Monday, October 31, 2016

Wulf and the Bounty Hunter Blurb Blitz

Wulf knows Yakira is his soul mate. The only person he needs to convince is her, but with intergalactic terrorists on Yakira’s trail, there’s little time for romance. What’s a hot-blooded Coletti warlord to do?

Yakira feels safe and cherished with Wulf, but he is a Coletti; the ultimate predator with a taste for blood, a passion for battle and the need to control everything in his life. The big question is; how does she make Wulf understand she’s a powerful psychic with kick-ass bionic limbs and quite capable of taking care of herself?

My thoughts spun back to Wulf. Did I owe him an apology? Yeah I did. “I’m sorry. I never should have doubted you.”

“All I want to do is keep you safe. If I have to force your obedience to achieve that, so be it,” Wulf replied bluntly.

My temper spiked. Here I was, trying to make nice and he was going to be a jerk about it? “You need to realize being forced to do something against my will is abhorrent to me.” 

“Obey me, and it won’t be a problem.”

Obey? Arrgh! I fought back the urge to whack Wulf upside the head with the battle ax hanging on his wall. “Gee, thanks for making it so simple that even a mere female can understand.”  I stepped into the shower and started scrubbing.

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“What would make you think that?” Once the blood and Gorum slime was off me, I braided my wet hair into warrior braids. After all, I was going to war.

“You are being sarcastic.”

“Who said males were dumb as a rock?”

His tone one of resignation, Wulf asked, “Can we drop the subject for now?”

“Sure, honeybun, anything for you. Smooches.”

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I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Glendale Police Department and to keep from going totally bonkers – I mean people have no idea of what a real emergency is. Take this for an example: I answered, “9-1-1 emergency, what’s your emergency?” And this hysterical woman yelled, “My bird is in a tree.” Sometimes I really couldn’t help myself, so I said, “Birds have a tendency to do that, ma’am.” The woman screeched, “No! You don’t understand. My pet parakeet is in the tree. I’ve just got to get him down.” Like I said, not a clue. “I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t get birds out of trees.” The woman then cried, “But… What about my husband? He’s up there, too.” See what I had to deal with? To keep from hitting myself repeatedly in the head with my phone, I took up writing.

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  1. Congrats on the tour, the book looks great, and thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. Anyone seen Yakira? Wulf is looking for her.

  3. Great excerpt, sounds like my kind of book, good luck with the tour!

    1. Thank you. I do my best to make people laugh


  4. People if you want to read a good book full of snarky dialogue, kick ass heroines and sexy bad-ass heros, the pick up Wulf and the Bounty Hunter. Another hit in Ms. Gail's Coletti Warlords series. LOVED it!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway; I like the excerpt. :)

  6. OMG, if you haven't read this series you are seriously missing out! I love every single book!

  7. This sounds like a book I'll enjoy reading - thanks for sharing the excerpt!

  8. I love this series and have the first couple of books more than once. I have this book but haven't read it yet.

  9. Loved Gail's book! Well actually I love all her books.