Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Return to Gray Harbor Blurb Blitz

Michael Malone has everything a man could want: money, success, looks, even an apartment in New York City. He had never planned on going back to Gray Harbor, but his mother needed him. And there was no way he would ever stay in Maine. At least that’s how he felt before Beth Adams. The talented chef is nothing like what he thought he needed, but now she’s all he can think about.

Then trouble at work pulls him back to the city and back into the life he worked so hard to build. And while it no longer seems to be everything Michael wants anymore, he can’t simply leave everything he knows behind. Or can he?

“Time really flies when I’m with you,” he said. “It’s already eleven thirty. I need to head back and go visit my father at the hospital.”

He looked serious for a moment and then his face brightened. “This has been really nice. I’m really looking forward to Sunday. Dress casual. We aren’t going anywhere fancy for our lunch but I think you’ll like it.”

He offered her his hand so she could get up, too. She took it and they both climbed the boulders together. When they reached the top, Beth stumbled and Michael caught her, and then he did a very unprofessional thing. He looked in her eyes and kissed her on the lips.

His lips were soft and his arms strong around her. She forgot her surroundings.

“Goodbye, see you Sunday!” And with that he ran off.

Beth just stood there dumfounded as he ran off. What just happened? Did he really just kiss her? She began jogging back to the Warren Inn with a stupid smile on her face. Even though she was feeling really cautious about this whole thing, maybe she shouldn’t. Maybe she should just live in the moment and enjoy Michael while he was here. It wasn’t often she met a man with whom she shared such mutual attraction, intense chemistry, and great conversations. Maybe she should just go for it?

Although she had no problem taking risks with her cuisine, with her business, or even at times with her own personal fashion, she had always guarded herself when it came to men.

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After spending years working in the fast-paced business world, author J.J. Bryant is happy to be living her dream of writing romance. She has her MBA and you may see her bring a little of that experience into the lives of her characters. J.J. Bryant grew up in New England and loves hiking and biking with her family and her miniature schnauzer puppy.

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  2. Great excerpt, I'm really looking forward to reading this!

  3. I really liked the excerpt. Thank you for the excerpt and the giveaway!