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Crimson Reign Tour

A pulse of light preceded the gift of life breathed into the coldest and darkest of souls. Bathed in the glow of celestial love and swathed in a blanket of black satin wings nestled a king among kings, a vampire born to destroy the decay threatening to eradicate the race he was destined to save.

An angelic heart torn by yearning, suffering and pain throbbed to the rhythm of the life he created; a life prophesied in the scriptures by the Creator’s own hand. A vow of servitude given in blood sealed the fate of a Seraphim's heart and tied it eternally to the creation he craves, protects…loves.

Ancient treaties are lost and reborn, rising from the ashes as the Nephilim ravage the vampire race. The deviant desire that soared in Malachi Denali's blood threatens to bring Rome to its knees when Malachi's world, his soul and his heart are brutally shattered and torn apart.

Will purity born of an angel's love be enough to calm the savage mind of Malachi Denali? Or will Laziel be doomed to a life of purgatory for loving the life he was gifted to create…

This is not a HEA, or even a HFN....Who knows what will happen to seal their fate...only time will tell. Vampires, angels, demons and wolves together with love, betrayal, sadness and yearning make up the ongoing story that is...

The Crimson Nights Saga.

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“Your Excellency, Malachi Azarian Denali, King of the Vampire race.” The deep intonations of the man at the Pope’s side subsided into nothing at the casual wave of the papal hand.

“We’ve been introduced, Gabriel. Numerous times.” Before the affronted man could object, Pope Gregori XVII stepped forward and clasped Lachi’s hand warmly. “Sorry, for such short notice, Malachi. Can we walk just a moment?”

Malachi nodded once, and met the angel’s piercing gaze. He swept a pointed glance at Gabriel. Laziel smirked and stepped between the hovering secretary and the Pope.

“What the…,” Gabriel sputtered. “I have to go with him.”

“What you have to do is stay where you are, unless you want to try a little one on one time with this celestial.” The quiet menace in Laziel’s voice and the mental image of his own personal time with the angel sent a tingle of awareness down Malachi’s spine. He tamped down his body’s eager response when Gregori's low whisper caught his ear.

“I’m not sure it is safe to talk here. The very walls have ears, as the saying goes.”

“Not anymore, they don’t.”

The Pope chuckled. “Wish I could do that.”

“We’ve had this discussion before Gregori.”

Another quick laugh spilled forth. “I thank you for the offer yet again, my friend, but the answer is still no.” Out of earshot of the human, but still within Laziel’s range, his face grew serious and he sighed. “The Vatican and the church are rife with venality. I’m not sure who around me I can trust with the exception of my God, you and Laziel.” He stopped at the window and gazed out into the night sky. “I’ll be blunt. You have a traitor in your midst, vampire. A high ranking one, if I guess correctly.”

“Tell me what you know.”

“This morning, I received an email, my personal account of which few have knowledge or access. It spews tales of corruption and deceit in the vampire court, and hinted at trouble during your last Elder meeting. It’s unsigned and to my limited experience untraceable.”

Malachi stood stoic giving no indication of the fury flashing like wildfire through his veins. In deference to the holy man at his side, he harnessed the snarl and the curse that coiled in his throat. “Darklon.” The immoral bastard was upping the stakes, stepping outside the vampire realm. In the grand scheme of things, it was taboo to reveal anything vampiric to the humans. To do so invited instant death. Malachi’s gut twisted with hatred for the male that dogged his steps causing havoc and mayhem while maintaining a pristine image. There would be no proof, no way to tie the email to the Elder, but it stank of his touch. Only he would be deranged enough or smug enough to contact the humans and expect to profit. A more ominous thought struck. If he’d come to some agreement with the humans, Nephilim would not be far behind. As if he sensed the inner turmoil, Gregori laid a hand on Malachi’s arm then quickly withdrew casting a glance back over his shoulder at the angel.

“You have nothing to fear from Laziel. If he thought you were a threat, he’d never have left my side.” Absently, Malachi reassured the male and rested a hand on the Pope’s shoulder. He tossed his own gaze toward the angel, and smothered a smile that threatened when the cheeky bastard winked at him.

So, I have a bit of a surprise today. Instead of me doing the interview, JT and VL will be interviewing each other (a first here on SLAW). So, please welcome JT and VL!

JT:  *Hurrying into the room with a bottle of Dr. Pepper in one hand and a glass of red in the other. Hands V.L. her wine and snuggles up with her on the couch.*  Okay angel…we are doing a guest post for Sharing Links and Wisdom. First, we need to thank our wonderful host for having us and hosting our book Crimson Reign. We are very happy to be crashing in on the blog today.  (And I’m so very glad to have you here!)

V.L. : *Curling up and taking the glass of wine she moves in closer to JT and smiles* I think it’s so exciting to be doing this. Thank you for hosting our work. Lachi and Laz are so special to us.

J.T.:  Okay so we are going to interview each other. First question is for you V.L.  What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

V.L.:  OMG! You have to be kidding. There’s just so many, and they’re so diverse. I love Fight Club with Brad Pitt. *Tries not to swoon* Chick flicks, war films, espionage and thrillers. But, I think out of all of the genres it would have to be paranormal movies that I love the best. Queen of the Damned & Interview with a Vampire are probably two of my favorites. I just wish there were more like them. I love the whole vampire genre and will never get enough of the arrogant, sexy persona of how they’re portrayed. Another plus is that I get to curl up next to you and try not to laugh when you get scared!

J.T. *laughing* I can’t help it. Love my vamps, but not scary flicks.

V.L.  *Grins and pats the chair so JT can move closer*  Okay, so...if you were a character in a book, who or what would you be and why?
J.T. Oh wow! Ummm…I’d want to be Vishous from the BDB series so I can go get my Cop and get freaky with him. But, if I have to stay true to character…then, I suppose Jane so I can have Vishous. Love that vampire.  Okay, next question.  If you could choose one book boyfriend to come to life, who would it be, and what book and author? And only one babe, I know you *winks*

V.L.: *Slumps back groaning* that’s not fair. How can I possibly choose? I'd have to be male and gay. I don't know *growls* It’s a toss up between Qhuinn from BDB, your Brock from Grand Slam, and SJD Peterson’s Whispering Pines Lorcan and OMG Avril Ashton's Syren Rua *pouts* "Love a man in panties!  Can I choose them all....please ?

J.T.  *wicked grin* Sure, if I get to play too.

V.L. *Tries not to laugh because I'm sure I already know the answer* If you could re-enact a sex scene in one of your favorite books which one would it be and why?

J.T.:   Darlin, you so know this one already. It’s not a sex scene per se, but it’s hawtness! Butch’s induction, when Vishous bites him. I think I have the passage memorized, it gives me near chills. *chuckles* I think they may have figured out we’re huge Ward fans. And now, for the racy. *grinning*  What’s your BoB’s name? *laughing as V.L.’s cheeks go red*

V.L.:  *Just dies and wants to faint*   I sooo can't believe you're asking me that! Noooo! Ok has to be V!  Cus you know without doubt that MF’s gunna be super powered and 12 inches long!   *Hides her face and fans it* Ok Ms. Goody Two Shoes, two can play that game! How many sex toys do you have and which one's your favorite? *Dodges a cushion*

J.T.   *sweetly* Only two and you bought them missy. Okay, an easy one so you can catch your breath. Do you like sex in the shower? *laughing at the wide eyed stare* It’s yes or no angel…
V.L.:   I love turning you into a noodle and nothing beats a wet, soapy and well spent JT! *twirls J.T.'s hair
and smiles* What's your most embarrassing moment and how did you handle it?

J.T.: *laughing* Okay, I used to coach cheerleading. 11 and 12 year old girls, and some of them I’d coached since they were six and seven years old. We’re selling programs at the high school football game and the other team comes through the gate in front of us, all decked out in their uniforms. Not thinking, I blurted….”I sooooooo love football pants.” I got wide eyed stares and giggles. I did what any adult would do.  I denied, denied, denied. *laughing again* Next practice, I got ribbed by the mother’s. It all good fun, but I felt the heat in my cheeks that night. And now, I really will take it easy on ya…what’s your favorite part of Seth and Elijah’s story, Love Life & Circumstance?

V.L.:  OMG’sh, has to be where Elijah pinned Seth to the headboard and as good as claimed his man. It was rough, hard but at the same time fuelled by passion. Love that guy. He's just so darn big!  My turn.  Seems as you’re a born and bred Alabama lass, while writing Love Life $ Circumstance, did you at any time relate any of the characters in the book to anyone you know?

J.T.:  Not intentionally *grins* but Seth is very much like me. I can’t cook for anything. Burned boiled eggs for gracious sake. And, I used to work as a paralegal. I’m from the Dothan area so I know Headland and Dothan very well….*frowns*….geez, Seth is a lot like me with one exception. I would’ve punched Rhett.

V.L.: *Looks into J.T.'s eyes and tries not to lose herself*  You know, all of the males that live in our head are so amazing! *Lies back and places her head in J.T.'s lap*  I love all of the characters we write about. But, to me, Lachi and Laziel own my heart. Writing the Crimson Nights Saga for them and their friends is going to be a huge undertaking. Especially now we are into book two. Watching them from the page as their story unfolds has to be the most emotional rollercoaster I've ever ridden. Do you feel the same?

J.T.:  Very much so. Lachi and Laziel are ingrained in us. Their love is our love. Vischeral and Copi will forever be special as they were our first venture into writing our own work. They showed us we could do this and gave us the courage to push forward. Seth and Elijah, Brock and Spencer, Tyrian and Jaral…none of them would be here if not for the Crimson Nights ensemble. And, I think we’ve taken up enough of everyone’s time. I think This Means War is coming on and and you know how much we love Chris Pine. Thanks everyone for dropping by. MWAH!

Playlist for Crimson Reign:
Your Guardian Angel – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Laziel)
I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz (Laz & Lachi)
Undisclosed Desires – Muse (Vish & Copi)
Wonder Wall – Oasis (Vish and Copi)
Follow Me – Muse (Laz & Lachi)
Warrior – Disturbed (Lachi)
A Thousand Years – Christina Perri (Laz & Lachi)
Bring Me to Life – Evanescence (Vischeral)
I Walk Alone – Green Day (Lachi)
The Host of Seraphim – Lisa Gerrard (Laziel)
Madness – Muse (Laz & Lachi)
We Are Young – Fun. (the wolves)
Little Things – One Direction (the wolves)
Actually pretty much anything by Muse, they are V.L.’s and Laziel’s favorite.

Anything by Adam Lambert – J.T.’s favorite

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Author Bios and Contact Links:
JT - After a lifetime of reading and at the suggestion of friends, J.T. finally put fingers to keys and started writing her own stories. It’s been a wildly amazing ride full of tears, exhilaration and plain old hard work. Thankfully, her three beautiful children support her craziness and encourage her to continue something she loves. While she does write solo stories, she thrives on the work she does with V.L. Moon, her writing partner and fiance. What a small world it is indeed Mr. Disney when a small town girl from Alabama can find and write with a big city girl from England. What a ride it has been and continues to be!


VL - V.L. is an avid book reader and a lover of long dark winter nights tucked up with a rather fruity glass of red and her partner in crime J. T. Cheyanne. She aspires to conquer the world with J.T. and their love of vampires, angels and wolves mixed in with some mighty fine Gods and a deluge of hot gay romance.


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