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Holiday Party - JoLynne Valerie

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing an author who I recently had the pleasure of meeting online. She is a very spiritual and interesting person to chat with, and a joy to work with. And now, here's Ms. JoLynne Valerie!

WHOA!  How cool is it that I'm guest blogging here, today?!  SO excited!  Before we begin, I must give the proper gratitude, where it is due.  Thank you to the lovely Emily Wells, for extending this invitation.  You rock!

A few words about myself.  My name is JoLynne Valerie.  I write Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Thrillers, and Contemporary Romance.  I also work professionally as a Paranormal Investigator, I'm an expert on Intuition and Angels, and I do Intuitive Angel Readings for clients several days each week.  I also have a web show called The Angel Diaries, where you can see me at work doing my Paranormal thang!  And now, without any further adieu… LET'S GO!  Let's get right into this bloggy post!

The holidays are upon us and I thought it apropos to post a holiday scene from my Gothic Paranormal Romance, Strange Love.

Here's the setup:  Kasia and Lucas have just spent their first Christmas together.  The couple has dating a few months; they're madly in love.  And… madly in lust.  But also, they just click.  Together, they are two halves of a whole.  Theirs is a deep, soul-mate kind of love… marked by fiery passion and addictive sex --- the kind of relationship everyone wants to experience at least once, in their lives!

Nevermind that Kasia has yet to discover Lucas comes from a supernatural bloodline, making him become… eh hemvolatile on the Full Moon.  And by volatile, I mean wolfish.

For now, all Kasia knows is that Lucas is a college student, like herself.  She's studying Sociology, Lucas is studying Wolf Biology (surprise, surprise!).  Lucas' whole family is relevant; his older brother is a physician, his younger brother is studying Geology, and his father is an acclaimed oceanographer.  Kasia is getting involved with the man of her dreams, who just happens to come from a wonderful family --- or so it seems.

Their first Christmas together was great, now Lucas has gone to spend New Year's with his grandmother, in California.  Kasia's not handling the separation very well.  She misses Lucas so terribly, her heart begins to ache.  Kasia's little sister Aleksandra, a senior in high school, has an idea she thinks might help.  Check out this fun scene between Kasia and Aleksandra:


Excerpt from
(Chapter 16)
by JoLynne Valerie

          I cried myself to sleep two nights in a row.
          On the third night, I awoke to someone calling my name.
          "Kas.  Wake up."
          It was Aleksandra.  I slowly opened my eyes, and looked at my sister.  She was wearing polka dotted pajama bottoms and an over-sized Tshirt that sported a huge rainbow on the front.  I blinked at Aleksandra, wordlessly.
          "You up?" Alek asked.
          I nodded, slightly.
          "Good.  Because you kept me up.  All damned night.  Do you now you still cry in your sleep, when you're gone on a boy?"
          "Huh?" I squinted at Aleksandra.  Of course I knew I'd been crying at night, buy I hadn't realized I'd been disturbing my sister.
          "Yeah.  And I can't take it.  My heart's bleedin' for ya sis.  So get up, I'm bustin' ya outta here."
          "What the hell are you talking about, Aleksandra?" I demanded.
          "Shhh!  Not so loud!"  Aleksandra reprimanded me, dropping her voice to a whisper.  She rushed over to kneel at the side of my bed.  This was no small task, as Aleksandra was wearing giant frog slippers. 
          "You're going to wake up moms and pops; they're still out like lights!"
          I scowled at my younger sister.
          She had that look on her face.  The look she wears when she's up to something, or conniving something, or preparing to connive something.
          "You going to expound on this?" I asked.
          "I said GET UP!  We gotta get you to California!"
          That got my attention.
          I sat up in bed, quickly.
          "Like I said big sis, I'm bustin' you out!"
          In whispers, Aleksandra ran down her entire plan.
          I knew Lucas' grandmother's address from sending holiday cards out to friends and family.
          That address was all I needed to know, in order to get to where Lucas was, in Moonlight Glen.
          Every boyfriend wanted to be surprised by his girlfriend, right?  Well, not every boyfriend, Alek said, but those who were as gaga for their girlfriends, as Lucas clearly was for me, would surely welcome a surprise visit.
          Aleksandra said she would drive me to the airport, she'd even go halfsies on a plane ticket with me.
          Then, she'd explain everything, smooth it all over with mom and dad.
          Aleksandra had it all figured out.
          The idea grew on me.
          What I'd initially found sketchy, I began to overlook or dismiss.
          There were so many variables, so many things that could go wrong.
          There were even more things that could backfire.
          But I was a woman in love; of course I got ready to board that plane.
          We snuck out of the house, quietly.
          I taped a letter I'd quickly written, to the refrigerator.
          The snow crunched beneath our feet, as we walked to Aleksandra's little car, parked behind my father's van.
          The interior was warm, and the windshield fully defrosted.
          Aleksandra had started the car some time ago; she'd been confident I'd go.
          On the way to the airport, I realized I actually needed Aleksandra to help me pay half the airfare, and I felt badly about that.
          "Hey sis, I can't thank you enough for this.  Tell me what I can do to repay you.  Apart from repaying you, that is."
          Aleksandra tilted her head toward me and gave me a big, lopsided grin. 
          "Oh, I'm so glad you brought this up!"
          Alek inhaled deeply and smiled, turning her attention back to the road ahead.
          "Riches I don't need, Kasia…" Alek tapped the steering wheel with her fingers.  That was quite a sight, seeing how she was wearing pale pink and magenta striped finger-less gloves.  "But I did happen upon quite a sight, when I was Googling one night."
          I smelled something.
          It was the aroma that often accompanied my sister when she was about to run one of her many schemes.
          It was the distinct smell of bullshit.
          I waited.
          "A fine sight, indeed…" Aleksandra continued.  "A cute little fella by the name of Jose.  Jose Alvarez, that is."
          My eyebrows shot up, in shock.
          "Lucas' brother??"
          "That'd be the one!" Aleksandra pointed at me, with a grin.
          "DUDE.   You're asking me to fix you up with my boyfriend's brother?  And how in the world did you see Jose on Google?  The kid's in college!"
          "Why, yes he is!  And a fine major he's chosen, too!  I can respect a man who's into rockology.  Naw, seriously; I saw a shot of the kid with the old man, on some oceanographer's website.  Kas, have you seen this boy?  Jose is seriously HAWT!"
          I stared.  My mouth opened a little.  I closed it again.  I blinked.  Then I spoke.
          "So basically, you're telling me you saw a picture of Jose online, liked what you saw, and basically came up with this elaborate plan so you could blackmail me into arranging an introduction?"
          Aleksandra feigned insult.
          "Kasia, my feelings are hurt.  You offend me!"
          "Am I right?" I demanded.
          "No.  And yes," Aleksandra said.  "The truth is, yeah yeah, I saw the kid and thought he was cute.  I might have brought it up, eventually.  Maybe.  But the part about wanting to help you get to California, because I know you're in rough shape over Lucas leaving, that's legit.
          I really do just love you Kas, and want to help."
          Alek was telling the truth; I knew my sister.
          We exchanged a smile, then.
          I breathed a little easier.
          Five minutes later, we were pulling into the airport. 
          Ten minutes after that, we were walking from the parking lot to the check-in.
          After check-in, Alek and I sat and talked.
          Forty minutes later, I boarded the plane.
          Almost six hours later, I landed in Sacramento.
          Shortly after that, I hitched a taxi west, to Moonlight Glen.
          Surprising Lucas still seemed like a good idea at that point.


Whoa!  At the end of that scene, Kasia is excited to pay Lucas a surprise visit.  She has noooo idea what she's walking into!

I don't want to spoil the story, so I'll say no more, but suffice it to say…  Kasia's in for the surprise of her life!  And the love she shares with Lucas, is about to be tested!  Kasia loves Lucas (and their lovemaking) when her boyfriend is in his human form… will she be able to accept (and tolerate!) the beast Lucas becomes, in his wolf state??

Looks like Kasia is about to find out!

And… that ends my guest post!  I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you're inspired to get to know me a little better.

Please come visit my home on the web: 
On my website, you'll find links to order signed copies for all my novels, and you can watch the sweet book trailers for my novels, too!

You can also learn more about my work as a Paranormal Investigator and Angel Whisperer.  You can even watch videos of me in action, doing Intuitive Angel Readings.

Come look around my site… there's LOTS to see and explore!  I've even got some free gifts for readers.

❤❧Moonbeams and Luv ~
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Author Bio:
 JoLynne Valerie is best known for her Paranormal novels and Intuitive Angel readings.  She is known as "ParaGoddess" to her readers and fans, a name born from Ms. Valerie's extensive knowledge of the Paranormal and her commitment to live the goddess life --- a life marked by authenticity, spirituality, wellness, and passion.

Raised in a family of Intuitive women, Ms. Valerie grew up speaking the language of Intuition.  The author teaches fast-paced, interactive Intuitive Development workshops.  JoLynne also works in Paranormal Investigation and on Missing Persons Cases, when requested.

She is known for her inspirational posts, which can be found on all her social media sites.  JoLynne is also a bona fide foodie and healthy lifestyle advocate; she has just released her first cookbook.

Ms. Valerie's website is, and she is active with readers on all her social media sites.

JoLynne is the former Editor in chief of natures wisdom Magazine, and full moon rising magazine; holistic and metaphysical print publications, respectively.  

She has written for Sage Woman Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, and Woman's Day.  Ms. Valerie also cohosted a television show for PBS in Buffalo, New York and had her own radio show in college.  

She graduated with a bachelors degree in journalism and broadcast from the State University of New York in Brockport.


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