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Walker Revenge VBT

Russell Walker’s life was spared when his truck veered off the road and flipped. When he wakes after surgery, he can only assume the medicines are making him see things, because the woman he loved—who broke his heart—is taking his vitals.

Chelsea Quinn has spent the past four years keeping clear of Russell Walker after she married another man and had a baby. Now she is thrust back into his life as his caretaker, and living with his family when her ex-husband is let out of prison.

Some heartbreaks are too severe to recover from, and Russell is fighting every feeling he has as not to get his heart broken again. But sometimes the pull of love is just too strong, especially when the lives of those you love are threatened, and someone is looking for revenge.

Russell felt the quick fatigue of arguing with his brother begin to take over. He batted his eyes against it.

The next moment he opened them the room was quiet. Faint light pushed through the drawn shade, and a woman stood next to him. He smiled through the haze he was feeling.

She was holding his hand in her hands. Blonde strands of hair hung around her face, but the rest was piled up in a messy bun atop her head.

This was familiar, he thought as he took a cleansing breath and then wiggled his nose because his nasal cannula was making it itch.

“I didn’t mean to wake you. I was just getting your vitals,” her voice was soft and oh so familiar.

“What time is it?” His voice was barely functioning.

“Just past eight.”

“I was talking to Dane.”

She laughed now and that too was familiar. “He left hours ago. He looked as though he needed some sleep. Pretty exciting that he’s getting married to Gia. I enjoy her store.”

That danced around in his head and so did whatever they’d put into his IV, but at least he wasn’t in any pain.

“You know Gia?”

“Of course I do.”

Russell lifted his hand, cords and all, and rubbed his eyes. He wasn’t seeing clearly and his mind was beginning to play tricks on him.

Now he turned his head so he could better see the woman in the dimly lit room. Her head was hung as she focused on reading the monitor at his side, but he knew the curves of her face.

He’d heard that dreams could be vivid when you were on pain meds. Seriously that had to be what was happening.

“Chelsea?” Her name seemed louder when he said it, but she lifted her head.

“Hello, Russ.”

An Author’s Need to Write

For an author, there is the need to write. It doesn’t matter if an author makes the mortgage with their books or has never seen a cent. The author has to write.

To date, I’ve published 28 novels. I’ve lost count of how many I started and lost track of before I was published, but one thing has always been true, writing feeds me just as a good meal might. It feeds my soul, just as a religion might.

Authors, myself included, feel every part of the book we write and share with others. It’s a vulnerability that I don’t think anyone ever gets over. When a character goes through something, we as authors go through it too. I’m sure my family would like a white flag for those times when the attitude raging at them isn’t really mine. I’m channeling someone else’s anger, hurt, or passion. And more than once I’ve been asked by a child of mine, “Mom, are you okay? You’re making funny faces.” How would one know what to write if they didn’t act it out a bit—or a lot.

I find that my writing calms me. I’m often asked, “How do you write with five kids around?” It’s simple. Writing is part of me. I need to write. It becomes like an itch that just needs constant scratching. Some days I can’t wait to get home, or wake up in the morning just to put down a few words. I too am eager to see where my characters’ journeys lead them. And sometimes I’m just as surprised as the reader. When the real world around me doesn’t fall in line, I can reach for my computer and create a world where it does fall into place—or equally, I can make theirs fall apart harder than mine is.

Writing is therapy, even if it’s not creative. However, I’d much rather create something fun and new, than rehash something I was going through. I can let my characters do that. After all, they have to serve some function, right?

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Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011, along with her other series and single title books. The married mother of five sons promises Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it, because she lives it.

When not writing, Bernadette Marie is shuffling her sons to their many events—mostly hockey—and enjoying the beautiful views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from her front step. She is also an accomplished martial artist with a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

A chronic entrepreneur, Bernadette Marie opened her own publishing house in 2011, 5 Prince Publishing, so that she could publish the books she liked to write and help make the dreams of other aspiring authors come true too. Bernadette Marie is also the CEO of Illumination Author Events.
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  1. I totally relate to your need to write! I also get jittery when I go too long without writing. :)