Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday Party - Sara York

Today, I'd like to welcome the final Holiday Party author. I had the pleasure of meeting her at RainbowCon (though I've enjoyed her books for a while now), and so I had to have her come and visit. Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to introduce Ms. Sara York!

Happy Holidays! Our family is nontraditional in our traditions. We try to mix it up each year, never doing the same thing from year to year. We moved to the beach two years ago and that brought us even more changes in our nontraditional traditions. Though it’s not the best weather during December, my husband and I made it to the beach once during Christmas week. We haven’t done a Christmas sand sculpture yet, maybe next year. Anything that allows us to spend time together is on the menu.

We do have a tree and a few presents, but we don't do a big meal. It’s more of a pick at your own pace type of meal. Christmas is about family. It’s about having fun and reconnecting, late night game sessions, and taking long walks. I hope you enjoy your holiday time together and that you’ve had some good cookies too.

And now here’s an excerpt from Colorado Wild:

Roger let the news soak in. Duff waved as he left the room but Grant stayed, leaning against the wall, watching every move Roger made. He felt like prey about to be consumed by a predator. After grabbing a pair of shorts and a blue T-shirt he faced Grant, wondering if his sexuality would get him into trouble. Might as well dive in with both feet.

"Is it going to be a problem that I'm gay?"

Grant lowered his gaze, carefully inspecting his fingernails. Roger started to sweat, wondering how many difficulties he'd encounter here. Then Grant raised his head, the sadness in his eyes struck Roger hard. "No one will care."

"Are you sure? I've been military for a while and though people say they don’t care, they don't like the realities of gay men living in the same barracks."

Grant stood tall and approached, stopping next to Roger, their bodies brushing against each other. His lips were right at Roger's ear, his breath hot on Roger's neck. "Trust me, no one cares who you have sex with. Just keep it off the ranch or know that once you get involved with one of the guys, you're a couple and you don't fuck with anyone else."

Roger didn't want to sniff Grant, but the man was too tempting. He moved just a hairs breath and his nose was at Grant's neck. He breathed in before he could stop himself. The scent coming off the man was a mixture of soap, shampoo, and masculinity that had Roger so hard he wondered if he'd be safe sleeping in the same house with Grant.

Neither of them moved and he wondered if the lack of action was an invitation. He backed up just enough to catch Grant's gaze, the pain and sorrow took his breath away. The man wasn't open to a relationship.

Roger gripped Grant's arm above his elbow. Grant flexed, sending Roger's libido into overdrive. "I'll remember that. And thanks."

Grant nodded but didn't step away. The lines around his eyes softened. Roger wanted the exchange to mean something more than it did. He guessed that after Grant's warning the man wouldn’t even be open for a quick blowjob. This assignment was turning into an interesting placement. Of course, they'd told him over and over again that he had a choice. He could stay and play the game they wanted him to, or he could walk away with a few hundred thousand dollars to buy his silence.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Grant stepped away and moved to the doorway.

"Do you regret taking this assignment?"

Grant turned back to him, his lips thinned out and his eyes narrowed. "Never. Not once have I regretted my decision. I make a real difference here."

Roger nodded. "Thanks for answering honestly. I appreciate it."

"Anytime. Once you're past the next phase of your training, I'll answer any question."

You can pick up Colorado Wild at Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt from Colorado Wild. Happy New Year.



  1. Sounds like a interesting book. Thank you for the excerpt =) Happy New Year!

  2. Nice excerpt. Happy New Year!

  3. Well, that was just enough to tease me! What job did he take? What happened to Grant? Too many questions and not enough answers.... Grrrr! I am going to check this out now. Thanks for the great Christmas at the beach post!

  4. Happy New year and thanks for the excerpt