Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Load the Dice VBT

Eric left the BDSM scene years ago because he couldn’t find the right partner, opting instead to meet men in quiet coffee shops and piano bars. But when his friend invites him to a posh hook-up party, he meets first time sub Jamie, who he convinces to detail his sexual fantasies during a passionate night together.

The pair soon embark on a relationship that introduces Jamie to the BDSM scene, and plays out his fantasies one by one. But as they approach the final fantasy, will Eric be able to walk away?

Exclusive Excerpt:
The room shifts. Eric, already on the left side of the room, stays where he is, watching with as much of an air of disinterest as he can. He notes Ian’s scene-virgin heading uncertainly to the right, looking around as though waiting for someone to instruct him. Oh, yes, he’s definitely a sub, with those wide, questioning eyes sharply tilted over his long, thin nose, that darkly tanned skin and dark hair—god he's gorgeous, actually—symmetrical and refined and fine-boned.

Eric blinks. No. He’s not even sure he’ll be playing; he shouldn’t get ideas, especially ones that have him thinking up phrases like “wide, questioning eyes.” And Andy is staring at the guy, too, and then back at Eric. Great. Eric directs his eyes up front.

“Perfect,” Ian says. “Now, let’s explain the rules.”

He waves, and two of the waiters that had been circling with hors d'oeuvres set their trays down. Each one grabs two shiny bowls from a side table—one black and one white. It’s impossible to see inside them, but several people crane their heads anyway.

“The subs will approach one by one and select a card,” Ian announces, gesturing to the waiter with the bowl on the sub side. “There will be a room number on the front of the card. The key you select will open that room and that room only. Once inside, you will find a kit with your instructions. Line up by gender—male identified take from the black, female identified from the white. And don’t worry, everyone bats for the same team.”

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Author Bio and Links:

Moriah Gemel has developed a dedicated following for her realistic, sexually-charged stories over twelve years in online fan communities. Passionate about a realistic depiction of BDSM, her goal is to both entertain and educate readers about the BDSM community.

Load the Dice originated as a short work of fan fiction, written in three parts. For her first work of professional fiction, she has turned it into a serialized novel in ten parts.

She is married and has a young son.Connect with the author at:
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    1. Thank you so much! If you're interested, the excerpt is from the first episode of Load the Dice, which is available for free from the Interlude Press store. I hope you can check it out!

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