Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good deeds don't go unnoticed...

So, got a bit of a cool surprise today. So, a while ago I was on Hearts on Fire Reviews, and I noticed that one of the blurbs didn't match the review. I let them know and then pretty much forgot about it till today when I got an email from Hearts on Fire saying that the blurb had been messed up and that MLR was offering me a free book for helping them out. This is awesome, particularly since I was only trying to be nice. So hey, being a nice person truly does pay off in the long run. So don't forget to spread the love. And don't forget; while bad boys are sexy, the nice ones (and the reformed ones) always get the girl and the happy ending in the end. And thanks a bunch to MLR Press for the great surprise in the midst of a really crappy week.

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  1. Nice to hear all around (except for the crappy week, of course--I hope it's getting better for you)!