I said above this is book 2, and I did not read book 1 first, so I’m assuming the world building was primarily in that book. When I realized that, I wasn’t quite so upset at being so lost.

And the sex...truthfully, I was a bit against all the sex scenes at first. I know this is an erotic romance, but there was so much sex. I’m normally not a big fan of tons of sex scenes, and while there were times where I just wanted the story to move on, Enos surprised me. I actually liked reading most of the sex scenes, as they were all different and exciting (and included both heterosexual and homosexual scenes). I didn’t get overly bored reading them, which is unusual for me, which definitely made me enjoy the book more

Problems aside, I greatly enjoyed this book. Because for all the problems I had with it, I couldn’t put it down. I was drawn into the story, and I can’t wait to read the first and the third book in the series so I can learn more about this world. And considering I spent the majority of the book clueless about the world the story was set in, and ended the book with tons of questions in my head, I actually loved this book. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this book, as it surprised me and captured my attention to such a degree that I was able to put aside my problems with the book and truly enjoy it.

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November 21: Unabridged Andra

Author Bio and Links:
Zarug Thane was first born in the late 600s CE.  According to Thane's scattered autobiographical writings, his father was Prince of the Qinduara — a primarily Arabic people but with heavy infusions of Mongolian blood — which held dominion on the eastern fringes of the Persian Empire.

During his youth, Zarug Thane’s skills as a musician and storyteller earned him much affection from his people.  However, he was ultimately forced to flee because an older brother, fearing Thane's popularity, saw him as a political threat.  In this case, Thane's flight carried him out of the frying pan into the fire, for his travels delivered him into the clutches of Abdul al Hazred, "the mad Arab," author of the demonic Necronomicon.

During the more than twenty years that Thane spent under al Hazred’s control, he wrote a huge body of literature, much of it now believed lost.  Of what remains, some may represent real events, but most strike the modern reader as clearly the result of drug-induced visions, nearly all of them pornographic in nature.

Today, having been reincarnated as the son of southern California suburbanites, Thane believes he is to prepare the way for al Hazred’s return, in fulfillment of the End Times prophecies.  In addition to having al Hazred’s body reconstituted via cloning, Thane will use his writing to further corrupt the moral values of the modern age, paving the way for humanity’s descent into utter depravity.

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  2. Thanks for hosting and for the positive review. This trilogy was intentionally written to be x-rated, and I think that has turned a lot of people off, especially anyone expecting a romance. There's more in the way of romance in the first book, but the sex there is still too pervasive for it to be properly labeled a romance.

    1. I wasn't too sure what to expect from this book, though as I said, I was pleasantly surprised.

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