Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wellness Wednesday: Why Yelling is Good for You

I’ve been very stressed lately, especially since my computer crashed about a week ago, and it’s been a pain trying to fix it. Add to that car troubles, lack of sleep…yeah, I’ve been stressed. And so, with that in mind, I present today’s Wellness Wednesday post: Why Yelling is Good for You.

Now, there are definitely times where yelling is not the solution or is harmful. The kind of yelling I’m speaking of here is not necessarily “angry” yelling, and I’m not recommending that you go scream in someone’s face next time they tick you off. Though I believe yelling can relieve stress and get rid of your anger, I also believe that there is a safe way to do so that helps you rather than harm.

For me personally, sometimes, just getting to yell and rant is very cathartic. Those days where so much has happened, that you can feel it all bubbling up inside you about to explode? I’ll get in my car, roll the windows down, turn up my music, and sing/yell as loud as I can. It lets me get rid of my anger in a healthier way than say yelling at the people around me or yanking my hair out in frustration. Plus, I find that afterwards, I feel…not necessarily better, but more…able to handle and deal with all life throws at me. More confident. And sometimes, it’s just plain fun to yell. When that song you absolutely love comes on and you start singing at the top of your lungs (and somewhat off-key, but who cares?) and rocking out? That song that just has the absolute perfect line to scream out (Living on a Prayer, We Will Rock You, etc). When one of those songs comes on, I yell my head off with the song, and it leaves me feeling exhilarated.

And I’m not alone. Yelling is actually a part of Chinese traditional medicine. In fact, there are groups of yelling enthusiasts who get together to yell before exercising not only as a way of exercising their lungs, but because they find it enjoyable and relaxing even.

Plus, there are other benefits. For instance, psychologists have recently found that swearing or yelling when injured can actually help numb the painful sensations. Though no one knows for sure why this is, some believe it’s connected to a primal defensive reflex while others think that yelling can produce endorphins, a natural high.

Just watch any Bruce Lee film.
Yelling can also help raise your fighting spirit and enhance your physical power. Just think of pretty much every martial art film you’ve ever watched. How many of the fighters yell while fighting? How many times do you see characters charge into battle with a battle cry? And no, it’s not just Hollywood adding something for effect. I did taekwon-do for years, and I can personally guarantee that yelling can actually help enhance your focus and power (such as when breaking a board) as I’ve experienced the sensation. Trying to break that board and failing, only to break it the second time with a warrior like scream…it’s empowering. And oddly good-feeling.
I think that’s enough from me. Now I want to know what you think. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts, ideas, advice, whatever you feel like. And go out and have a wonderful Wednesday.

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