Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I’ve been waiting for today, since it’s one of my favorite holidays. I get to let my Irish flag fly, which I love to do. I know this is considered a big drinking and party holiday, but for me it’s more about celebrating my heritage (I’m already rocking the green with my nails). Oh, and the awesome food. Corned beef, fish and chips, boiled cabbage, mash and bangers, leek soup, potato pancakes (which I absolutely love). Not to mention the fantastic music. My favorite band is Flogging Molly, though I also enjoy The Cranberries and of course, U2. All in all, today is a fun day to celebrate a part of my cultural background, and for those who celebrate, I hope you enjoy yourselves. And on that note, here are my favorite songs from the top three bands. Enjoy!

(Though Ode to My Family is a close second).

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