Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wellness Wednesday - CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Pad and Mouse Pad Review

Ever experienced painful and tingling sensation on your fingers when using your laptop or your PC? Have your arms and hands become numb due to hours of typing and encoding?

The CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Pad is finally here to offer the ergonomic support you need.

This Keyboard Wrist Pad Helps To:
1. Keep your wrists in neutral position - supports your palm during periods of inactivity, ensuring proper hand position while typing.
2. Provide relief - it conforms to wrists for exceptional comfort and does not lose its shape overtime.
3. Helps avoid joint and wrist problems (rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome).

Why Choose The CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Pad?
- Built To Last
- Made from High-Quality Foam
- Lightweight-yet-durable construction for years of use
- Non-skid backing holds pad firmly in place
- The best customer support you can ask for
- No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back, 3-Year Warranty if you are not fully satisfied

My Review:
4 stars

I loved these! Both the keyboard and mouse pad were awesome. They were both very comfortable and the perfect size (though I do wish the keyboard was slightly wider, but that's just me being picky). The design is also nice, though some might not like the little sheep on both pads. I found the sheep cute, but I think it could also be seen as decreasing the visual appeal.

Plus, these make great gifts. I ended up giving this set to my mother for her birthday since she is on the computer all day for work which causes pain in her wrists. She loves it and says that it is very comfortable and she's noticed the difference it makes in decreasing the amount of pain her wrists are in at the end of the day.

The only downside about these was that there were difficult to get out of the package and that they are a bit pricey. However, they also come with a 3 year guarantee, which makes the price tag worth it in my opinion. I haven't had to use the guarantee, but will update if I ever need to.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.*

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