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Sweet Dreams Baby Review Tour

Who killed Judge Shaw Buchanan aka “the hanging judge,” on the day of his wife’s funeral? When Harper Buchanan, the judge’s estranged daughter, witnesses her father’s murder in the small town of Barley, New Hampshire, she promises to find his escaped killer. She hires local private investigator, Finn O’Rourke to track down the shooter. Soon, they are working together, and Harper finds herself drawn to Finn’s looks, smarts, and self-reliance. But she’s fallen for the wrong type of man before. She vows not to repeat her mistake and to keep their relationship professional.

Finn does his best to deal with their growing chemistry by focusing on the job. But when someone attempts to kill Harper to prevent her from uncovering the identity of her father’s murderer, his goal changes. Harper’s protection becomes Finn’s full-time priority, even though it means risking his life for a woman who may never love him.

“Leave or I’ll shoot you. You’ll be the next customer earmarked for eternal rest.”

Harper Buchanan shut her mouth in the middle of accepting condolences as her father’s steel-toned voice traveled from the hall into the crowded reception room of Smitty’s Funeral Parlor.

At five-ten, she was easily able to scan the faces of shocked grievers and assess the situation. She’d spent the last two days trying to be a good daughter by making sure her mother received a “heavenly” goodbye. Now, the morning teetered on the verge of going to hell.

She inhaled a sharp breath that filled her lungs with the scent of the flowers decorating the shelves behind her mother’s closed coffin. Nausea rumbled in her stomach. But she didn’t have time to be sick. Her father, Judge Shaw Buchanan, was close to out of control.

Staying away from Judge Buchanan on his “dark days” was one of the first things new interns at the courthouse learned to do, usually the hard way. His work friends and acquaintances knew better than to approach him in his present mood. They’d come here out of their respect and admiration for a man who upheld the law and handed out stiff punishments.

So that left her to handle him. Once her dad flew into a rage, nothing but time and distance cooled his anger. She had to stop him before he reached that point.

My Review:
4 stars

To start, I greatly enj0yed the characters. However, I wasn’t a fan of Harper’s dad, so I wasn’t really upset at his death, even though I felt (and character’s acted) like I should have been. That was a letdown, but the other characters helped make up for this, as I felt they were well developed and enjoyable, especially Finn and Harper. I loved their chemistry, which made me want to smack them upside the head and yell, “THIS IS LOVE!” Or at least potentially is. But really. I hope this turns into a series as I would like to see more stories featuring these two.

The other aspect I enjoyed was the overall mystery, as it kept me constantly guessing. I would be able to predict something and think I had it all figured out, only for a twist to pop up and surprise me. And yet the twists never felt gratuitous or over-the-top, which I enjoyed. However, the suspense to me wasn’t as entertaining as the whodunit, as I felt the story could drag a little at times when the suspense let down. But overall, both the characters and plot were engaging and made this a read I couldn’t put down.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
Nora grew up in rural New Hampshire, picking blueberries in her backyard and wandering the woods with her brothers. Now that she’s older, she still lives in rural New Hampshire and enjoys writing stories. She was first published in 2000 and has written historical romances, contemporary romance, romantic suspense and mystery. She is a co-founder of the New Hampshire Romance Writers chapter, which meets monthly at the Bow Library. Here she enjoys great speakers and the company of fabulous authors.

When not writing, Nora spends time with her family, sews quilts, gardens and takes road trips to anywhere fun.

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