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Birthday Bash Day 12 - J.C. Owens

I finally figured out what was going on with the post, thanks to the people who emailed me letting me know that it wasn't showing up. And now, on to one of my absolute favorite dub-con authors, Ms. J.C. Owens.

J.C., thanks so much for stopping by. So, how did you get started writing?
I have been writing since I was small, and always got into trouble at school because I wrote too much for essays! It is an integral part of my life and has helped me through many difficult times. Often I think of writing while sleeping and have to wake up and make notes to get it out of my head! Not conducive to  a good sleep, I can tell you!!

Now, I love your books, and I think you’re a master at writing dubious consent. It’s a bit of a controversial and unusual topic to write about, so why do you like writing dubious consent? What got you into it?
Because of things in my own life and several of my friends, I want to write about things that are not completely comfortable in the way of consent. I want to show how the person gets past this, how they can heal. I also like to write about a culture in which such things are normal, and yet, my characters can start to see the wrongness of it all, start to open to new ideas on morality. It is my wish that all cultures one day open to the premise that harming others, physically or mentally, reflects poorly on the individual.

What’s the one genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to?
I have not published anything in the supernatural genre yet. I have thoughts and ideas and a few works in progress, but it would be nice to finish something and see what people think!

Are there any genres you won’t read or write in? Why?
Pure erotica. I had a lot of trouble when I first published my books, because the publisher wanted me to add more detail and more erotica throughout the book. I fought that every inch of the way. I have nothing against erotica itself, I just don't like to read a book that has no plot to it. If the sex is part of the story line, that is great, but I don't believe in adding it just "because". Again, that is just my personal preference.

So, what are you working on right now? Got any releases planned, or still writing?
I have been quite ill this past year, so I have not released as many books as I would have liked. Hopefully now I am feeling a little better, I can get myself motivated and get back to writing! I have many stories in the works, but nothing close to publishing at this point. You can see a list of my projects on my site.

Alright, one last question. Do you have a favorite memory from your 21st birthday?
Wow, that takes a lot of rifling through memory files. I think probably, apart from going out and partying hard with friends while dancing to Def Leppard, my favorite memory of that day would be riding my horse through fall colors, my two dogs running beside us. It was a beautiful September day and the distinctive smells of wet leaves and damp earth remain etched in my mind.

When the Masarians attack Gaven’s people, they are defeated and Gaven himself is taken captive. By a man claiming to be his father. It turns out his entire life has been a lie, and now his ‘father’ will give him into the hands of another man to indoctrinate and train him. Gaven vows he will never shame his people by giving into the Masarians’ way of loving other men.

But Vlar, the legendary warrior to whom he has been given, has other plans. The blood-drinker is determined to have Gaven and to make him yield.

Kidnapping the brother of a mob boss was madness. If only it had stayed that simple.

It had all gone wrong. Sent as a mercenary to kidnap Kirith Martinelli from his tropical island home, Landon finds himself on the wrong end of a job gone bad. But there’s more to Kirith than meets the eye—he’s the brother of feared mob boss Enzo Martinelli, and he’s taken Landon as his captive. Kirith makes Landon an offer he can’t refuse: stay with him for three months—until he tires of Landon’s body—and then Landon may go free.

Landon, fearing his own criminal family more than the man before him, quickly agrees. Three months will buy him enough time for his brothers to lose his scent, and then freedom will be his. But that freedom has a steeper price than Landon bargained for as he’s drawn into the secrets of Kirith’s past. He can’t ignore the sadness and loss behind his captor’s beautiful eyes, and Landon finds himself wondering if three months will be enough—for either of them…

Author Bio:
J. C. Owens originally wrote historical fiction under the name J.C. McGuire and still loves the genre, but having discovered the art of writing erotic male/male fiction, is now obsessed with it. Fantasy backdrops make a beautifully blank page to work with and J. C. only wishes that the characters were real!

J.C. spent many years in a medieval re-enactment group, learning and living history and that persona and experience give life to J.C’s writings. Interest in even more ancient history spurred trips to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt and that also colors the characters and worlds of the books.

Love of ferrets and greyhounds and all living creatures is the pivotal point around which J.C’s “real” life revolves.

Most of all, J.C. enjoys telling stories…
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