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Anarchy of Angels Review Tour

Tony’s life has had its challenges and Johnny has always been there for him.

Two young men, inseparable and as close as any two best friends could be.

The Angels have been observing them for a long time. There is a plan in the making and they need their help.

Every rule in Heaven will be broken in order to achieve this ultimate objective.

And as a result, two young friends will die well before their intended times in order to help the Angelic intent.


Maybe, but then again, Heaven gets more than what it bargained for.

And Heaven is in more trouble that it lets on. The boys will come to see this as they go deep into the land of "Fire & Brimstone"

They will come to venture where no Angel dare.

PLEASE NOTE:   The Print Book version is being released late Feb and the author's website will be posted with relevant links and updates

"I don't know how you do it, Charlie," AJ said.

Charlie was in a world of his own. AJ got his sudden attention.

"What?" was his somewhat abrupt reply.

"I don't know how you endure it. How long's it been. Charlie?"

"Gee, I guess it's been about two years."

"And without a break," added AJ.

"Nah," he said. "I've taken breaks. More like holidays and it wasn't all bad. I got to see some of the big cities. Stayed in Melbourne, Sydney, even did North Queensland one time but never again." Charlie paused for the briefest moment. "To go from the heat of the desert to the heat and humidity of the tropics, well that just drained me. I came back here more exhausted than when I left."

"It's not what I meant," stated the Scotsman.

AJ was determined to have Charlie face his inner demon. The permanent roster had provided Charlie an excuse to not face the responsibilities of a life he had left behind. The stresses, or perhaps more appropriately the guilt of it all, had started to come through with every working day.

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My Review:
4 stars

This was a great book that I enjoyed. Though it was a slow start at first, once the action got started, it drew me right in. A compelling story, great characters, beautiful writing, and an intriguing plot makes this book a winner. I can’t wait to read the next book, and I would highly recommend it.

Author Bio and Links:
Eddie Georgonicas was born in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, where he still lives with his wife and two daughters. His passion for writing started probably a little later than most but when it came, the story needed to be told.

With keen interests in the Paranormal, After-life, Spiritual, Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction genres, he hopes to entertain audiences for years to come.

The launch of SPIRITUAL DREAMS OF A HEAVENLY WAR is part of the trilogy "ANARCHY OF ANGELS".

He wishes you a safe journey as  you join two young friends as they venture deep into the land of Hades.

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