Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Maximum Trouble Review Tour

Her relationship with Zack Brady is in undefined territory. The trial of Gert Fountain fades in her rearview mirror.  Needing a break, Maxi Malone tags along with her parents for a well-deserved break on the island of Aruba.
An unmarked war ship sits just off the coast of this tropical paradise. Both tourists and natives are plunged into the deep web of a psychopath’s revenge.

With hostile encounters taking place in U.S. waters, Zack Brady is recruited back into the United States military. As the situation in Aruba becomes more personal, he is dispatched to the island with the sole purpose of saving Maxi and her family.

The only question now is can he get there in time?

“We must help them,” a man’s voice stated. “They have been friends for years.”

“Not friends, customers,” a female voice corrected.

“Okay, customers. But still, we should help.”

“We can’t. They said—”

“The hell with them. These are people in trouble.” Maxi waited as the silence grew.

“Okay. We get them to the house and then they are on their own.” The female again. “And you must not tell them anything,” she cautioned.

Maxi waited a few minutes before flushing the toilet. She walked back to see her group seated in the garden. The host in the middle of an explanation. She quietly joined in the back yet when she and the host made eye contact, he shot daggers back, for a second. One of Maxi’s hands instinctively reached for Ric. The other stroked the back of her neck.

I hope he really is a friend.”

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Author Bio and Links:
L.M. Pampuro is the author of six novels: Dancing With Faith, Maximum Mayhem, The Perfect Pitch, Passenger – the only game in town, Uncle Neddy’s Funeral and Maximum Trouble. (All available at your independent bookseller, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com)

She is an avid skier, loves dancing to live music, and possess a warped sense of humor.

For more information, please visit www.pampuro.com

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