Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cool Joe Sunglasses Review

Blue Polarized Sunglasses, in blue frames with blue lens which protect your eyes against the harmful effects of the sun in a stylish design. Colorful, lightweight, blue framed sunglasses with UV400 polarized lenses. Perfect for men, women, or teenage girls & boys.

The lens material is polarized, which cuts down the glare, helps control brightness, and protects your eyes from the sun.

From a comfort standpoint, polarized lenses are the most effective lenses for blocking glare or excessive brightness. 

My Review:
3 stars

I liked the polarized lenses, as they did a great job at cutting down glare and protecting my eyes. Though they are plastic, it's of a nice quality and durable, plus it looks nice. They fit comfortably, and rest rest well on my face.

While these are nice looking sunglasses, they aren’t really my style. The design is a more trendy, daring design. They seem made more for children and teenagers than adults. Those these do seem a bit expensive, I think they would be worth it if you like the design of the glasses.

*I received this in exchange for an honest review.*

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