Sunday, June 7, 2015

Quick Stitch Sewing Kit Review

Quick Stitch Travel Sewing Kit - Improved Ripstop Nylon zippered case designed to keep all your quick fix sewing supplies conveniently together. Ideal to slip into a purse or suitcase for the on-the-go travelers. It makes a great GIFT for your children leaving home for school, a new job, or just traveling.

What is the Quick Stitch Sewing Kit? 

 It is a handy All-In-One Sewing Kit the size of a compact CD case. It contains all of the following important sewing tools and notions you will need for any quick fix situation:

• 24 Stainless Steel Needles of Various Sizes Contained In A Protective Plastic Case
• 12 Spools of Assorted Popular Colors of Thread
• A Pair of High Quality Sharp Stainless Steel Scissors
• A Seam Ripper with Plastic Cover
• Two Needle Threaders
▪ Straight Pins, Safety Pin, Thimble & Buttons
• 60" Measuring Tape

My Review:

4 stars

Now that I'm getting ready to move away to finish my degree, I decided that getting an emergency sewing kit was probably a very good idea. So, when I had a chance to review this, I jumped at it. 

I thought this was a very good sewing kit. It has virtually all the tools I could need for an emergency fix. The color range of threads are sufficient to be used on virtually all of my clothing, and the needle assortment is decent as well. The kit is sleek and easy to carry and the case is strong and easy to open. Plus, almost all the items are securely stored yet easy to remove when needed.

My only problem with the kit was that the thimble kept falling out of the elastic holding it in place. Almost every time I opened the kit or kept it open to use it, the thimble kept falling out, which is a problem when using the kit in an emergency. The kit also only comes with one safety pin, and no room to store more in the elastic band holding the pin, which I wasn't a big fan of. The kit also came with two straight pins, but more could be added and stored in the plastic container holding them. 

All in all, this was a very decent emergency sewing kit. I will definitely use this in the future, and if you're looking for an emergency kit, I would recommend giving Quick Stitch a try.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.*

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