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Birthday Bash Day 30 - J.R. Loveless

Now, for my final guest, I'd like to introduce you to another author I first discovered on Aarinfantasy. I fell in love with her stories, and was so happy when she landed her first contract. She has since written several books, and has had great success. And to make it even better, she's a natural Floridian like me :) It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Ms. J.R. Loveless!

First, I want to say thank you and Happy Birthday to Emily Wells! Welcome to the legal side of things, Emily! I hope your birthday brought you many gifts and wonderful memories to treasure! Don't forget to have a drink to celebrate.

I've spent a lot of time over the last few months talking about my latest release His Salvation and I realized I haven't given any love to my beloved characters from previous releases. My latest work in progress is actually the sequel to my third novel, the second Dreamspinner Press release, Chasing Seth.

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Chasing Seth has been translated into French and Spanish and has also been released as an audio book! It's very exciting to see my words actually transcend languages. I have received emails from all over the world and it's definitely an amazing feeling to know so many have enjoyed the story of Kasey Whitedove and Seth Davies. There's been a huge response to know if there will be a sequel and if Nick and Thayne will have their own happy ending. While I can confirm I am actively working on a sequel, the happy ending remains to be seen. ~.^

During my blog tour for His Salvation, I held a contest to help me name the upcoming novel. I believe the title chosen suits the story best: Forgiving Thayne. Throughout the story Thayne continues to put his foot in his mouth and drive a wedge between himself and his true mate Nick. I don't want to give away too much, of course. ^.^  You'll have to wait and see how the story turns out.

I do not have an estimated date of completion or release on my sequel featuring Kasey's brother Thayne and Seth's friend Nick, but I do have good news for those eagerly awaiting the story. My goal is 80k words and I am pushing 30k at the moment. Some recent life events have stood in the way, but I am hoping to pick up the pace soon. Today I want to share an excerpt from the sequel, raw and unedited, which means you will have to bear with any repetitive words or grammar issues you may see. I hope those awaiting the story will enjoy this excerpt as well as the much anticipated book when it is available for release.

Nicholas Carlisle would never forget the night he meant his true mate. It was the night he lived and died in a single breath. Visiting his best friend during a crisis in Seth's life, he'd met the one person, one wolf, destined to be his. The same shifter who'd tried to kill him. He'd been raised amongst a pack who believed in the eternal bond between true mates no matter what race or gender their other half turned out to be. To reject a mating bond meant a long life of misery or a short life of pain. Nick wouldn't allow the despair to overtake him. He refused to end his own life over his mate's rejection, but he could almost understand why some did; to escape the never ending ache where their heart should be and the crushing weight pressing down on their soul.

An overwhelming scent of earth and pine slammed into his senses the moment he'd stepped into the bar in small town Senaka. His eyes scanned the dim, slightly crowded establishment, seeking the source of the smell. Not even the sharp tang of dampened the earthy aroma. His cock hardened to a brick and he clenched his jaw, knowing the only reason his body could react that way. His true mate stood amongst the dozen or so men and women littering the bar, several of which were wolf. The only thing saving him from facing a room full of angry wolves was his ability to wrap his scent up in his power as a true wolf. If they knew Nick's real nature, there'd be no doubt in his mind they'd believe him to be a Created One.

Loud country music played from a jukebox in the far off corner of a makeshift dance floor. Nick felt the many eyes turned his way. He'd been in a few small towns before and knew how it worked. Strangers were noticed, especially ones entering a local tavern. He approached the bar, still searching for his true mate, but more discreetly. The bartender lifted an inquisitive eyebrow at him, asking him without words what he wanted. "Whiskey, straight up."

The man placed a snifter on the bar in front of Nick and pulled a bottle from behind the counter to fill it with two fingers of Jack Daniel's. Nick tossed a twenty down and picked up the glass. He took a small sip while studying the other patrons in the mirror. A good percentage of the clientele were Native American with perhaps two or three of Caucasian descent. It reminded him of Kasey Whitedove, Seth's true mate and the local sheriff, and the man's prejudice against white men. Kasey had believed Seth to be a Created One after discovering Seth was his mate.

At the moment though, his focus remained on finding out which one of the locals were actually his true mate. Nothing else mattered except claiming them. "What's a gorgeous guy like you doing in a place like this?"

Nick almost sneezed at the strong smell of a flowery perfume that bombarded his senses. Long red fingernails trailed over his arm and he had to bite back the urge to toss the hand off. He turned on the charm and swiveled on his stool while giving one of his famous 'fake' smiles. The woman, though gorgeous, wouldn't be able to hold his attention for long. Short dark hair feathered lightly around her naturally tanned face accenting the dark eyes devouring his long, lean form. "Just visiting an old friend in town for a few days. Stopped in for a drink or two."

"Oh? And who might your friend be?" she asked, pressing closer to him.

If it weren't for his wolf traits, he may have leaned far enough back on the stool to fall off, but he managed to perch on the edge without ending up on his back. "The veterinarian Seth Davies."

"I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Doc's replacement just yet, but I may have to go on over with my Georgia," she purred, leaning in even closer. "You wouldn't want to buy a thirsty girl a drink would you, cowboy?"

Before Nick could think of a polite way to refuse her, the scent of his mate washed over him and he sucked in a breath, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt the person standing behind him was the one person meant to be his. And they were wolf. The scent of it clung to their skin, deep and primal. He lifted his gaze to the mirror and met a pair of eyes so dark they sucked him in. He couldn't look away, couldn't breathe, couldn't even think. His mate was stunning. Tall, taller than Nick by a good two to three inches, beautifully tanned, and well defined muscles bulged beneath the grey t-shirt the man wore. High, strong cheekbones complimented the firm chin and jaw line, one Nick desperately wanted to follow with his lips. He swallowed hard as his eyes slid down the smooth skin of his mate's throat and further still to the hollow at the base. When he brought his gaze back up to the dark eyes watching him closely, the answering lust caused his cock to jump in excitement. He wanted to dominate the man staring at him, to hold him down and mark him for the entire world to see.

"Is there a problem here?" the man rumbled. Nick tensed, wondering if maybe he'd read the man's expression wrong.

"Go away, Thayne," she snapped. "He's not bothering me."

"I wasn't talking to you, Lilianne. I was speaking to him."

Surprise held Nick immobile for a split second before his mate's words sank in and then he had to choke back a laugh at the woman's expression. Murder shone in her eyes and she glared at the man called Thayne. "Don't make me tell your mother how you spoke to me, Thayne."

Thayne snorted at her threat. "Stop bothering the man, Lilianne, and go find some other poor sucker to leech off of."

Huffing in indignation, Lilianne stomped off toward the back of the bar. Nick chuckled under his breath, hiding his grin behind his glass. He froze when Thayne sat down on the stool next to his. "She's been looking for husband number three for a while now. The men here in town know better than to mess around with her. I'm Thayne."

"Nick," he murmured, taking another sip of his whiskey. "You live around here?"

Thayne rested one arm on the bar while taking a long draught of his beer before answering. "Most of my life. Only back for a visit though."

Nick breathed in his mate's scent, dying to ask questions about him but held his tongue, not wanting to scare the man off. "Nice place."

"Not if you've lived here your entire life, it isn't. Everyone knows your name and there are no secrets." Thayne set his empty beer bottle down on the bar. "I heard you tell Lilianne you're visiting the new Doc. He a relative?"

Nick downed the last of his whiskey, savoring the smooth burn of alcohol as it traveled to his belly. "Near enough. Known him a long time."

"How long you in town for?"

"Not too sure. He's going through some problems right now. I'm just here to help until he's okay." Nick sucked in a telltale breath when Thayne swayed in close to him, the tiny hairs all over his body standing on end at the almost contact.

"How about we get out of here?" Thayne growled right next to his ear. His breath whispered over the sensitive skin of Nick's earlobe causing Nick to shiver in need.

Without a word, he nodded at the muscular Native American, desire blazing through him. He wanted nothing more than to taste his mate, to feel his hard cock on his tongue as the man came down his throat. He wondered as he followed Thayne from the bar if the man would react to his being wolf the same way Seth's mate had reacted to Seth. Thayne disrupted his line of thought abruptly, shoving him into the darkness at the side of the building and slamming him against the wall. His lips crashed down on Nick's in a harsh kiss like no other he'd ever experienced.

His tongue eagerly danced with Thayne's, twisting together in a sensual storm sweeping away every thought except the desperate need to feel Thayne's cock buried inside him. His mate's hands slid down his sides, hips, and straight to his ass, cupping it in a strong grip before squeezing lustily. Thayne growled low in his throat when Nick ground his hard flesh into Thayne's lower belly. "I want to fuck you," Thayne rasped close to Nick's ear, his slick tongue flicking over the soft skin.

"Fuck, yes," Nick moaned, latching onto Thayne's neck and sucking deeply. His hands slid beneath the hem of his mate's shirt, palms gliding over the smooth skin of Thayne's back. The desire to feel the man's heated flesh on his ate at him. He yanked the shirt over Thayne's head, breathing in sharply at the well defined muscles of his mate's chest.

Thayne reached for the front of Nick's jeans, tugging at the button and sharply parting the zipper. His big hand sank inside, cupping Nick's already leaking shaft. Nick nearly howled in lust and pleasure, leaning his head back against the wall behind him. Thayne shoved the jeans down to reveal the small black briefs Nick wore and his chest rumbled in a deep growl of approval. He dropped to his knees in front of Nick and buried his face in the fabric.

Nick shuddered at the hot breath seeping through the thin cloth. His fingers trembled as they wove through Thayne's dark locks, sinking into the lush strands, gripping tightly as Thayne sucked at him through his briefs. Nothing prepared him for the moment his mate's tongue circled the tip of his cock peeking through the hem and he gasped, panting in desire. Thayne hooked his thumbs in his briefs and tugged them down, releasing Nick's straining length. It slapped lightly at Thayne's cheek, leaving a smear of pre-cum along the tanned skin. "Beautiful," Thayne breathed.

He wrapped his lips around the tip, teasing Nick with tiny flicks of his tongue along the crown before delving into the small slit to gather the seeping liquid. Nick swore, clenching his jaw to keep from losing control and jamming his cock down Thayne's throat. "Suck me," he snarled almost angrily when Thayne continued licking slowly.

Thayne hummed and slid to the root effortlessly. Nick groaned, uncontrollably thrusting his hips forward. Pulling off and chuckling, Thayne spun Nick around abruptly, pushing his pants down further and gripping his ass cheeks, parting them to bare his tight hole. Nick jerked at the feel of Thayne's tongue swiping over the puckered flesh before spearing inside him. He clenched his hands into fists against the wall, his nails lengthening and digging into his palms to draw blood. "Enough, inside, now."

Standing, Thayne quickly unfastened his jeans, allowing his cock free from the confining fabric and pulled a condom from his back pocket. Nick spun around and snatched the condom from Thayne, ripping it open with his teeth and quickly rolling it down the hard shaft. Thayne felt huge and hot in his palm. He squeezed the bulging prick, stroking for a moment. It disappointed him to have the thin latex between them, knowing neither of them could transmit diseases and wanting nothing more than to feel Thayne's flesh sliding over his.

"Turn around," Thayne ordered, his voice gruff and hoarse.

Nick faced the side of the building once more and shoved his hips back, thrusting his ass at Thayne who eagerly stepped forward to slide his cock along the crease. He nudged at the saliva slickened hole and pushed in, piercing Nick's body, both of them groaning at the sensation. "So fuckin' tight," Thayne moaned in Nick's ear once he was seated deep inside him.

He clenched his muscles around Thayne's cock, milking the throbbing shaft. Thayne's fingers dug into the flesh at his hips as he pulled back until the crown caught just at the tight ring of muscle and shoved back in, expertly nailing Nick's prostate. Nick stifled a loud cry, biting down on his arm as Thayne fucked him, slamming into him over and over, rough and hard just the way he liked it. Their bodies slapped together, the sound echoing in the empty alley. Nick's teeth elongated as he began to near his peak. His cock dripped profusely, drops staining the concrete beneath his feet. "Harder."

Thayne slammed deeper and more violently, breathing heavily. When he felt Nick tense up, getting ready to come, his hips went into overdrive, pile driving deep into his ass. "Oh, yeah, baby. That's it, come on my cock."

Nick splintered. His balls drew tight to his body, his spunk spraying the wall in front of him in thick, creamy spurts. He was dimly aware of Thayne's teeth biting down on his shoulder and the grunts the bigger man made as he came inside Nick, filling the condom with his own essence. They slumped into the wall, bodies shuddering in mutual pleasure.

When Thayne finally moved, he carefully gripped the base of the condom and pulled free from Nick's body. He stripped the condom from his cock, tying it off and tossing it into the nearby dumpster. "Fuck, that was hot."

Grinning weakly, Nick nodded. He watched his mate mentally withdrawing from him now that he'd gotten off. "You're my mate," he blurted out, his wolf desperate to keep from losing his true mate.

Thayne stilled, his eyes piercing Nick. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

He quickly pulled up his pants, fastening them, and ran a hand through his hair. "Shit. I didn't mean to just come out and say it, but... you're my mate."

"How the fuck do you know about mates?" Thayne demanded.

Nick hesitated but he couldn't keep the truth from his mate. "I'm wolf."
Thayne's eyes narrowed at him and he bared his teeth, now elongated slightly. "You're a Created."

"No!" he protested, holding out his hand toward Thayne who instantly backed away as if Nick would taint him. Nick's heart broke as he watched the look of satiation turn to one of hatred. "I was born a wolf!"

Before Nick could say anything else, Thayne shifted and launched himself at Nick. Nick felt time stop. He couldn't hurt his mate. He could only watch and wait for the impact of Thayne in wolf form. Their bodies collided and Nick went down, his back slamming into the unforgiving concrete. He grunted, lifting his arm up to shield his face from the snapping teeth. Pain ripped through his forearm and radiated along every inch of his body. Thayne snarled, wrenching his head from side to side in an effort to tear at Nick's flesh. Nick cried out in agony, hot blood soaking his shirt.

Unable to take it anymore, he used every bit of his strength to shove Thayne away from him. Thayne crashed into the nearby dumpster stunning him long enough for Nick to stand and shift. Thayne struggled to his feet as Nick gave him a sorrow-filled look. His mate paused, watching him intently for a moment until Nick turned and ran. He darted between cars, keeping to the shadows to prevent anyone from spotting him. His chest hurt, a huge gaping hole left where his heart was meant to be. The accelerated healing ability of being wolf left little to no mark when he finally shifted back to human a few blocks from Seth's place.

J.R. is donating one copy of Chasing Seth to the grand prize.

Don't forget, you only have till 11:59 PM to enter the grand prize giveaway, and all the other giveaways ending April 30.

Author Bio:
J.R. Loveless is a native Floridian who spends her days in an office physically but mentally is frolicking between the pages of her imagination. Writing has been a lifelong passion that escaped from her in the midst of life until she discovered yaoi. After following breadcrumbs of the anime style, she discovered a forum dedicated to the world of yaoi. Inspired, she tried her own hand at M/M romances, spending hours building worlds of her own with the newfound support of other forum members. She can never write enough of the electrifying emotions that blaze across the hearts and souls of her characters.

She is a self-confessed Dr. Who addict with a spastic dog and a neurotic cat for companions on her long journey through the many chapters of her life. One day she hopes to visit far off places and have grand adventures like those of the characters in her stories.

You can find her at:


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