Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Announcement: Email Error

Those of you subscribed to the blog via email may have noticed recently that you are receiving emails for old posts on top of new posts. As I said back in January, I want to improve my post tags. So I have been going back and updating the tags for quite a few posts. Unfortunately, this has resulted in posts being re-sent through email to subscribers along with new posts. I am aware of the issue, and have contacted Blogger about it.

That being said, it’s not a huge issue, and it shouldn’t lead to an increase in your email. Since I’m updating the tags on older posts while posting new posts, you should still be receiving at the most one email a day. That being said, I will be taking a break from updating the tags until the issue is resolved, though there are a number that I’ve already changed over this past week, so you may still see older posts in your email for a few days. Again, I'm sorry about this and I will let you know once I figure out what's going on.

Anyways, have a wonderful night, and see you tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day!

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