Monday, February 22, 2016

I'd Rather Wear Pajamas VBT

Everybody has the awesome opportunity to find their own strength and path through life. Some come about their self-discoveries through studying and working hard. Others (Chelsea) spend their time nearly burning down kitchens and driving around the country with a car full of hangers.

Chelsea grew up wanting to be “strong.” She thought arguing her way through childhood and becoming a world-class attorney would get her there. But, through a series of humorous, and only slightly embarrassing events, Chelsea comes to realize that maybe her strength is meant to shine in different ways.

“I tried to contain my excitement when my second grade teacher announced that our school’s Professional Day was coming up and we were all encouraged to dress up as what we wanted to be when we grew up. Now, just try to picture what your local veterinarian looks like and what they might wear on a daily basis to stand out from other occupations. You can’t, right?

Some parents had it easy; I mean how hard is it to make your child look like a firefighter or a member of middle management? My poor mom had a bigger task at hand. That’s why my costume ended up including a white bathrobe which I think was supposed to be a labcoat and an old pair of tortoise-shell sunglasses (lenses removed). In one hand I carried one of my million stuffed animals and in the other, a clipboard. I’m not entirely sure how a clipboard was going to prove that I was a veterinarian, but I was confident that if the clipboard didn’t give it away, the broken sunglasses definitely would. In a low childhood moment for me, not a single person - student or teacher - could guess what I was.

Even with the setback, I still knew I’d be the world’s best vet. My favorite animals by far were cats. To give you an idea of how in love with cats I was, imagine the person or thing that you love more than life itself, and then times that love by 100. I think it’s fair to use the word obsessed.

What is something you’ve lied about?
I have a really bad habit of lying about dumb, meaningless stuff. Like, when I’m on an airplane and the person sitting next to me starts talking, I have a tendency to make personal information up. Sometimes I pretend to be a high school choir teacher, or a colonoscopy doctor. It’s only backfired on me once, when I said I was from Toronto, Canada and the person asked which neighborhood. Turns out, he actually was from Toronto and he totally called me out on it.

Who is the last person you hugged?
My three daughters. I could hug them all day every day. Okay, that’s an over-exaggeration. I could hug them for like three hours a day, and then it’s time for some serious mama space.

What are you reading now?
The Lunar Chronicle Series by Marissa Meyer. I’m not normally a dystopian, sci-fi reader, but I got quickly sucked into Meyer’s books. She does a fantastic job with her character development, her weaving plot lines, and her descriptive writing style. Although, I have to say, my own writing has turned much more armageddon-y since I’ve been reading her books.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?
The name I’d Rather Wear Pajamas was actually the last piece of the book to come to me. I had gone through a handful of working titles, but I knew I hadn’t found “the one” yet. The revelation was literally one of those moments where I woke up at 3am with the line in my head and did everything in my power to not fall back asleep for fear that I might lose it. Luckily, I did remember it in the morning, so the sleep deprivation I felt the next day was not in vain.

Share your dream cast for your book.
Well, of course, Tina Fey would play me. Actually, Tina Fey acting as Liz Lemon (her 30 Rock character) would play me, because I feel like it’s not much of a stretch at all. Plus, she could nail all my punchlines. My husband, Bill, would be played by Bradley Cooper, because why not? My mom would be Meryl Streep because she can seriously do anything, which I feel she has in common with my mom. My sister would have to be Emma Stone because Emma Stone is just adorable, even with her slight edge. She’s for sure my sister. My dog, Milo, would be played by himself.

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Author Bio and Links:
Chelsea was once obsessed with cats, longed to live in a big city, didn't think she would ever have children, and aspired to be an attorney. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado as a stay-at-home mom and comedic writer with her husband and three daughters. She has no current plans to own a cat.

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  1. What was the worst book you ever read or stopped reading?

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