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Marco VBT

Erotic Gay Romance
Publisher: MLR Press
Heat Level: Steamy
Length: 244 pages

Being a superstar can give you everything but true happiness.

Marco, in the public eye from childhood, has everything but the one thing he truly wants. Someone to love him for who he is. Evan, Marco's lead guitarist and part-time lover, tends to Marco's needs, from broken heart to media disaster. He keeps his love for Marco secret for fear of ruining the friendship. Jaron would give anything to reach superstar status, given the chance to work beside Marco, he sees it as the perfect way to realize his dream. Will Marco ever see Evan as more than a friend or will Jaron finally get the stardom he dreams of?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

“You mind?” he asked, opening up his laptop. “I have to work on my article for the magazine I work for.”

“Can’t do that in your room?” Marco muttered.

“Oh I could, but I thought, who wants to stay locked in their room? I figured I would come down here, get to know my fellow judges a bit better, grab a bite to eat, and work on my article. So tell me, how do you think it is going so far?”

“I thought you wrote about night clubs and the ‘it’ crowd.” Marco turned his attention back to the screen, ignoring the question and sending a silent prayer that his newfound friend would get bored and leave him in peace.

“Yeah, night clubs, the new ‘it’ people and what they are eating, what trends they will be starting. If you decided to go vegan from here on out, I would be the one who writes about the hottest vegan places you attend and what you like to eat. Since I am here though I’m going to cover the competition, write up a few articles on what happens before the cameras, and what’s going on behind the scenes.”

“What the great Marco really thinks about what he eats,” Marco muttered under his breath trying to fight his exasperation. It was just his luck that one of the judges would not only be young but also not know how to keep quiet. He began to wonder if Ashton had known that Jaron chattered nonstop and had made a run for his room to keep from being hounded by the young journalist or whatever he claimed to be. A reporter was a reporter no matter what fancy name they chose to give it.

“So anyway I thought perhaps if you didn’t mind I would sit here beside you and write.”

“If you can do it quietly,” the Latin heartthrob said.

Jaron looked at Marco. “So what are you working on anyway?”

Marco leaned back giving a deep sigh. He had to fight the desire to reach out and touch the shoulder length hair and see if it was half as soft as it looked. “I am reading a script, listening to music and coming up with songs for my new album, I’ve been asked to write a closing number for a Broadway musical, and finally blogging about an annoying up and coming reporter masquerading as a judge who badgers me night and day for an interview.”

“Really?” Jaron looked at him, his eyes wide.

“All true except that last part, I don’t blog.”

“Well you should, it might be cool to read what you think about the happenings around you. I bet you would have thousands of people logged on to see your latest thoughts on what’s happening here.”

“I’ll hop right on that,” he muttered.

“Are you being sarcastic?” Jaron asked casually, his hand running through his hair. He had noticed that Marco was looking at it. He had nice hair and knew it, might as well use that to his advantage.

“Me?” He looked up with wide-eyed innocence. “I find being sarcastic often goes over the head of the ones whom it is directed toward.”

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About the Author:
A.J. Kelton are the dynamic writing team of Angel and Jordan. The couple met online several years ago on an Alexander fan site and have been friends ever since. Angel soon found that Jordan had a flare for storytelling with several half-finished stories on her computer. Angel encouraged Jordan to finish the stories and with help in creative description she decided to send the stories off to MLR press. They were both shocked and excited when they got the news that Faelon was accepted for publication. While Jordan may have a flare for storytelling she doesn’t enjoy the smaller details in getting a story ready for publication. That is where Angel comes in; she spends countless hours getting the story ready after line edits, going over each line in proofing and formatting, making decisions such as covers and fonts, all things that Jordan just has problems focusing on.

Angel is always on the lookout for her perfect mate, a cross between Ethan from Under the Australian Sky and Evan from Marco.  Until Mr. Perfect appears at her door, or in front of her booth wanting an autograph she loves to read, take pictures and attend concerts of all kinds. She loves all things 80’s. Angel lives in Texas with her two dogs, Daisy a beagle who she insists is nothing like snoopy and her Chihuahua Bonita.

When not writing Jordan loves to read anything from Amish romance to the dark taboo books of fiction both M/M and Het. She is a very avid reader, except when writing because she doesn’t want to be influenced by what she is reading. Jordan loves to travel and often her latest vacation spots show up in his books. While

Jordan is always looking for that perfect place to live at the moment she can be found in Kansas.

Both writers have solo projects coming out in the future, Angel with Misunderstandings under the name Angel Rothamel. Jordan with Legion under the name Rider Jacobs.

Both authors would love to hear from you. You can contact them at You can also find them on Facebook under both AJ Kelton, Angel Rothamel and Rider Jacobs.

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