Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lunation Blurb Blitz

In this exciting story that allows the reader the choice of following different characters, young, sheltered Branguin discovers that his ancestor, Marama, has been trapped in the moon, and sets out to free her. But he must first unravel the mystery of how she got there, confront and defeat the sorcerer Raul, and counter a menacing new force that's assembling an army to attack the capital. Branguin deciphers the clues with the help of his companions, several lost relatives along the way. The Lunation Series is a modern-day moon myth about ordinary people discovering their inner strength and overcoming extraordinary challenges, in order to solve a great mystery.

If Braven had had a skill, the Boy was unaware of it. He had always been a little frightened of his grandfather, who had been mad almost as long as the Boy could remember, and querulous before that. He had kept well out of the old man’s way — which hadn’t been difficult as Braven spent most of his time in his tiny room, coming out only on those rare, wild turns when his madness bubbled over and he climbed tall trees in the forest, and howled at the moon. Times like this. Usually on these occasions the Boy stood guard with Anselt at the bottom of the tree, ready to protect Braven from the forest’s predatory wolves. Eventually he would exhaust himself and descend, and Anselt would lead him home, docile. Braven would return to the solitude of his bedroom, staring at his gnarled old hands. Until the next time.

But there would not be a next time. His grandfather’s sickening drop replayed in his mind again, only this time, the Boy remembered some words his grandfather had shouted. ‘Damn you, Mara, damn you Mara-ma! Where is she? Give her back, give her baaaaaack!’

The words meant little to the Boy — unless Maraluna, the disease Anselt said Braven had, was a person rather than a mental illness. And perhaps ‘she’ was his wife, Elodea, the Boy’s grandmother. She had been killed by wolves not long after her marriage, along with her parents, and their servants — Anselt’s parents. Anselt had become Braven’s servant then. It did not immediately occur to the Boy that Anselt was now his servant. Anselt had raised him, and the Boy saw the woodsman as his guardian.

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JJ Gadd is an Australian writer based in regional Victoria. She likes green and growing things, cooking, and history - particularly antiquities. The call to writing came young, and she worked as a journalist and editor for more than 15 years, garnering the life experience she thought she’d need in order to do justice to the story she’s wanted to write since she was a girl. Now that she’s a grown-up she’s realised that life experience is something that keeps happening - but she wrote the story anyway.

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  1. Thanks Sharing Links and Wisdom for hosting this tour… I’m happy to answer questions or provide more information about the series via this page or my website – Cheers, JJ (author)