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The Tursiops Syndrome VBT

How do you get a nuke into the heart of the city? Maybe a dolphin can help. From Author John Waite, the tale of a police detective who matches wits with a mad scientist and terrorists intent on destroying America. When detective Hickory Logan joins Park Ranger Kevin Whitehead investigating the mysterious death of a dolphin she finds herself sucked into a far deeper whirlpool. Can she and Kevin stop the tide of terror that threatens to kill thousands or will they be fodder for a nuclear fireball?

A newspaper review described Tursiops thus: "The writing is, well, wonderful. Waite has a gift for dialogue and story-telling, and his plot is adventurous and perfectly paced. "

A scrabbling behind him took Red’s attention from the house. He turned to see a young man wearing medic bars leaning over Jessie’s prone body. He watched as the medic fingered Jessie’s throat, looking for a pulse.

“Got it,” he muttered. “She’s alive. Gotta keep her that way.”

He reached into a small canvas bag and pulled out a red-lensed flashlight, a plastic bag and tubing. Squatting next to Jesse, he shoved her sleeve up her arm and inserted a needle into a vein.

He looked up at Red.

“Saline,” he said.

“You a doc?” Red asked.

“Close as you’re gonna get out here.”

“I’m going for a medevac,” he said and vanished into the darkness.

Red watched Jessie. She didn’t move.  He couldn’t tell if she was  breathing. But the medic had said she was alive.

“Well…fuck me,” she groaned.

“God damn. Jessie.” Red said.

“Red?”  Her voice trembled. “Is that you? Am I dead?”

“Medic.” Red yelled. “Jessie, don’t move. Just don’t move. You’ve been hit. The medic says you’re alive and he went for a medevac.”

Headlights flipped on, and an engine cranked several vehicles back in the convoy. Other lights were coming on around him now, and he could see Jessie, her face masked by the blood-soaked bandanna stuffed into the bullet furrow.

“God, it hurts. How bad?” she asked, not moving.

“Jess, I don’t know. Just don’t move…please. The medic will be right back.”

“I screwed up, huh. Anybody else hurt?”

As if on cue, a jeep crunched to a halt at Jessie’s feet, and the young medic jumped out.

“Bird’s on its way,” he said as he knelt beside her.

Jessie grabbed his arm.

“Am I gonna die?”

The medic took her hand.

Have you ever watched the dolphin at Seaworld and wondered about their apparent intelligence? How hard would it be to train one of those creatures to perform in a truly monumental plot against the free world?

That wasn’t Dr. James Crabtree’s initial motivation in working with them. His intent was simply to show the world what a great scientist he was, and perhaps profit from the enterprise. How was he to know that those offering him monetary rewards were part of a much greater conspiracy?

Neither Pensacola Police Lt. Hickory Logan or National Park Ranger Kevin Whitehead could have imagined the consequences of rescuing a sick dolphin from the Gulf of Mexico surf. Hickory had noticed the foundering porpoise while on a routine exploration of the beaches near Pensacola.

 As connections increased between the troubled porpoise and intensified drug trade along the coast, mounting clues led them to Mexico, and into the arms of an international conspiracy aimed at a nuclear attack on Washington, D. C. The potential attack endangers millions, and only Hickory and Kevin are in a position to stop it.

 And what if they fail?

Excerpt from The Tursiops Syndrome:

Kevin hated making the call. He sat at his desk looking out at the blue waters of the Sound, little waves battling the incoming current breaking into tiny whitecaps. Across the Sound, the old red brick buildings of the Naval Air Station loomed not far from the Pensacola Lighthouse. The scene was idyllic. But it betrayed how Kevin felt.

He knew he and Hickory were onto something more than an attempt to rescue a beached dolphin; maybe something more than they could manage on their own. The needed manpower and the only place Kevin could imagine getting it was from his former employer, the guys without a sense of humor,

The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Of course, that would mean admitting to himself that he was still a lawman. That’s how he had always thought of himself while on the federal dole. He was a white-hatted Lone Ranger on a great white stallion. Ludicrous perhaps, but the mental picture had helped him maintain perspective by seeing himself in comic relief, even when he was dangerously involved. It helped him to see himself and his shortcomings, and to plan for those shortcomings.

Too bad he hadn’t learned to do that early enough to save Elaine.

Right now, the Lone Ranger needed help. So he would call his old bosses and ask for a meeting.  Perhaps he’d take Hickory along. Her presence might be a persuasive argument. She was, after all, the police officer primarily responsible for the drug initiative. If she lent her voice to his, the upper echelon should be more prone to listen.

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Author Bio and Links:
Thousands of author John C Waite’s words flew past Alpha Centauri years ago,  heading for the center of the galaxy, perhaps sparking an arthropod’s grin in route. Waite, a degreed journalist and retired Merchant Mariner has numerous writing and broadcasting awards to his credit, and millions of words in print and broadcast media. Originally from New Orleans he has called Panhandle Florida his home for fifty years, but still retains a taste for things Creole and Cajun. A recreational and professional sailor, his travels have covered the Caribbean, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, portions of south and Central America, Canada, Hawaii, Ireland, Britain, and Europe. John resides in Pensacola, Florida. He is a father to four, and grandfather to four.  His books are available on Amazon.

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  1. What an intriguing plot. I've read about the military use potential of dolphins for numerous ways they could be used. The Gulf Coast is one

  2. The Gulf Coast is one of my favorite areas of the US. I'm from North Alabama so the Gulf is our goto place for beach time. Your book sounds interesting and I'll have to check it out on Amazon.

    1. I just finished download The Tursiops Syndrome on KU on Amazon