Friday, January 11, 2013

Santa's Slay Review

Santa’s Slay by Stephanie Burke
4 stars

Fair warning to all: This is not the book to read if you're just dipping your toes into BDSM books. This has hardcore sadism and masochism, so if that's not your cup of tea, you should skip this book. If, however, you're looking for a funny, interesting read about the REAL, sadistic Jack Frost, then this is for you.

Jack was simply ah-maz-ing! He was hysterical and sexy all at the same time (which isn't as easy as it sounds). And in case I haven't made it clear, he's extremely sadistic. He gets off on causing pain and terrifying others, which made him seem like a bastard for the first part of the book, but you see bits of his soft side with Peter, which just made me fall in love even more with him. As for Peter, he's an inquisitive reporter who is finally getting his chance to embrace his masochistic submissive side and meet the Master meant to tame him. Peter was a nice counter to Jack, as he didn't cower in fear from Jack and wasn't afraid to push him and share his honest opinions and thoughts. And as a secondary character, Chris Cringle was pretty funny as well, and I would love to see him get his own book (who cares if he has a wife? A husband would be so much better).

I loved the world building in this book. Santa isn't the big ole jolly gift giver, but the sexy elf corporate taking over the world and beating all the other Holidays. Jack Frost isn't some cute and cuddly little boy or the mischief maker looking to take over as Santa. Here, he's Santa's dangerous, sexy, and sadistic bodyguard and High Inquisitor of the Elementals. Oh, and he's the head of Santa's Slay, highly trained killer elves. Yes, killer elves. And Jack's the deadliest of all. Oh, and the North Pole isn't a place, it's a corporation making millions off toy making. There was a lot of detail interwoven into this story, which is unusual for a short story, but I absolutely loved it. I loved the different take on Santa and Christmas and would love to see more written in this world.

And the sex? SMOKING HOT! There's lots of sex and kink, which I loved. And there's also a pretty hot bath scene... all I'll say is Peter is one lucky guy.

I would definitely recommend this book, as it's a very interesting and unique (kinky) take on Christmas and the usual characters.

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  1. I will have to check this one out. I've read other stuff by her but I never heard of this one. Thanks!