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The Bannockburn Spell VBT

With the help of a bet, an eight-hundred-year-old marriage contract, and a spell, ex-SBS soldier Will might just have enough in his arsenal to capture Meghan’s heart.

Since arriving in Little Glen, Scotland, Meghan Kennedy’s life has got decidedly more interesting. She enters into a bet with hunky ex-SBS soldier, William MacKenzie, discovers an ancient marriage contract and to top it all off, she learns that she had a spell cast on her…eight hundred years before she was even born. None of it matters, because she refuses to make the same mistake twice. Will’s hard body and sexy grin don’t matter, his beautiful hypnotic eyes don’t matter, and it doesn’t matter that every time they kiss her body calls out for his, as though denied of his touch for hundreds of years.

Ex-SBS soldier William MacKenzie is disciplined, trained to be an efficient soldier and he takes the same approach with his life as he does his business. Then Meghan arrives, with her fiery temper and hair to match, all he can think about is Meghan. Her feisty temper bemuses him, her beauty astounds him and her stubbornness annoys the hell out of him. Lucky for him, he doesn’t know how to quit, he can be just as stubborn and occasionally ruthless, and he will use any means necessary to get her. Of course the ‘means’ at his disposal just happen to be a bet, a marriage contract and an ancient spell, but if in the end Meghan belongs to him, who is he to argue?

“That’s right, you like to gamble, then how about a little wager?”

“A bet?” She narrowed her eyes. “What kind of bet?”

He crossed his arms. “I bet that you fall in love with me.”

“Yeah,” she snorted. “Like that’s going to happen.”

“Well, then this should be easy for you.”

She clicked her tongue.

“Not scared, are you?” He gave her pride a nudge.

She mimicked his stance. “What are the stakes?”

He smothered a smile. “If you win, you’re free from the contract. But if I win…” He lowered his head until they were nose to nose. “I get you.”

Will saw the doubt cross her face then decided to give her pride another poke, just enough to get what he wanted. “Think you can win?” Straightening to his full height, he held out his hand to her.

She eyed his hand suspiciously, then slid her smaller hand into his. “You bet I can.”

He held fast as she tried to pull back, running his thumb over the back of her hand.

“Good.” He drew in her lavender scent. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t wish you luck. I don’t want you to win.”

Meghan’s mouth dropped open in shock and she snatched her hand away. “You’re an asshole.”

Will grinned. “I have my moments.”

Once again Hamish handed her another shot of whisky, she took it without so much as a thanks and again downed it as she had with the first. She swallowed the second shot hard and swayed slightly. Shoving the glass into Will’s chest, she waved the printed pages in his face…again. “I’m taking these.”

Will sighed, holding onto his patience at her last act of rebellion before leaving. Leaving! An unexpected annoyance filled him. He didn’t want her to go anywhere, he wanted her here, with him. As she turned, her hair flew over her shoulder and before he could stop himself he reached out, grabbing a handful of her flaming hair, stopping her. Stepping up behind her, he toyed with the silky strands. “Going home?” he asked softly.

“That’s none of your business.”

She was right, it was none of his business and he didn’t push her about it, but he needed to know. He squeezed his jaw. “Time’s up, Meghan, I’m done waiting.”

Nancy, thanks so much for stopping by.
My pleasure.

So, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?
Of course! Well, I’m a mum, a wife and a crazy Canuck (but only when the moon is full). I have two very large furry sidekicks who show their love by shedding all over my black yoga pants… and let me tell you it is a whole lot of love. I spend my free time – if there is such a thing – with writing, reading, or replenishing my stocks of lavender and bed linens. Oh yeah…I also have a serious addiction to cookies...Chocolate chip…but don’t worry I’m getting help.

How did you get started writing?
It all began with a bad case of insomnia. I started getting bouts of it back in high school, and as I did back then, I invented a story in my head and would play it through until I would fall asleep. However, this particular time I liked the story so much, I got up in the middle of the night and typed out an outline for The Bannockburn Spell. I didn’t really have any idea where to go from there, so the next day I began looking for writing classes. The rest is history.

What’s the one genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to?
That’s a tuff one. I would like to write in all of them, but my next goal is for an Angel/Demon erotic romance.

Are there any genres you won’t read or write in? Why?
I don’t like reading fiction books where there is the abuse or murder of children or animals and I would certainly never write about it. Other than that, I like most genres, although I’m happiest when there is romance somewhere tied into the story.

So, what are you working on right now?
My current WIP is book 2 of my Out of Time series. It a time travel/historical/futuristic erotic romance. I haven’t come up with a name yet but it will probably following along the lines as book 1 No Matter When.

Got any releases planned, or still writing?
Yes I do have a new release coming out.  Extinct is a contemporary/shifter erotic romance. It’s due out in February 2014 for pre-release and March ’14 general release

Alright, now for some totally random, fun questions. Favorite color?     Blue
Favorite movie?   Tie between Timeline and McLintock
Book that inspired you to become an author?     This might seem strange, but I don’t actually have one.
Alright, you have one superpower. What is it?    Reading peoples emotions.
You can have dinner with any 3 people, dead, alive, fictitious, etc. Who are they?
Oh that is a great question. I would have to say Queen Elizabeth I, Rita Hayworth, and Katherine O’Hara.  My three favourite redheads.

Last question: Which of your characters are you most like and how/why?
Probably Meghan from The Bannockburn Spell. We both have long red hair, we both run, we’re both from Toronto, we both dig military guys and we both love dogs, but that is were it ends. I don’t have a nut-job of a ex-boyfriend stalking me and I certainly haven’t had a spell cast on me. Although, now that I think about we both have that crazy Scottish blood running through our veins except mine has been thinned out by crazy English blood. LOL

That’s all from me, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!
Thank you for having me!

Nancy will be awarding a $20 GC to Amazon to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour and a digital copy of "No Matter When" to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. So the more you comment, the better your chances of winning.

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My name is Nancy Adams. I am a full-blooded Canadian, right down to the maple syrup running though my veins. I enjoy watching hockey but despise skating...and the cold. I enjoy a good helping of Tourtiere with a side of Poutine as much as the next person, yet I am only bilingual when it comes to swear words.Besides writing, I have three small - but legal - addictions: bed linens, lavender and books. All of which are replenished on a regular basis. Reading into the wee hours of the morning is one of my many bad habits, next to spontaneously rearranging furniture and randomly painting rooms in my house.

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  1. Elizabeth I has always fascinated me - just try to keep your head.


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  5. I think red hair is so unique and lovely, so I'm glad that you're proud of it. Your photo is B/W so I couldn't tell.

    1. Yup! I'm a ginger.
      I love red hair and all the different shades, so much so that when I think about my characters I always think about them with red hair and have to force myself to give them different colours. LOL

  6. I never heard of the movie Timeline. I'll have to check it out.
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    1. OMG! If you time travel, medieval era, and Gerard will love Timeline. yummy!