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Seduction of my Proper Wife Tour Review and Giveaway


Philip Thornton adored his new bride but found she was frigid in their marriage bed.

Lillian did not know how to ease her fear of the bed until she was freed from her past.

Aria was paid to educate and entice, but what she found was more than she ever dreamed possible.

The Parisian Exposition of 1889...the world is changing and the three of them are caught in its whirl. Philip and Lillian went to Paris to save their marriage and to help Lillian overcome her fears. Aria danced and seduced Lillian, but before Lillian left, Aria found herself seduced, in turn, by the beautiful Englishwoman.

When Philip and Lillian break all the rules and escort Aria around Paris for a week, will it be the beginning of their future? Or will this seductive interlude be nothing more than a dream?


Lillian stood before the closed bedroom door and stared at the fine finish. She barely noticed the intricate woodwork or how the fading sun shone through the open windows. Never in her life had she expected such a turn. When she’d married Philip she hadn’t thought about the marriage bed.

She also hadn’t known about her reaction every time Philip touched her, but she hadn’t given it any thought, not until that first night. They had been friends, and she’d shared everything with him. The closeness they’d developed during his courtship had opened up her world just as her world grew smaller.

It was during this time she’d begun to think she’d never leave her house.

Looking to the hook on the far wall, she saw the wet chemise drying there. Until Philip, she hadn’t realized how…frigid she truly was. People, she was now given to understand, did not bathe fully covered.

But that’s how Miss Gwendolyn had raised her after her mother’s death. As her father had left her entire education up to Miss Gwendolyn, Lillian had listened to every word the governess had said.

And bathing in her chemise had been for modesty sake’s; a lady simply did not reveal her flesh no matter what the circumstance.

My Review: 4 stars
Now, I’m not a very big fan of historical romances and I’m not a big fan of girl on girl, but I was looking for a book to challenge me, a book outside of my usual comfort zone. I’ve read one of Kristabel’s books before and so I decided to take a risk on this one, and it paid off. 

The characters were wonderful. I fell in love with all three, especially Lillian. I saw parts of myself in her, and so I loved when Lillian overcame her aversion and discovered her dominant side. It reminded me a bit of the story about an underdog beating the odds and rising above. As for Philip, he was an amazing hero. I was not expecting him at all. Usually, heroes in historical romances (or at least the ones I’ve read) all start out as big alpha males (coming off as jerks usually), or big macho men who can’t ask for help, and yet when I read everything Philip did to help Lillian, I just fell even more in love with him. As for Aria, at first I didn’t want to like her because I thought she’d ruin Lillian and Philip’s marriage, but she just made their relationship even better. Sometimes, three isn’t a crowd.

The sex scenes were hot, and I actually enjoyed them, which I wasn’t expecting since I don’t usually like girl on girl scenes. Ms. Reed did a wonderful job of making it more than sex. Heck, there were times I almost started crying due to all the emotions (especially when I found out what happened to Lillian). And when Philip was added in? Superb. 

 Ms. Reed does a wonderful job of drawing you into the story, which definitely helped me connect with and enjoy it. Her descriptions of the Parisian Exposition alone were so realistic, it felt like I was there. I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would, and I would definitely recommend it to others as well.


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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance. "There are so many sexy situations that didn't just pop up in the 21st century and my goal is to burst the myth of the prim and proper debutante."

She loves romances but historical ménages particularly which add an element of danger and discovery not seen in contemporaries. Historically speaking, unusual romantic connections put lives on the line-people were ostracized and some even put to the death.

She loves reading, watching old movies, and anything Cary Grant. And is always interested in talking about erotic romance, so drop her a line:; or Tweet her @kristabelreed; find her blog:


  1. This reviewer gave me a new view of your story. It really was a great review.

  2. Such a wonderful review thank you. For someone who is not a big fan of Historical reads it's great to hear your thoughts.


  3. Thanks for the great excerpt and review. It sounds like she is really going to make a transformation after not even bathing naked

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  4. Great review, thank you.


  5. Thank you for the review! I'm glad you changed you mind (if only a little!) on historicals. :)

  6. What a terrific review and endorsement. I don't mind F/F...There is so much M/M out there (and I'm less comfortable with it). Great tour. I look forward to reading Seduction of My Proper Wife.